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In archive: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Codecanyon Supreme Shortcodes | WordPress Plugin free download

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Supreme Shortcodes – version 0.2.7 available. Download now.

Supreme Shortcodes makes your WordPress website beautiful!

This plugin adds 100+ extra functionalities to your website. You can choose from static elements such as: Boxes, Responsive rows and columns, Lines and dividers to animated elements such as: 3D Buttons, Modals and Popovers or Toggles and Tabs. Pretty much anything needed for todays modern web presentation.

Supreme Team have made the Supreme Shortcodes Builder so useful that you will start loving itfrom the very instance you start using them.

Built on Twitter Bootstrap framework for a responsive design, gives you 100% accurate fitting on anyscreen resolution.

We aim to make WordPress plugins easy-to-use for each user.

+ Followed by “One Click” idea!
+ Completely un-branded
+ We’ve made it easier for you!


Supreme Shortcodes Visual Composer AddonSupreme Free Test Drive

Supreme Shortcodes | WordPress Plugin works great with Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress. If you have it installed, you can insert any of Supreme Shortcodes straight into your Page or Post content, directly from Visual Composer’s “Add Element” feature.

However, if you don’t have Visual Composer activated, you can still use this plugin “the old way”, through edit Post/Page screen. The standalone version is enhanced with a beautiful live preview feature, while generating each shortcode.

New Templates every week! Visual Composer compatible

Pre-Built Page Snippets

We’ve created all those page snippets to show you that building exceptional pages can be really easy.Use them as a base to start creating your awesome stuff.

  • Clients
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Meet The Team
  • We Are Hiring
  • Services Page
  • F.A.Q.
  • Process Page
  • Pricing Page
  • History Page
  • Gallery Page
  • Analytics Page


Supreme Shortcodes Visual Compsoer Addon


Supreme Shortcodes Visual Compsoer Addon Element


FeaturesParallax Sections

Supreme Shortcodes comes with the stunning
Parallax Sections that make your page more
beautiful. This also make your site more appealing
and creative.

It is designed to help you to build a stunning
parallax scrolling site with ease.

Fancy CSS3 Animations

Impress your visitors with fly-in elements!

Bunch of cool, fun, and cross-browser animations
for you to use in your projects. Great for
emphasis, home pages, sliders, and general

3D Buttons + Icons

It is very easy to make 3D buttons with icons
today. No need to cut .png images in order
to amaze your audience with attractive

With Supreme Shortcodes insert desired color,
target, icon, text, background color, url
and button size with only few clicks.

Font Awesome

Supreme Shortcodes includes 400+ Ultra-Sharp Font
Awesome & Supreme Social Icons.

Retina Icons can be used separately or as a part
of other page components. Now easily add any of
our 400+ built in icons to your posts and pages
with our new icon shortcodes.

Visual Composer compatible

If you are used to Visual Composer plugin
don’t worry, Supreme Shortcodes also
works perfect with this plugin.
If Visual Composer is active, you will
find new elements within standard ones.
Note that you can always use Supreme
Shortcodes the “old way”, via Text Block

Fully Responsive

Supreme Shortcodes plugin comes with a Super
Responsive Design that will adjust the theme’s
design when viewed on a large desktop screen,
all the way down to your iPhone – and of course
any Tablet or iPad.

It looks beautiful on any device!

Responsive Pricing Tables

Supreme Responsive Pricing Tables offer you a
beautiful way to showcase your various products
and how their features and prices compare with
each other. Using Pricing Tables Shortcode you
can list from 2 to 6 tables in popular Google
Colors, adjust the table titles and descriptions,
change the price and adjust the button text and

Contact + Captcha

You can now set your own Contact Forms
everywhere and use our built in captchas,
perfect for anti spam!

Perfectly styled Contact Forms which are very
easy to use, and it comes with 2 colors. You can
easily embed this Shortcode anywhere including
widgets areas, menu items…

Custom CSS

Sometimes it’s necessary to make small
amendments or you need a quick fix for
various elements. No problem. We can offer
you an option in our admin panel where you
can enter your own CSS rules.

This also benefits if you wish to change
your theme style, but would rather skip
digging into code.

Google Charts + Docs

Embed Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets,
Forms, Drawings, PDF, and more.

Supreme Google Chart Shortcode lets you embed
interactive charts for displaying data from the
Google Charts API. Embed 7 Google Chart Types:
Pie, Bar, Area, Geo, Combo, Org, Bubble.

Extensive Google Maps

Embed Unlimited Custom Google Maps with only
one Shortcode!
Make Custom Google Maps Look with simple
Shortcode and add it anywhere. Use nearly all
Features of the Google Maps API including
unlimited color variations, and 4 Map Types Road,
Satellite, Hybrid, Tertian.

Google Trends

This is a great tool presented in Supreme
Shortcodes plugin. Explore Google trending
search topics with Google Trends shortcode.
Google Trends is a public web facility of
Google Inc., based on Google Search, that
shows how often a particular search-term is
entered relative to the total search-volume
across various regions of the world, and in
various languages

Unlimited Colors

We understand the need of the ability to
choose any color for your website to match
your Business Setup and your style.

We’ve included an Option to choose unlimited
colors for various shortcodes straight from
admin options panel. Change them any time.
It is important that our plugin follows
your website look and feel.

Shortcode Builder + Preview

Embed Shortcodes Everywhere with Supreme
ShortCodes Builder! Preview them before
inseting into a post.
It includes many useful and beautiful
shortcodes that makes your content creation
even more easier. It is loaded with 100s of
Options with Amazing simple Point-and-Click.

Social + Retina Icons

Supreme Shortcodes plugin provides 30
beautifully designed, 3D social icons
that can be used as a links to your
social networks.

Supreme icons for
retina display gives your website a
modern and flat look.

Translation Ready

Supreme Shortcodes is Internationalized with all
strings are ready for translation using Native
WordPress Translation System.

Translation Support includes the .po and .mo
files, so you can easily translate the plugin to
the language you need.

HD Video Tutorials

Sometimes it is more convinient for a user,
depending on what he needs, to look at
2 minutes video, rather than reading the
text on how-to accomplish desired look
of a shortcode.

We’ve prepared a few videos to start with
but many more to come.

Dedicated Support

Last but not the least comes our dedicated
support. Having a well designed and coded
plugin doesn’t mean anything if you don’t
have a way to insure its longevity. If you
ever experience a problem, we provide a
dedicated support to assist you.
We do our best to make your life easier with
Free support.

Supreme Shortcodes Reviews

Supreme Shortcodes Reviews

Full list of Supreme Shortcodes
  • Animated Elements
  • Swiper
  • Container
  • Section Color
  • Section Image
  • Section Parallax
  • Text Color
  • Break Line
  • Horizontal line
  • Div Clear
  • Divider Dotted
  • Divider Dashed
  • Divider To Top
  • Divider Shadow
  • Button Small
  • Button Normal
  • Button Large
  • Read More Button
  • Popover on top
  • Popover on right
  • Popover on bottom
  • Popover on left
  • Modal window with primary button
  • Tabs
  • Toggle
  • Progress bar clean (4 colors)
  • Progress bar with stripes (4 colors)
  • Progress bar animated (4 colors)
  • Ordered List
  • Styled Tables
  • Pricing Tables ( Responsive )
  • Hosted Audio
  • Mixcloud Audio
  • Soundcloud Audio
  • HTML5 Video
  • Flash Video
  • YouTube Video
  • Sharing Buttons
  • Facebook Like button (3 styles)
  • Google+ button (3 styles)
  • Twitter button (3 styles)
  • Pinterest button (3 styles)
  • Facebook share button
  • Tumbler button (3 styles)
  • Digg button (3 styles)
  • LinkedIn button (3 styles)
  • Responsive row
  • Responsive columns (12 grid)
  • Google map – Road map
  • Google map – Satellite
  • Google map – Hybrid
  • Google map – Terrain
  • Google Docs - Presentation, Spreadsheet,  Form ...
  • Google Trends
  • Google Charts – Pie
  • Google Charts – Area
  • Vimeo Video
  • Dailymotion Video
  • Dropcap Light
  • Dropcap Light Circled
  • Dropcap Dark
  • Dropcap Dark Circled
  • Quote + Cite
  • Highlight (3 colors)
  • Label (5 colors)
  • Abbrevation
  • Log In button
  • Log Out button
  • Info box
  • Alert box
  • Success box
  • Error box
  • Callout box with the button
  • 400+ Font Awesome Icons
  • Social Icons with the link (30+)
  • Tooltip on the top
  • Tooltip on the right
  • Tooltip on the bottom
  • Tooltip on the left
  • Google Charts – Bubble
  • Google Charts – Combo
  • Google Charts – Org
  • Google Charts – Geo
  • Google Charts – Bar
  • Unordered List – Success
  • Unordered List – Info
  • Unordered List – Warning
  • Unordered List – Star
  • Unordered List – Green Plus
  • Unordered List – Red Minus
  • Related Posts
  • Page Siblings (side navigation)
  • Page Children (side navigation)
  • Image Fancy Box
  • Inline Fancy Box
  • Iframe Fancy Box
  • Page Fancy Box
  • SWF Fancy Box
  • Contact Form Light
  • Contact Form Dark
  • Posts Carousel
  • Pages Carousel
  • Custom Post Types Carousel
  • Code
  • Divider with Text centered
  • Divider with Text on the left
  • Divider with text on the right



  • 30+ Retina Social Icons
  • 3D Flat Buttons with Font Awesome Icons
  • Responsive Hosted Audio Shortcodes
  • Open/Closed State for Toggles
  • Animated Elemens
  • Swiper Carousel
  • Container
  • Section Color
  • Section Image (with parallax effect)
  • Text Color
  • SVG Drawings
  • Iconmelon 1600+ Icons
  • Accordion
  • Many More to come…













































Thank you for your trust and support. Supreme Factory

  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome
  • Iconmelon:
    • Webalys
    • LegoMushroom
    • Situ Herrera
    • Adam Whitcroft
    • Javier Sánchez
    • Arun Prassath
    • SoftWear
    • Nick Frost & Greg Lapin
    • Jamila Hodges
    • Virgil Pana
    • Piotr Makarewicz
  • Mary Lou – Buttons
  • Mary Lou – SVG Drawing

Change Log / Updates

Version 0.2.7 – 18 Sept 2015

# Improvement: WP 4.3+ compatibility# Bug Fix: VC modal content text issue fixed# Bug Fix: VC contact form light/dark choice issue with not selecting the right one - fixed

Version 0.2.6 – 24 April 2015

# Feature: New shortcode for standalone and vc extension - Image Scroller# Improvement: Alt tags on all shortcodes with image tag added# Improvement: Pricing tables button now supports icon, spinning, border radius and target attributes# Improvement: Contact Form shortcodes - code and validation improvements# Improvement: XSS vulnerability prevented and now secured# Bug Fix: Link attribute for all buttons - in generator/standalone version - fixed# Bug Fix: Better VC compatibility in Back End# Bug Fix: Contact Form double col and row attribute removed from HTML output

Version 0.2.5 – 12 September 2014

# Feature: Icon Spin animation added for: Icon Boxes and all of the buttons that can have an icon# Feature: Font Awesome updated to 4.3.0# Change: .mo and .po English files updated# Change: Bootstrap 2 removed# Change: Extra css classes added for each Google Chart - for easier styling# Bug Fix: Visual Composer - Backend SS icon for add element fixed css# Bug Fix: VC - Section edit function fixed

Version 0.2.4 – 24 July 2014

# Feature: New shortcode! Icon Boxes# Feature: Icon boxes for Visual Composer# Change: class _separator changed to ss-separator# Change: /* SS Custom Style */ renamed in output# Change: .mo and .po files updated (eng)# Change: Documentation updated# Bug Fix: Digg button - function changed# Bug Fix: VC add element - digg button double style parametar removed# Bug Fix: vc_map error when WP_DEBUG is ON removed

Version 0.2.3 – 04 June 2014

# Feature: Choose loading for svg icons in supreme panel# Feature: Choose loading for SVG drawings in supreme panel# Change: .mo and .po files updated - english# Change: iconmelon svg file reduced size# Bug Fix: Progress bar issue in VC# Bug Fix: VC icon aligment none# Bug Fix: Change colors for contact form and primary button - fixed

Version 0.2.2 – 22 May 2014

# Feature: Backup/Restore Options in admin panel added# Feature: Change tabs background and text color# Feature: New shortcode - Accordion# Feature: New shortcode - Iconmelon 1600+ icons + live search - both standalone and VC# Change: .mo and .po files (eng) updated# Change: Documentation updated# Change: .btn class changed for better theme and plugin compatibility# Change: Swiper files updated to version 2.6.1# Change: update notifier cache names changed - better compatibility

Version 0.2.1 – 12 May 2014

# Bug Fix: WP 3.8 drop down issue - corrected# Bug Fix: Callout button, center vertical for Bootstrap 2.3.2 users# Bug Fix: HTML5 video is responsive now# Feature: Font awesome and social icon alignment option added# Change: icon-... size name class changed

Version 0.2.0 – 30 April 2014

# Feature: New Shortcode: SVG drawing# Feature: New Shortcode: Hover button effects# Feature: Better support for script call if script not loaded# Feature: WordPress Update notice when new version available on Codecanyon# Bug Fix: VC divider shadow image path corrected# Change: .mo and .po files updated# Feature: Portuguese translation. Thanks to brshift.# Feature: Border radius for all buttons added# Feature: New button size - jumbo# Change: Support for VC bundeled with theme# Bug fix: VC text block + SS popup z-index increased

Version 0.1.9 – 18 April 2014

# Feature: WordPress 3.9 and TinyMCE 4+ compatibility# Feature: Social Icons added target attribute# Feature: All video embeds are responsive now. Flash, youTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, HTML5 - all will be 100% wide. To shrink them, put them in column shortcode.# Feature: Load jQuery (default OFF) - for old themes without jQuery# Feature: Fancybox thumbnail width, if empty 150px is default# Bug Fix: Visual Composer swiper undefined - fixed# Bug Fix: Shadow divider wrong image path corrected# Change: http:// pinterest and tumbler changed to //# Change: Callout boxes better responsivity and choose button color for non VC users# Change: Font awesome narrow icons better look for circle and square type

Version 0.1.8 – 6 April 2014

# Feature: Choose which version of Bootstrap framework to use# Change: Small CSS styling adaptions# Change: Updated .mo and .po files

Version 0.1.7 – 4 April 2014

# Feature: Choose which script and style to load - more options added# Feature: Tabs now fades in and out - nice transition# Feature: Icon preview and live search for icons, font awesome and button shortcode, in both VC and normal shortcode preview# Change: Social Icons classess changed with prefix st- for better theme and plugin compatibility# Change: Re-written to Bootstrap 3.1.1# Change: Now using Font Awesome 4.0.3# Feature: VC google chart title option added# Bug Fix: Facebook like button - fixed# Big Fix: Easy Tables plugin conflict with drop down - fixed# Bug Fix: Firefox VC dropdown icon issue# Bug Fix: seesion start error for contact forms - fixed# Bug Fix: Pinterest button formating

Version 0.1.6 – 20 February 14

# Feature: Visual Composer full compatibility/ new elements integration# Feautre: Available shortcodes in Visual Composer:- 3D button + icon- Divider (dotted, dashed, to top, shadow)- Read more button- Share buttons (twitter, dig, fb like, fb share, linkedIn, google+, pinterest and tumbler)- Login/Out button- Box (info, warning, alert, success, callout + button)- Icons (font awesome, 30 social 3D icons)- Animated elements- Tooltip- Popover- Modal- Progress bar (info, success, warning, error)- Section (color, image, parallax)- Google maps (road map, terrain, satellite, hybrid)- Google trends- Google docs- Google charts- Audio (soundcloud, mixcloud, hosted audio)- Video (youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, flash, html5)- Dropcap- Quote- Highlight (unlimited colors)- Label- Abbreviation- Related (posts, siblings, children)- Fancybox (image, inline, iframe, page, swf)- Contact forms (light, dark)- Carousel (flexslider, swiper)# Feature: Font awesome shortcode extended - choose circle, square or normal + background and icon color# Bug Fix: Load twitter bootstrap upon plugin activation - fixed# Bug Fix: Fancybox thumbnail on click not opening - fix# Change: Translation files updated

Version 0.1.5 – 04 February 2014

# Feature: New shortcode - Animated elements# Feature: New shortcode - Swiper# Feature: New shortcode - Container# Feature: New shortcode - Section Color# Feature: New shortcode - Section Image (with parallax effect)# Feature: New shortcode - Colored Text# Feature: Options panel - change contact form submit button color# Bug Fix: Tabs - closing shortcode tag st_ prefix, fixed# Change: Toggle look and feel, changed icon for open/close state# Change: Tabs look and feel, now tab content has borders too# Change: Contact forms lignt and dark new look and feel# Change: Post Carousel next and prev arrows design# Change: Documentation updated

Version 0.1.4 – 21 January 2014

# Feature: Admin Panel - Options (change colors, video tutorials, page snippets)# Feature: Google Maps - info box popup added# Feature: Fancybox Images - insert/upload image and thumbnail directly from mmedia library (shortcode builder popup window)# Bug Fix: Alert box - preview style conflict with WordPress 3.8# Bug Fix: Styled lists preview shortcode missing icons fixed# Change: .mo and .po files updated

Version 0.1.3 – 29 December 2013

# Feature: Toggle choose open or close state, added# Bug Fix: Create/Insert column, post editor undefined issue, fixed

Version 0.1.2 – 28 December 2013

# Feature: Responsive Audio Shortcode, now 100% wide. Put them in column for responsive behaviour# Feature: Added feature for putting font awesome icons shortcode into a button shortcode# Bug Fix: Issue with Revolution Slider shortcode output, fixed# Bug Fix: Visual Composer, icons in backend not showing, fixed

Version 0.1.1 – 18 December 2013

If you have used Supreme Shortcodes plugin anywhere on your websites, the only thing you should add (after the plugin update) is a simple prefix like this: st_.

For example: If the shortcode name is [button]Button text[/button] you should change it to [st_button]Button text[/st_button] or [gmap] will become [st_gmap]

# Change: Prefix st_ added for better theme compatibility# Feature: New 3D Retina social icons# Feature: Another set of Preview and Insert buttons added at the bottom of popup window for easier access# Documentation: Updated

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