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In archive: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Themeforest Sparkle - Outstanding Magazine theme for WordPress free download

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Sparkle – Outstanding Magazine WordPress theme (Latest version: 2.0.3 – April 17 2016, What’s new in this version, please see change log at the end for more information.)Never-ending page has been added since v1.0.4 – check it out!

Fully Responsive layout, outstanding design, Sparkle is based on Underscores (_s) and Bootstrap Framework with built-in flexibility. Suitable for Gamers, News, Magazine, Ad, Review and blogging websites.

Sparkle does support translating to Multi-Language with WPML, selling online with Woocommerce. It’s also compatible to bbPress in case you need a forum.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been made a priority when building the theme.

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Here are some of main features:

Please contact us before rating us 1 star as we can always sort out issues to your full satisfaction.Customer reviews

All Features: Updating.


-WordPress 3.9 (and higher)-PHP 5.3+

We highly recommend buyers to use Cpanel hosting for best performance and stability with WordPress.Note: Images/Photos in live preview are not included in the package for sale, they are just for demonstration only.Changelog
= v2.0.3 - Apr 17 2016************************************- Fixed minor bugs.- Improved hero brick ux.- Fixed minor css bug.- Updated Visual Composer Plugin.- Removed deprecated function.- Fixed localizable string issue.- Compatible to WP 4.5.
= v2.0.2 - April 10 2016************************************- Fixed minor bugs- Fixed Login area issue.- Fixed css bug- Added Lazy load support for You might also like area.- Updated Visual Composer Plugin
= v2.0.1 - feb 12 2016************************************- Fixed Top menu css issue.- Fixed WPML compat bug.- Updated Languague files- Fix minor css bug.
= v2.0.0 - feb 10 2016 - Big Update************************************- Fixed Minor Bugs- Removed Query Post metabox (not necessary)- Moved Hero Banner Settings to Theme Options.- Improved Hero Banner, doesn't require standard size for thumbnails anymore.- Added New features and layout for hero banner.+ New three layouts+ 4 Hero brick gap sizes+ Shuffle posts feature- Post list module for Visual Composer including horizontal posts block, supports infinite scroll.- Added Classic blog style.- Optimized Google pagespeed.- Removed Site icons and link to default WordPress site identity in customizer.- Back to nativeness.- Improved host compatibility.- Rewrote Custom CSS method.- Improved UX for touchscreen.- Improved thumbnail structure.- Rewrite/Rearrange templates.- Easier customizing.- still updating...- Improved category accent color- Updated Google fonts- Updated Visual composer- Updated Documentation
= v1.0.5.2 – Oct 5 2015
- Fixed Minor Bugs- Improved Jetpack compatibility- Added support for asynchronous JavaScript plugin- Changed default posts navigation for archive page- Removed Support for Visual Composer
= v1.0.5.1 – Jul 10 2015
************************************- Update Visual Composer 4.6 (contains fix for XSS vulnerability in the prettyPhoto )- Update Shortcode Generator Update Simple Post View Plugin Improved infinite scroll compatibility for Jetpack

= v1.0.5.0 – Jun 15 2015

************************************- fixed scrolling issue for tabs shortcode/visual composer<strong>= v1.0.4.9 - Apr 25 2015</strong><pre>************************************- added WooCommerce Quantity Increment to recommended plugins- FIXED XSS vulnerability- Improved Mobile Menu- Improved Jetpack Infinite Scroll Compatibility</pre><strong>= v1.0.4.8 - Mar 11 2015</strong><pre>* Updated:- Added time period 60 days and 90 days for post list widget- Fixed sub menu list for sticky megamenu- Fixed Social sharing counter issue</pre><strong>= v1.0.4.7 - Mar 10 2015</strong><pre>* Updated:- Fixed Minor bugs- Improved performance and appearance for mobile devices- Fixed sticky issue on mobile menu</pre><strong>= v1.0.4.6 - Mar 6 2015</strong><pre>* Updated:- Fixed Changing logo issue- Fixed Minor bugs- Updated documentation</pre><strong>= v1.0.4.5 - Mar 2 2015</strong><pre>* Updated:- Fixed Wrong template for default meta description and author info description- Fixed Google font subsets issue</pre><strong>= v1.0.4.4 - Mar 1 2015</strong><pre>* Updated:- Megamenu bugs- Fixed changing font issue in v1.0.4.3- Fixed Ads 125 widget bugs- Fixed Post duplication issue- Fixed Pinterest undefined issue- Added Autoptimize plugin compatibility- Allow users to overwrite via templates includes/templates- Improved mobile menu- Improved performance in backend side- Improved Ads 125 widget with sortable blocks- Updated Language files- Updated Core- Update Plugins- Update Demo data- Update docs* Files changed:- framework- includes- language- /</pre><strong>= v1.0.4.3 - Dec 6 2014</strong><pre>* Fixed:- Filter by tag issue for Main Loop- invalid markup- Css issues- Minor bugs- Google Microdata missing fields* Improved:- Improve performance in backend side- Clean code- Select tags and categories using autocomplete field in widgets, theme options, metabox* Updated:- Language files- Core- YT Shortcode Generator- Visual Composer Plugin* Files changed:- framework- includes- language- /</pre><strong>= v1.0.4.2 - September 5 2014</strong><pre>* Fixed:- Datetime issue on megamenu- Broken image when pin a single post with pinterest sharing button.- Layout overlapping on Touch screen- Boxed-layout issue on Large screen size- Minor bugs- Hero Banner issue- Pinterest sharing button issue- Css issues- Minor bugs- Gallery Post format issue* Improved:- Performance- Clean code* Updated:- Language files- Core- Visual Composer Plugin v4.3.3- Remove loading spinner for no effect with Hero Banner- Schema Microdata- yt-shortcode-generator.1.0.4- yt-simple-post-views-tracker.1.0.1* Files changed:- framework- includes</pre><strong>= v1.0.4.1 - August 9 2014</strong><pre>Minor Update</pre><strong>= v1.0.4 - August 8 2014</strong><pre>* Fixed:- You might also like messed up layout on small screen- Single Page/post title font size was not effected by Theme Options- Oembed for youtube playlist.- Reponsiveness on megamenu regular request.- Content background pattern issue- Incompatibility between Smart widget and Jetpack Widget Visibility (aka WordPress Failure Notice when trying to save "Smart Tabby Widget" )- Data not save on Ad Space 125 when using code field.- 'All' link issue for megamenu* Improved:- Performance- Ajax Handler- Ad Space 125 admin ui- Direction nav ui- Button hover/active state- Animation- UI/UX* Added:- Jetpack Photon Compatibility for various image sizes- Ajax search for Modal search- Infinite scroll feature for post thumbnail widget- Ad space between posts from Ajax Post widget amd Post thumnmail widget- Ad space before single post content- Default bg color for Light header.- Review info on every post- Post format icon for post thumbnail widget- Options to show/hide main sidebar/sub sidebar on small screen sizes.- Border for two column layout- Visual Composer compatibility- Option to replace default media gallery with flexslider* Updated:- yt-shortcode-generator v1.0.3- Reverted to the default params (user settings) for the_time, get_the_time, the_date, get_the_date- Allow embedding shortcode to ads positions- No effect to hero banner- Hooks for Single post- Upload button for live blog post.- Ajax tag search for metabox.- Mobile_Detect class- Google Webfonts- Bootstrap 3.2.0- Removed yt_site_social_sharing_post() and replace with yt_site_social_sharing_buttons()* Files changed:- framework- includes- content.php- content-single.php- style.css- css</pre><strong>= v1.0.3 - June 10 2014</strong><pre>* Fixed:- Minor bugs- Responsiveness on iPad- Touchless on touch devices (Main menu and mobile menu)- Pagination issue for Home page when we use Custom Posts query and set the page as Front page.* Improved:- Performance- Ajax Response time* Added:- Ability to split excerpt automatically- Usual loading method for News megamenu* Updated:- Localized strings- Language- Documentation* Files changed:- framework/admin/includes/yt-function-options.php- framework/yt-admin-hooks.php- framework/yt-admin-init.php- framework/widgets/widget-mailchimp.php- includes/theme-interface.php- includes/theme-functions.php- includes/theme-hooks.php- includes/theme-scripts.php- includes/theme-config.php- includes/theme-options.php- includes/theme-general-functions.php- includes/widgets/widget-ajax-posts-by-category.php- content.php- js/yt-custom- style.css- languages</pre><strong>= v1.0.2 - June 4 2014</strong><pre>* Fixed:- Scroll fix menu- CSS transform issue on safari on windows- Minor bugs* Improved:- Performance* Files changed:- framework/admin/includes/yt-options-settings.api.php- includes/theme-interface.php- js/yt-custom- style.css* Updated:- documentation<pre><strong>= v1.0.1 - June 1 2014</strong><pre>* Fixed:- Responsive issue with Boxed-layout & Large display- Countdown issue- Minor bugs* Improved:- Loading speed- Woocommerce style* Added:- Support for WP-Review- Support touch for main menu on Android- Author meta info in Author page and Single post- Increase level of sub-menu for Main navigation* Updated:- Shortcode generator v1.0.2* Files changed:- framework/admin/includes/yt-functions-field-types.php- framework/admin/includes/yt-functions.php- includes/theme-config.php- includes/theme-styling.php- includes/theme-interface.php- includes/theme-options.php- includes/theme-general-functions.php- includes/theme-functions.php- includes/theme-hooks.php- css/woocommerce- css/woocommerce-smallscreen- js/yt.custom- style.css- 404- documentation</pre><strong>= v1.0 - May 30 2014</strong><pre>* First release!</pre></pre></pre>

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