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In archive: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Codecanyon WooCommerce Customers Manager free download

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WCCM expands your WooCommerce installation adding additional functionalities under “Customer” menu voice thatlets you easily retrieve all customers personal data, orders, registration date, last orders date, etc…

user: demo
pass: demo
COMPLETE CUSTOMER LIST (DOWNLOADABLE IN CSV FORMAT)You can easily discover all personal data info like address, email, registration time, total amount spent, number of orders, etcfor every customer registered in your store.

Every customer is fully editable. You can also delete or add new ones.

Easily discover customer last activity with “last order date” column.

Customer list is also filterable by time range and can also be exported in CSV format.

CUSTOMER DETAILS, ORDERS AND PRODUCTS STATSIn the Customer Detail Page you can quickly retrieve customer personal data (like billing and shipping addresses, name, surname, phone…) and all orders (and associated products) made by user in a given time range.

In this view you will find clean and nice visual charts that lets you easily find the most purchased products, amounts spent per time rage and amount spent per order for every single customer.Time range can be specified by user.

WCCM moreover can help you to easily discover most “worthy” customers of all time or for a given time range.WCCM can give you right information to help you in tailoring special coupons for your customers.
GUEST CUSTOMERS AND CONVERSION TO REGISTEREDBy WCCM plugin is possible listing all guest customers data too. For every customer user you can see personal data (is used data from his last order), detailed orders list, purcased items and other stats! just like anyother registerd customer!

Shop admin can also convert a guest user to registered directly from the order page or from the guest customers list page.
Furthermore, all the orders associated by a guest user, will be associated to the new registered users.
Optionally, during the conversion can be sent a notification mail to the just created customer containing thelogin credentials.

By this new feature, shop admin can also create a new user directly in the oder page. All he has to do isadd a new Order, fill the customer info, save the order and then convert him to a registered. The Order can then be completed for that new User withoutleaving the screen.
CUSTOM NOTES, EMAILS AND BULK EMAILS!For every customer you can add custom notes or send emails directly from the Customer Details Page. Shop admin can alsosend bulk emails selecting customers from customers list. Email editor has inbuilt tinyMCE editor!WHO BOUGHT AND CUSTOMER DETAILS FEATURESFor each product in WooCommerce products list you can easily discover how many and which registered and guest customers bought that item (to switch betweenregistered and guests, use the menu tabs at the top of the page).

This feature also supports product variations. To discover who bought a specific product variation, go to the product edit page, then on the Variations tab click on the desideredvariation and under the product options checkboxes (“Enable”, “Downloadable”, “Virtual”,...) you will find the who bought icon!

Furthermore for each order in the orders list page, the plugin also adds a link to the customer details page!DISCOVER REGISTERED CUSTOMERS BY ORDERS STATSUsing the new “Discover” feature, shop admin now has a set of powerfull filters by which he can discover registered and guest customersby orders stats.
For exaple, Shop admin can now discover which customers have bought a specific set of products, or all the products belongingto a category, or customers who have spent a min/max amount for total orders or for a single order… and much more options!CUSTOM ROLES COMPABILITYBy default WCCM will list all users with “customer” or “subscriber” roles, but you can easily choose to list users with custom roles too.It’s easy, go to Options page and under “Roles” section select all the roles you want!BULK USER ROLE SWITCHERWitch WCCM you can bulk switch all users of role to another one! Useful toconvert an already existing WordPress users database (with subscriber role) to WooCommerce customer role.COMPATIBLE WITH WPML, AND OTHER WOOCOMMERCE EXTENSIONCompatible with WPML, WooCommerce Subscriptions and Tickets for WooCommerce/WooCommerce Tickets.IMPORT CUSTOMERS LISTYou can easily import customers list from a .csv file. Large file (more than 5000 rows) are supported.
Furthermore, is also possible to send notification emails with customer login info (usefull when system isgenerating random passwords if none is setted in the csv file).
NOTE: input file MUST use ”,” as field separator.IMPROVED PERFORMANCEExport, import and manage customer list with more than 5000+ users without any problem.COMPATIBLE WITH WCST AND WPUEF PLUGINSWCCM is compatible with WooCommerce Shipping Tracking andWordPress User Extra Fields plugins.
This means that will list all order shipping infos and list and edit customer extra fields. Optionally extra fields can be included in the .csv export file....DO ALSO YOU LIKE STATS? GIVE A TRY TO MY NEW PLUGINS!Try my new plugins:
  • WooCommerce Dashboard Widgets Stats: Shop admin can see directlyon WordPress Dashboard stats on earnings, product, orders and customers!
  • WooCommerce Product Stats!: Shop admin can retrieve complete products stats on purchases, customers, geographic areas, etc. all filtrable by time periods.
  • WCDS

    Customer details link on orders list pageWCCM

    Full customer details page with order and products stats

    Customer list with CSV exportWCCM
    Import Customers from CSV fileWCCM

    Notes & EmailsWCCMWCCM

    Send bulk emails it’s easy! select users, then from “bulk actions” dropdown menu select “email” actionand you will be redirected in a new page where you can enter subject and email text (HTML code is allowed).


    Guest customers list

    Discover customers by orders stats
    Wordpress User Extra Fields plugin supportWCCM
    WooCommerce Shipping Tracking plugin supportWCCM

    = 10.4 - 20.04.16 =* Fixed a bug on "Who bought" customer list. Not all customers were listed* Extended "Who bought" feature to product variations.= 10.3 - 30.03.16 =* Added option to export WPUEF fields on csv export file= 10.2 - 21.03.16 =* Added "customer details" on order table list* Added pagination for the order list on the customer details page* Added varition name for variable product on order list on the customer details page= 10.1 - 04.03.16 =* Minor bugfix= 10.0 - 25.02.16 =* Bugfix some classes weren't included in latest version= 9.9 - 24.02.16 =* Added new feature to automatic convert guest user to registered after an order is placed* Added new feature to bulk convert guest users from guest customer list* Added new feature to use email templates= 9.8 - 22.02.16 =* Added option to hide map on customer details page= 9.7 - 27.01.16 =* Added new "Phone" column on registerd customers list* Bugfix= 9.6 - 19.01.16 =* "Who bought" and 2Discover by orders" features now support guest customers.= 9.5 - 17.01.16 =* SQL bugfix= 9.4 - 17.01.16 =* CSS bugfix on log notes displayed on customer table* Fixed export issue due to "note" field containing carriage return char= 9.3 - 06.01.16 =* Bugfix= 9.2 - 06.01.16 =* Css bufix= 9.1 - 02.01.16 =* Bug fix on customer detail page= 9.0 - 31.12.15 =* Added a new box on customer table listing currently selected user roles to be displayed= 8.9 - 10.12.15 =* Css bugfix= 8.8 - 03.12.15 =* bugfix with an https issue= 8.7 - 02.12.15 =* Added support to Wordpress User Extra Fields plugin* Fixed a bug on .csv import process= 8.6 - 28.11.15 =* Bugfix= 8.5 - 27.11.15 =* Fixed an issue with the German and French .po translation files* On add/edit customer page, added option to use shipping info same as billing= 8.4 - 26.11.15 =* Is now possible assign a role to an using during "adding" process= 8.3 - 23.11.15 =* Fixed a bug on guest customer list* Fixed a bug that prevent the displaying of Shipping, Refounded costs on customer detail page* Added support to WooCommerce Shipping Tracking: on customer list is now possible displaying tracking info= 8.2 - 18.11.15 =* Bugfix= 8.1 - 17.11.15 =* Bugfix on guest customer list= 8.0 - 13.11.15 =* "Detailed customer page" is now available for guest customers too* Guest list restyling* Added new "Order list" button that redirects on WooCommerce Order list filtered by customer= 7.9 - 12.11.15 =* Https bugfix= 7.8 - 11.11.15 =* Improved UI= 7.7 - 10.11.15 =* Improved compability with multiple roles= 7.6 - 09.11.15 =* Improved UI= 7.5 - 07.11.15 =* Improved Customer Details page UI= 7.4 - 05.11.15 =* Fix sql bug* Multiple role fix: if you use are using multiple roles per user, go to WCCM plugin options page and deselect all roles.= 7.3 - 02.11.15 =* Bugfix* Is now possible search using billing phone= 7.2 - 22.10.15 =* Bugfix= 7.1 - 21.10.15 =* Bugfix= 7.0 - 20.10.15 =* Bugfix= 6.9 - 20.10.15 =* Added new feature to bulk switch users role= 6.8 - 20.10.15 =* Small bugfix on find user by orders section= 6.7 - 01.10.15 =* Added new option to filter customer by roles= 6.6 - 30.09.15 =* Discover by order: bugfix= 6.5 - 29.09.15 =* Discover by order: is now possible to use logic operators in product and categories filters= 6.4 - 25.09.15 =* Feature added: is now possible send a notification email with login info on user import/add= 6.3 - 23.09.15 =* Bugix on import/add customers process= 6.2 - 22.09.15 =* Bugfix= 6.1 =* Bugfix= 6.0 =* Improved bulk email function= 5.9 =* Bug fixes* Added new feature: Discover clients by orders= 5.8 =* Small improvement for export and guest customer list functions= 5.7 =* Added new "select all" checkbox on guest customers list.* Improved export user function.= 5.6 =* Selective export on guest customer list= 5.5 =* Fixed a bug with WPML & Who Bought Feature= 5.4 =* Added option to hide guest customers who did not purchased anything= 5.3 =* Small bugfix on Guest customers list generation and exportation= 5.2 =* Small bugfix= 5.1 =* Small bugfix= 5.0 =* Shop admin can convert guest customer to registerd from Order detail page or from Guest customers list page= 4.9 =* Added new table in gust customers list= 4.8 =* Bugfixes= 4.7 =* Export bugfixes= 4.6 =* Added guest customers list= 4.5 =* Added compatibilty with WooCommerce Subscriptions extension= 4.4 =* Improved guest users export function= 4.3 =* Added tinyMCE to email editor= 4.2 =* Added "Guest users" option in the exporting section *BETA** Fixed an issue on exporting function= 4.1 =* Improved csv exporting functions.= 4.0 =* Improvement to the query engine. This grants overall performance improvement= 3.9 =* Bugfix= 3.8 =* Bugfix* Added new feature: You can now send bulk emails= 3.7 =* Bugfix= 3.6 =* Performace improvement for "Who bought" and "Data filter" features.= 3.5 =* Added Options menu. Disabling some options, performance are improved.= 3.4 =* Added "First order column" to the csv export file= 3.3 =* Improved import function= 3.2 =* Improved import function: now is possible to upload large csv file (more than 3000 rows)= 3.1 =* Improved export/import functions= 3.0 =* Improved export/import functions= 2.9 =* Minor bugfix* Added options to hide some columns on Customers list. This greatly helps in performance.= 2.8 =* Minor bugfixes= 2.7 =* UI enhancement in Add Customer section* UI enhancement in Import Customers section* Added "Send mail" feature= 2.6 =* bug fixes= 2.5 =* Bugfix= 2.4 =* Bugfix* Added custom notes on customer detail page= 2.3 =* CSV Export bugfix= 2.2 =* Import: you can now import users specifing its role. if not specified, default role is 'customer'= 2.1 =* Added new functionality: Import customers from .csv file= 2.0 =* Fixed time filter in Customer list= 1.9 =* Fixed edit link in Customer details page* Adjusted table columns width in Customer list page= 1.8 =* Bugfix= 1.7 =* You can now edit, delete or add new customers= 1.6 =* BUGFIX: Total spent column sorting* New feature: "Last order date" column added.= 1.5 =* CSV Export bug fix: if any customers is selected, export button exports complete list= 1.4 =* You can now download customers list in CSV format= 1.3 =* In WooCommerce product list, added "Who bought" column. With this feature you can now easily discover who and how many customer bought selected product.= 1.2 =* "Total spent" column value calculation: this value is now calculated summing totals for "completed" or "processing" orders= 1.1 =* Bulk delete: you can now bulk delete customers

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