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Codecanyon WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart free download

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WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart is a WooCommerce extension Plugin which will recover the abandoned carts and increase the sales. Cart Abandonment happens due to a variety of reasons and sending mail (with follow up mails) can be the best way to Recover Abandoned Carts which is exactly what this Plugin does. Recover Abandoned Cart monitors carts that are abandoned by Members and Guests to capture Abandoned Carts. It automatically sends mails using the mail templates at specified times to Recover the Abandoned Carts. You can insert the Cart link in the email. You can set up any number of mail templates for sending follow up mails. Advantage in having multiple mail templates at specified time durations is that you can send a first mail without coupon. If the Buyer doesn’t respond then you can send the follow up mail with coupon code. This will tempt the Buyer to make the purchase. The Buyer purchase is tracked using cookies. Recover Abandoned Cart works for both Members and Guests. For Members as soon as the products are added to Cart and then the Member leaves for some reason the Abandoned Carts will be captured. For Guests they will have to reach the step of inputting their Email Id in the Checkout Page and once the Email Id is entered the Abandoned Carts will be captured.

  • Monitor and Record Abandoned Carts
  • Recover Abandoned Carts with Automated Mails using Mail Templates
  • Recover the Lost Sales with Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin
  • Works for Simple and Variable Products
  • Recover Abandoned Cart works for both Members and Guests
  • User Click on mail is recorded for you to analyze which mail templates work
  • Abandoned Cart and Mail sending time can be set
  • User Purchase using Cart link from mail is recorded
  • Multiple mail templates for follow up
  • Activate/Deactivate Mail Templates
  • Manual Mailing Option
  • Email Admin when Cart is Recovered
  • Automatic Coupon Code Generation to include in Mail
  • WooCommerce Mail Templates can be used
  • Checking Previous Orders for Capturing Abandoned Carts
  • Translation Ready
  • WPML, WPML String Translation and WooCommerce Multilingual Compatibility for Mails – Please note you need all these 3 Plugins for Multi Language Mails to work
  • Captures Phone Number for Manual follow up
  • and more

How to Upgrade to a newer version of Recover Abandoned Cart?Please always test the new version in a testing site before you upgrade to the new version in your live site.

If you are using an older version and want to upgrade to the latest version of Recover Abandoned Cart then please do the following steps.

1. Deactivate and Delete the existing version of Recover Abandoned Cart in your site.
2. Download the latest version file ( of Recover Abandoned Cart from Codecanyon.
3. Unzip inside which you will find the Plugins files i.e.
4. Install the latest version of Recover Abandoned Cart i.e. using WordPress Dashboard.
5. Activate the Plugin.

Please note you will not lose any settings values, data etc by following the above steps.

SupportPlease check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.

Version 12.7 on 11 April 2016- Fix: Problem in sending email using third party email services when bcc field is emptyVersion 12.6 on 09 April 2016- Fix: Test Mail not sent for domains which have more than 4 charactersVersion 12.5 on 01 April 2016- New: Improved the default message of Abandon Cart EmailVersion 12.4 on 24 March 2016- New: Added Option to Recover the Cart list for Manual Orders- New: Document Updated- New: Chunk count can be customized- Tweak: Check order status during "check previous orders"- Fix: Decoded the labels when site language is other than English- Fix: Error message displayed in Abandoned Cart EmailsVersion 12.3 on 08 March 2016- Tweak: For Variable Products, Product image displayed instead of Variation image in EmailsVersion 12.2 on 12 February 2016- New: Added customization option for new entry in cart list when redirect to cart page while cancelling the order- Fix: Script loading before loading the page for guest at checkout- Fix: Image appearing twice in recover abandon cart emailsVersion 12.1 on 08 February 2016- New: Enhanced unsubscription option for emails- New: Added send test email option for each email template- New: Cart details text is changed to link to show the product info in cart list tableVersion 12.0.1 on 03 February 2016- New: Added Customization of border for table ({rac.Productinfo} shortcode)Version 12.0 on 28 January 2016- Tweak: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.5.xVersion 11.9 on 26 January 2016- New: Option to not capture carts which are in Cancelled Order StatusVersion 11.8 on 20 January 2016- Fix: Cart List problem because of Persistent CartVersion 11.7 on 17 January 2016- Fix: Recovering Cart List for Corresponding Order- Tweak: Captions and Tool Tips tweakedVersion 11.6 on 14 January 2016- Fix : Unsubscribe link Problem in emailsVersion 11.5 on 01 January 2016- New: Added BCC option for abandon cart emails in email templates- New: Number of carts recovered made as hyperlink in Reports Tab to see the recovered carts- New: Added Date filter in Recovered Orders tab- New: Added option to redirect cart link in email to cart/checkout page- Fix: Duplicate calling cron job problemVersion 11.4 on 23 December 2015- Fix : wp_safe_redirect() is missing when cart link is clicked in email- Fix: product_ids is not stored during coupon creation- Fix  "Cart Recovered" notification sending option "Local" for admin is not working- Fix: When user places the order without abandoned it, order id is recorded in recovered orders tab- Fix: When guest places the order, cart row is deleted instead of update the status of cart to "Recovered"- Fix: Show/Hide problem on "Cart List become Recovered when Order Status" select box  and "Enable Email Notification for Admin when Cart is Recovered" check boxVersion 11.3 on 15 December 2015- Fix: Unsubscribe link issue for carts from old order & some guests- Tweak: wp_safe_redirect() of cart is missing from old order when cart link is clicked in emailVersion 11.2 on 13 December 2015- Tweak: Customization of Sender Information available only for HTML plain text emailsVersion 11.1 on 27 November 2015- Fix: Error upon activating the PluginVersion 11.0 on 25 November 2015- New: Delete Abandon carts after x days- New: Emails sent, Carts recovered columns added in email templates table- Fix: Problem while save the email id of guest manually in cart list- Fix: Cart link clicked count problem in reports tabVersion 10.9 on 22 November 2015- Fix: Previous Abandoned Carts are not recovered when user manually places order- Fix: Recovered Order id's Added multiple times issue in recovered carts tab- Fix: Incorrect number of Recovered Cart count displayed in Reports tabVersion 10.8.1 on 18 November 2015- Fix: Fixed the 'NULL' display problemVersion 10.8 on 15 November 2015- New: Coupon info in Cart list to know whether Coupon was used- Fix: Hidden unwanted message displayingVersion 10.7 on 14 November 2015- Fix: Cart Link problem in EmailVersion 10.6 on 13 November 2015- Fix: Cartlink color selection for hyperlinkVersion 10.5 on 12 November 2015- Fix: Cart List Recovery for Previous and Cancelled OrderVersion 10.4 on 07 November 2015- Fix: Default value set properly for carts that should be changed to recoveredVersion 10.3 on 04 November 2015- New: Duplicate Email template option- New: Date Range sorting with summary information- New: Code improved- New: When the order is cancelled, automatically entered as abandoned in cart listVersion 10.2 on 31 October 2015- Fix: Unsubscribe link problemVersion 10.1 on 28 October 2015- New: Shortcode {rac.unsubscribe} for unsubscribe link in Email Message Field- New: New option "clear the cart content when cart link is clicked"Version 10.0 on 23 October 2015- New: Exclude Cart capture by user name, user id & email- New: Added the Clear Reports button on "Reports" tab to clear the reports.- New: Show/hide the subtotal,tax info & total rows in Email- New: Added the date-filter option for cart list tableVersion 9.8  on 20 October 2015- Fix: Translation added for subtotal , tax & total in email templateVersion 9.7 on 18 October 2015- Fix: Fatal error in email when the cart content includes taxVersion 9.6 on 16 October 2015- Version 9.6- Fix: Entry registered while place the order using PayPal express checkout payment gateway from guest roleVersion 9.5 on 13 October 2015- Fix: Debug warning fixed for guest cart linkVersion 9.4 on 11 October 2015- New: In Check Previous Order option, added an image to display the progress and when completed display thenumber of orders imported to cart list- New: Display the Tax Information for the products in Abandoned Cart Email- Fix: Debug warning messages in Abandoned Cart Emails and Cart List Table- Fix: JSON error when order is placedVersion 9.3 on 08 October 2015- Fix: Bug fix in Coupon CreationVersion 9.2 on 26 September 2015- Tweak: Ajax Request Chunked for Checking Previous Orders- Fix: Bug Fix in Repeating Mail for Previous Orders List- Fix: Manual Mail for Guest Cart Repeating Mail Problem FixedVersion 9.1 on 22 September 2015- New: Added Quantity and Corresponding Price from Cart in Email Product Info Shortcode- New: Code Cleaned for Product Info Shortcode- New: Cart Total in Cart List TableVersion 9.0.5 on 11 September 2015- New: Added Option of Choose which Cart Status to Recovered- Fix: Removing Cart List when Place OrderVersion 9.0.4 on 09 September 2015- Fix: Unsubscribe link not workingVersion 9.0.3 on 06 September 2015- New: Added Option to Load RAC Scripts/Styles in Header or Footer in Troubleshoot Section for performanceVersion 9.0.2 on 05 September 2015- Fix: Warning Message Fixed in Recovered Orders TabVersion 9.0.1 on 03 September 2015- Tweak: Improved Sorting Mail Log DataVersion 9.0 on 01 September 2015- Fix: Duplicating Email Sending Problem FixedVersion 8.9 on 25 August 2015- New: Added List of Recovered Orders as New Tab and SUM of Sales Value- Fix: Cart Link Updation- Fix: Sending Email when Recovered Order ID is RecordedVersion 8.8 on 08 August 2015- New: Added Individual use only for Coupon to avoid conjunction with other coupons- Fix: Error for Previewing Email TemplateVersion 8.7 on 06 August 2015- Fix: Support for WooCommerce Backward CompatibilityVersion 8.6 on 04 August 2015- New: Edit the Email address for guest in the Cart List- New: Added Page Select and Deslect in Cart List- New: Status option added to select on which status the cart becomes Recovered- New : Support tab addedVersion 8.5 on 03 August 2015- Tweak: Code to Sort Cart List and Email Template More AccurateVersion 8.4 on 02 August 2015- Fix: Error Message for WooCommerce DependencyVersion 8.3 on 28 July 2015- Fix: New Email template not saving problem- New: Created WPML config file- Tweak: Changed the caption for header image logo in HTML mail caption- Tweak: Display the header image logo selection option when HTML mail template option is selectedVersion 8.2 on 22 July 2015- New: Preview for Email Template- New: Logo Upload for Email Template- New: WooCommerce Template / HTML Template in each Email Template- Tweak: Cron Schedule based on UTC and local timeVersion 8.1.4 on 02 July 2015- Tweak: Supported WPML Compatibility for Unsubscribe Link in EmailVersion 8.1.3 on 02 July 2015- Tweak: Compatible with latest WPML PluginVersion 8.1.2 on 28 June 2015- New: Added Option to Customize Unsubscription Settings in My Account Page- Fix: Sending WPML Mail from Manual Mail OptionVersion 8.1.1 on 26 June 2015- Updated DocumentationVersion 8.1 on 15 June 2015- New: Include/Exclude Products in Coupon- New: Include/Exclude Categories in CouponVersion 8.0.2 on 12 June 2015- Tweak: Optimized the Code to Get UsersVersion 8.0.1 on 09 June 2015- Fix: Code Tweaked to get TinyMCE Editor ContentVersion 8.0 on 08 June 2015- New: Unsubscribe Link in Email- New: Product Info Shortcode Customization- New: Troubleshoot Send Test Email as well as HTML Email- New: Coupon Code Validation (One Coupon per User)- New: Minimum Spend and Maximum Spend in Coupon- New: Pre Text Customization Option in Coupon Code Generation- New: Cart List Recovered Identification without clicking Cart Link- New: {rac.firstname} and {rac.lastname} Shortcodes supported in Email Subject- New: Trash Status added in Cart List Table of Recover Abandon Cart- New: Cart Link Customization Option like href Link/Only URL/Button with Color Customization- Fix: Bug Fix in setting Local Header in EmailVersion 7.2.1 on 06 May 2015- Fix: Sending Mail to Guest and Test MailVersion 7.2 on 27 April 2015- Fix: XSS Security Problem FixedVersion 7.1.3 on 14 April 2015- Fix: Optimized getting users for exclude optionVersion 7.1.2 on 10 April 2015- Fix: Parse ErrorVersion 7.1.1 on 09 April 2015- Fix: Debug WarningsVersion 7.1 on 29 March 2015- New: Exclude Users from receiving mail by User role, User name, Email idVersion 7.0.3 on 07 March 2015- Fix: Product Info Table Structure in EmailVersion 7.0.2 on 26 February 2015- New: Option to Customize Product Info Shortcode Column Name in Email TemplateVersion 7.0.1 on 20 February 2015- Fix: Compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.0.20Version 7.0 on 18 February 2015- New: Made Recover Abandon Cart Compatible with WooCommerce 2.3.xVersion 6.9.2 on 08 February 2015- Fix: Cart Link Clicked Count Problem and Recovering for Guest- Fix: Coupon Code Creation if the prefix of name before @ is less than 4 charactersVersion 6.9.1 on 10 January 2015- Fix: Last Character Missing Problem in MailVersion 6.9 on 07 January 2015- New: Shortcode for Displaying Line Items and Totals in MailVersion 6.8 on 01 January 2015- New: WPML Compatibility for Product Info, Cart Link etc in MailVersion 6.7 on 19 December 2014- Fix: Check DB version to avoid DB already exists errorVersion 6.6 on 06 December 2014- Fix: Guest Abandoned Cart Recovery MailVersion 6.5 on 02 December 2014- New: WooCommerce Backward Compatibility- New: Default Option for Removing Cart List from Same Users- Fix: Getting Template ID in Manual MailVersion 6.4 on 26 November 2014- New: WPML, WPML String Translation and WooCommerce Multilingual Compatibility for Mails- New: Phone Number, First Name and Last Name of Buyer in Cart List- Fix: Echo HTML TagsVersion 6.3 on 22 November 2014- Enabled Default Option for Sending Mail to Members/Guest- Bug Fix on Variation Product InformationVersion 6.2 on 16 November 2014- Improvements in Removing Carts from list based on same Email IdVersion 6.1 on 09 November 2014- Bug Fix on Getting Product Info in Cron Job Email- Bug Fix for Footable Conflict when Sorting has been made- Removed Duplicate Shortcode Message in New Email Template- Fixed Debug Warning Message when visiting from Cart LinkVersion 6.0 on 07 November 2014- Backward Compatibility for WooCommerce Lower VersionVersion 5.9 on 06 November 2014- Changed Option to get price for Product with Line Total- Bug Fix in Sending Product Info Details for Guest- Bug Fix in Checking Condition whether it is Guest or MemberVersion 5.8 on 03 November 2014- Bug Fixed in Sending Manual Email from Cart ListVersion 5.7 on 16 October 2014- Bug Fix in Create, Edit  Template Problem and Send Custom Email Problem due to jQuery Error on Tinymce- Added Alternate Mail Sending from Main Domain Option in Troubleshoot SettingsVersion 5.6 on 14 October 2014- Bug Fix in Coupon Code Deletion on ExpiryVersion 5.5 on 12 October 2014- WooCommerce Price Format corrected- Product Info Table Border in Mail removed- Localization Added for Product Info ShortcodeVersion 5.4 on 08 October 2014- Bug Fix for Duplicating Options in Admin SettingsVersion 5.3 on 03 October 2014- Bug Fix in Product Info Shortcode in Mail- Added Shortcode Information in Email Template section as wellVersion 5.2 on 01 October 2014- Send Email to Members and Guests as Option- Product Name, Image, Price etc can be shown in Email using Shortcode- Remove New and Abandon Carts from Same Users- RECOVERED status has been addedVersion 5.1 on 17 September 2014- Bug Fix in Sorting using Numbers in Cart ListVersion 5.0 on 08 September 2014- Bug fix in Template Status Select Box of Mail TemplateVersion 4.9 on 26 August 2014- Order Statuses such as "on hold", "pending" etc for removing Succeeded Carts from Abandoned Cart ListVersion 4.8 on 23 August 2014- Order Status as option for removing Succeeded Carts from Abandoned Cart ListVersion 4.7 on 13 August 2014- Added settings save and mail sent notification message on ajax calls- Added Cart Link Anchor Text option in E-Mail Template- Added Test Mail option in Troubleshoot- Removed Template Choose option from plugin or themeVersion 4.6 on 01 August 2014- Backslash bug fix in manual mailVersion 4.5 on 22 July 2014- Plain HTML RTF Mail OptionVersion 4.4 on 14 July 2014- Changed default setting for "Use Email Template from" optionVersion 4.3 on 10 July 2014- Option to Delete Used/Expired Coupon (which were generated by the Plugin)Version 4.2 on 10 July 2014- Backward Compatibility Added for Lower Version of WooCommerceVersion 4.1 on 07 July 2014- Automatic Generation of Coupon Code to include in Mail- Plugin defaults value setup function modifiedVersion 4.0 on 03 July 2014- Activate/Deactivate Email Template- Manual Mailing Option- Cron Job time shown in Troubleshoot Tab- Reports Tab- Shortcodes Tab- Email Admin Option when Cart is Recovered- Redirect to Email List when new template is createdVersion 3.2 on 25 June 2014- Email Settings added to use WooCommerce Email Template- Email Sender options added- Save Email Template bug fix for backslash- Shortcode Feature added in the Email Message TemplateVersion 3.1 on 23 June 2014- Troubleshoot Settings(wp_mail()/mail()) addedVersion 3.0 on 18 June 2014- Checking Previous Orders for Abandoned Carts- Mail Sending Start/Stop option for Abandoned Carts- Mail log Feature addedVersion 2.9 on 16 June 2014- Bug fixed in From Name in EmailVersion 2.8 on 14 June 2014- Email cart link bug fixedVersion 2.7 on 14 June 2014- Reset Button for resetting to default Abandoned time and Cron job timeVersion 2.6 on 3 June 2014- Date, Time, Email ID are displayed in Cart List Table- Cart Link added with Anchor tag in default Email TemplateVersion 2.5 on 28 May 2014- Improvement Made in Guest Abandoned CartVersion 2.4 on 27 May 2014- Bug Fix for Guest Abandoned Cart- Bug Fix in Cron Time- Settings link addedVersion 2.3 on 24 May 2014- Improvements made for Guest Abandoned Cart- Changes made in deciding Abandoned CartVersion 2.2 on 23 May 2014- Bug Fix in Removing Completed CartVersion 2.1 on 20 May 2014- Supported for WooCommerce 2.0.x and 1.6.xVersion 2.0 on 19 May 2014- For Guest it works as soon as email ID is entered- Delete this row option added for abandoned cart list- Delete All and Delete selected options added for abandoned cart list- Select All and Deselect All option addedVersion 1.4 on 18 May 2014- Bug fix in variable product for guestVersion 1.3 on 17 May 2014- Improvement is made in mail sending function- Email Status shown in the tableVersion 1.2 on 16 May 2014- ShortCode Support for First Name and Last Name of BuyerVersion 1.1 on 13 May 2014- Works for Guests as wellVersion 1.0 on 9 May 2014- Initial Release

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