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Themeforest Point Finder - Directory WordPress Theme free download

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\\Point Finder Directory Theme was designed to allow you to create a listing & directory website as you wish. You can create your own customized system within minutes thanks to its customizable fields and search system. Point Finder offers you a lot of control over Google Map, and it is unique with its superior features. The websites you can create with Point Finder is only limited by your imagination…

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Theme Features:
  • Quick Setup: You can perform the setup of your theme in minutes. Moreover, you can choose any of our demo websites and create it exactly the same.
  • Advanced Documentation: You can access all information about Point Finder with our help documentation. You can review our easy-to-understand documentation with step-by-step setup description online.
  • Google Map Geolocation: We used Google Map Geolocation feature in Point Finder to the best of our ability. You can position your visitors, and easily show your properties or items in specified distance.
  • Google Map Styling: You can create personalized maps on Point Finder Google Map by styling. You can find detailed information on how to do that from our help documentation.
  • Google Map Cluster: You can group crowded cluster points with Google Map Cluster feature and adjust the characteristics of these groups with administration panel.
  • Customizable Points: You can create your points easily without making any uploads, either for categories or for each item, thanks to Custom Point Config feature that we offer to you.
  • Multiple Point: You can easily add with this system which has been made for multiple items located at the same address and show your visitors all of them.
  • Customizable Info Windows: You can customize information windows which open when you click on points with this feature. You can adjust their color, size and content as you like from the admin panel.
  • Ajax Features: You can make different selections in systems with many points thanks to Point Finder AJAX infrastructure. For example, you can ensure that only points which is being displayed are loaded and these points are increased when changing area. Loading when you zoom in or zoom out in your map is another feature you can use in this section.
  • Mail Template System: You can customize many e-mails which are sent to your users and the admin with Point Finder mail system. You can configure SMTP infrastructure from this system and change many features, such as colors of the email theme..
  • Front End Upload System: You can ensure your visitors upload to your website with this system. You can allow them to upload either for free or you can determine a price per item. You can make additional pricing in special listings with Featured Points feature.
  • Social Login System: You can make sure that users who want to register to your website do this easily through Facebook and Twitter. You can also facilitate their log-ins with this method.
  • Paypal Recurring and Direct Payments: Thanks to Point Finder’s system which is fully integrated with Paypal, you can allow your visitors to choose Paypal Recurring or Paypal Direct Payment options when uploading their items. In addition to that, you can also run your system with bank transfer option and offline payment mode.
  • Paypal IPN System: You can leave the tracking of processes such as cancellation and stopping of agreement in Recurring Payments to Point Finder IPN system. In such cases, it will make instantaneous changes in the system, saving you a lot of work.
  • Order Tracking System: Point Finder tracks every payment that is due and presents you a detailed report. You can track payments and processes for any items your users have uploaded to your system.
  • Visual Composer Page Builder: You can use the existing Visual Composer elements and Point Finder special shortcuts which are added by us thanks to our theme which uses the latest version of Visual composer. With this, you can create your pages without writing any lines just by clicking and dragging with your mouse. You can use the shortcuts we created for you beforehand with Templatera, which is a Visual Composer plugin and comes with our theme.
  • Responsive Layout: Point Finder is fully compatible with mobiles, and you can run it on any device because it is fully compatible with IOS, Android and other smartphone systems.
  • Revolution Slider: With this excellent add-on that comes with Point Finder, you can create sliders as you like.
  • Customizable Item Details: You can create information fields that you want in your item details with Point Finder. Without being dependant on previously defined fields and writing any line of code, you can create rich content by click and drag feature.
  • Customizable Search Area: You can search any criteria in both your maps and search Widgets with Point Finder. You can match search criteria with any Custom Fields that you enter and create a search system that is completely customized by you.
  • Google reCaptcha: You can use this feature in all fields which are available in Point Finder. The latest version of reCaptcha is fully integrated with our theme.
  • Review System: You can activate a review system for your items without using any additional plugins. You can create your own review system with separate voting option for any amount of criteria that you like.
  • Custom Widgets: You can list the latest items or featured items easily with special Widgets we designed for you. You can make searches within the page or add your tweets from Twitter easily.
  • Favorites System: You can allow your visitors to add the items they like into their favorites with this system.
  • Claim/Report Listing System: You can create a claim system for the items that you and your visitors uploaded and get opinions from the users who visit your website.
  • Child Theme: You can perform programming changes on theme easily with this feature and you can save any changes you make in your theme in the future.
  • Advanced Theme Options: While designing Point Finder, we prepared Options Panels which you can use to customize every detail possible and you can use it to check all points in your website. You can solve all your questions and problems with the detail panel documentation.
  • Customizable Page Headers: You can create separate headers for each page, or make one header for all pages.
  • WPML Support: Point Finder gives you the chance to use your website with multiple language option thanks to its WPML support. As you can see from online help documentation, you can easily translate all words in your website to any language you like.
  • Localization: You can translate your theme into your own language with Wordpress Localization infrastructure.
  • dsiIDX Plugin Compatible: You can ensure an easy integration with the plugin provided by Diverse Solutions thanks to our fully compatible system.
  • bbpress Compatible: You can use this plugin without making any configuration and create your forums easily.
  • RTL Supported
  • Stripe Payment Supported

You can contact us through our support system for any problems you might encounter in our theme during use. You can send me a message from my profile page for any feature suggestions you want added to Point Finder. If this feature is comprehensive, I will definitely review it and try to implement it…

Demo images not included design. Sources on help document below the credits.

I am preparing updates depending user requests and error reports. These updates will make your system better.v1.7.1.7 - 14/04/2016+ New: Google Map API Key field added.+ New: Max Map zoom admin value added.+ New: Infinite Scroll added for static grid, search results and categories.+ New: A new action added to geolocation system. If no point found on user’s location then you can select action.+ Fix: Stripe payment system.+ Fix: Street View for map element+ Fix: Missing translate problem+ Fix: Pretty Photo problem+ Fix: Author change process – image problem+ Fix: One column listing price field problem+ Fix: WordPress v4.5 -> item detail page gallery and file uploader problem.+ Fix: WordPress v4.5 -> listing type edit image upload problem.+ Update: Google map cluster system updated. All cluster points visible without define a zoom value.+ Update: Visual Composer v4.11.2+ Update: Templatera v1.1.11+ Update: Slider Revolution v5.2.4.1v1.7.1.5 - 31/03/2016+ Fix: Map results address problem.+ Fix: Site page speed problem.+ Fix: PHP 7 compatibility fixes.+ Fix: WordPress 4.5 compatibility fixes.v1.7.1.1 - 23/03/2016+ Update: Stripe Payment API Updated.v1.7.1 - 23/03/2016+ New: New Custom Point Styles Config system. 3rd level support for Custom Point Styles.+ New: New Advanced Listing Type Config system.+ Fix: Opening Hours problem on 3rd listing level.+ Fix: Frontend Upload map type problem fixed.+ Fix: Admin bar problem fixed.+ Fix: Mobile phone view problem fixed.+ Fix: Upload Form map problem fixed.+ Fix: Geolocation field loop problem fixed.+ Fix: Activate/Deactivate text problem on dashboard.+ Fix: Missing words added to the pot/po file.+ Fix: Mail Config Panel info correction.+ Fix: Widget search results filter settings fixed.+ Fix: Directory map mobile view - info window problem fixed.+ Update: Ultimate Addon updated to the v3.16.1+ Update: Visual Composer updated to the 4.11.1+ Update: Revolution Slider updated to the latest – 11/03/2016+ Fix: Fix for reported problems about v1.7 update.v1.7.0.1 – 10/03/2016+ Fix: Quick fix for a code problem on previous update.v1.7 – 10/03/2016+ New: Ajax load added for Search Config Panel > Location Taxonomy+ New: Geolocation field distance selector style updated. View+ New: Post Tags target added to the Search Fields > Text Field. Ref Ticket: View+ New: PF Location List visual composer element added. Now you can create list like Directory List element.+ New: PagSeguro payment gateway added for Pay per post and Membership system.+ New: PayU Money / Biz payment gateway added for Pay per post and Membership system.+ New: iDeal (Mollie) payment gateway added for Pay per post and Membership system.+ New: Robokassa payment gateway added for Pay per post and Membership system.+ New: Gallery image and thumbnail size options added to the Size panel. Ref Ticket: View+ New: Email spam protection added to Agent List / Single Agent & Item Details. Ref Ticket: View+ New: Tags cloud widget limit added. Ref Ticket: View+ New: Added Info window mobile width & height customization options.+ Fix: Category page Price order problem.+ Fix: File Attachments on Item Detail+ Fix: Item Detail Page Invisible Tabs+ Fix: Image header schema fixed.+ Fix: PF Search (Mini Search validation problem).+ Fix: Streetview first load problem fixed for backend.+ Fix: Conditions page problem fixed. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Membership featured item bug. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: On / Off function fixed for Widgets and Directory List. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Agent list count problem. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Blog and email date format fix. Settings > General date format applied for system. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Item detail page tab visibility problem. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Row listing problem on category page. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Email currency sign fix. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Item Detail Page > Gallery image size problem. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Dashboard > My items paging problem. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Sort by text problem. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Invoices section bank transfer amount problem. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Features taxonomy relation remove problem. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Created “Empty Condition” selection for conditions. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Paypal membership payment descriptions fixed. Ref Ticket: View View2+ Fix: Missing words added to the po/pot file. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Date field sub search listing issue. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Location edit item issue. Ref Ticket: View+ Fix: Membership system free plan renew bug fixed. Ref Ticket: View+ Update: Ultimate Addon updated to the v3.16.0.1+ Update: Visual Composer updated to the 4.10+ Update: Templatera updated to the latest 1.1.10+ Update: Revolution Slider updated to the latest 5.2.1+ Update: New words added and pot file updated. Please update your po files.+ Update: WPML config updated. Please update your wpml-config.xmlv1.6.4.9 – 26/01/2016+ New: Related Listings > Carousel Item limit value added to Options Panel.+ Fix: Search Widget auto category select problem fixed for category and archive pages.+ Fix: Page edit > Footer Row > Margin/Padding/Border left right removed.+ Fix: PF Settings > Additional Settings > Global Footer Row > Margin/Padding/Border left right removed.+ Fix: Category view 1 Column (Row) listing bug fixed & added new selection to the Options Panel.+ Fix: Some style fixes added.+ Update: Ultimate Addon for Visual Composer plugin updated to latest version.v1.6.4.8 19/01/2016+Fix: Pay Per Post system Additional Info & Features problem.+Fix: Membership System featured point Enable/Disable.+Fix: Item Detail page columns changed.+Fix: Search Field Config > Features filter problem fixed.+Fix: Menu active line problem fixed.+Fix: Custom tab visibility problem at backend.+Update: Templatera, Visual Composer Plugins Updated.v1.6.4.6 & v1.6.4.7 10/01/2016+ Fix: Geolocation search fix for previous update v1.6.4.5v1.6.4.5 09/01/2016+ New: Checkbox option added to the Custom Search Fields.+ New: Category Image Header and No header added for PF Listing Types.+ New: Search Fields > "Ajax Load for Listing Type" feature added to taxonomy select box.+ New: Global Footer Row option added to PF Settings > Additional Settings+ New: New! Page Footer Row option added to page edit.+ New: Checkbox option added to the Custom Search Fields.+ Fix: RSS feed results fixed for reported errors.+ Fix: Backend Listing type select problem.+ Fix: Deactivated items removed from the grid and carousel.+ Fix: Pending payment invoices hidden from users.+ Fix: Upload Form -> Address map area enable/disable validation.+ Fix: Bank Transfer/Membership System Invoice amount fixed.+ Fix: PF Static Grid, PF Ajax Grid video hover button fixed.+ Fix: Features bug solved. Show/Hide all features function added.+ Fix: PF System status widget links added.+ Fix: Search Fields -> Features taxonomy now using filter option per Listing Type.+ Fix: Post Tags enabled for search. You can modify by using selectbox taxonomy filters.+ Fix: PF Static Grid, PF Ajax Grid, PF Search Results, PF Item Carousel codes minified.+ Fix: Forgotten WPML strings added to the config. Please re generate wpml config.+ Fix: Search Fields > Multiple select fix for widget and mini search.+ Fix: Minor bugs fixed.+ Fix: Slider Revolution Plugin Updated.v1.6.4 31/12/2015+New: User Dashboard -> Item ON/OFF function added.+New: Conditions Taxonomy added.+New: Blog category sidebar+New: “Show All” texts removed. Now users can select grouped selectbox > main categories.+New: Duration for Featured Option. Now you can set a different duration time for featured pack.+New: Auto expire schedule for Featured Option.+New: New email content for Featured Option expire notification.+New: 1/2, 1/3, Full width options added to custom field section on frontend form config.+New: Old Image Upload system changed with AJAX Upload – IE9 support improved.+New: Multiple Sub Listing Type selection per item (Category based)+New: Enable/Disable function for frontend submit form address,location,item type and image area. (Global & Category based)+New: 3 level listing type and location selector with Ajax Load.+New: Location – Frontend Form – Custom City Name field added+New: Full height map+New: Mega Menu with 4 column support+New: Transparent Top Menu Background+New: Map Lock Button .+New: Mini Search Element for Visual Composer. A kind of widget search clone for image and video bg.+New: Send mail to admin when a user is registered.+New: Hide/Show option for profile fields.+New: Packages for Pay per post system.+New: Category pricing feature for Pay per post.+New: Enable/Disable featured point while editing item from frontend.+New: Date field for custom fields and search fields+New: Support for all Visual Composer Row properties+New: Tags for frontend item upload.+New: PDF or File upload for front end submit.+New: Custom Tabs on Frontend item upload.+New: Terms & Conditions now using Ajax instead of blank page.+New: Dashboard styles changed.+New: Large Image Header for Item Detail.+New: Row style Listing.+New: Enable / Disable for Invoices.+Fix: Membership System bugs and reported problems solved.+Fix: WPML RTL Field added to config txt.+Fix: WPML sub search fields fix.+Fix: Decimal point bug.+Fix: Paypal Digital Payments option (Not Paypal Payment System) will be disabled+Fix: Widget featured image problem.+Fix: Invoices Trial Period problem.+Fix: Map control button.+Fix: Map google api field not found fix.+Fix: Membership Packs Bank Transfer bug fixed.+Fix: Features section ajax filter problem & checkbox css problem.+Fix: Directory List item limit increased.+Fix: Directory List 1 column problem.+Fix: Ajax Grid Columns problem.+Fix: Tablet footer responsive problem.+Update: New WPML keys added to WPML config file. Please re generate wpml-config.xml file.+Update: Visual Composer & Slider Revolution & Templatera & Ultimate Addons latest version updates and theme support.v1.6.3.1 13/11/2015+Fix: This update will fix Pay Per Post - Featured item bug on edit window.1 file changed: pointfinder/admin/estatemanagement/includes/pages/dashboard/dashboard-frontend.phpv1.6.3 03/11/2015+New: One click review approval.+New: One click item approval.+New: Dashboard: View count for my items page.+New: Dashboard Cart: Show/Hide option for cart.+New: Enable/Disable for item detail page post date.+New: Printable invoices for my invoices section.+New: Invoice style & settings panel created -> Additional Settings > Invoice Settings+New: Dashboard: User profile -> Address/VAT/Country fields added.+New: Profile page photo for reviews.+New: Horizontal Search open/close at startup.+New: Review edit link added for admin emails.+New: Visual Composer 4.8 support for shortcodes.+New: Bank Transfer approved email for Membership System+New: Listing Type Text link Enable/Disable.+New: Open item detail in a new window -> Enable/Disable.+New: Get Directions system updated.+New: Random posts for Featured Items Widget.+New: Agent filters for Related Listings.+New: Terms & Conditions added for Membership Plans.+Fix: PF Directory List – Now working with isotope fitrows.+Fix: PF Directory List – “0” added to the sub category.+Fix: Mobile Dropdown – Placeholder fix.+Fix: Mobile Dropdown – Search fix.+Fix: WPML – Ajax Grid Fix.+Fix: WPML – Membership Packs fix.+Fix: Ajax Grid and Static Grid code clean.+Fix: Featured Video: Item upload page featured video area save fix.+Fix: Agent & Author Detail page listing bug.+Fix: Ajax user registration.+Fix: User menu logout redirection issue.+Fix: Breadcrumb problem solved+Fix: Header Image problem solved+Fix: Blog Images Fix+Fix: RTL slider problem fix+Fix: Author page issue fixed+Fix: Default distance fix for Geolocation Field+Update: Ultimate Addon for Visual Composer Visual Composer 4.8+Update: Templatera 1.1.6v1.6.2.4 05/10/2015+New: Row ID Support for VC.+New: WooCommerce Sidebar options added to Additional Settings.+Fix: Facebook email,nickname,name,surname now available while register.+Fix: Agent/Author contact phone field fixed.+Fix: Item Detail Page breadcrumb fix.+Fix: Dashboard header name fix.+Fix: Breadcrumb overlay problem fix.+Fix: Frontend Upload TinyMCE mobile support.+Update: Visual Composer v4.7.4+Update: Templatera 1.1.5v1.6.2 - 02/10/2015+New: Membership packages+New: Sort by Review feature for grid list.+New: Category Filters for Grid Listings+New:Auto Open Results on Home Page+New: Ajax submit/edit item page for Pay per post & Membership System.+New: Invoices section for Pay per post & Membership System.+New: TinyMCE editor for upload form -> Description.+Fix: Lost Password Process fix for WordPress 4.3.x+Fix: Visual Composer v4.7.x fixes for Pointfinder Elements+Fix: Taxonomy Paging Bug fix.+Fix: Agent/Author Page full width fix.+Fix: Relating Listings current item fix.+Fix: Item Detail Page; Show more than one category fix.+Fix: https/http link fix for web link field.+Fix: Hide featured item for PF Carousel.+Fix: Dropdown/select box mobile issue fixed.+Fix: Image upload area limit problem.+Fix: Widget Search; description field search problem.+Fix: VC / Pointfinder Contact Map Element Bug.+Fix: Redirect user to the profile page after login on Home Page.+Fix: Pending approval/Pending payment items now not visible until publish.+Update: TGM Plugin Activation & Update v2.5.2+Update: Visual Composer v4.7.3+Update: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.13.4+Update: Templatera 1.1.4+Update: Revolution Slider 5.0.9v1.6.1.3 - 12/07/2015+Fix: Reported code bug fixed on single.php+Fix: Footer Widget and Footer Bar problem fixed.+Fix: Web link "http://" tag problem.+Update: Old Option Values Cleanedv1.6.1 - 11/07/2015+Fix: Reported code bug fixed on admin > filters.phpv1.6 - 11/07/2015+New: WooCommerce Support+New: Google Plus Login System.+New: Related listings under the item detail page.+New: Google Places API field into the search widget.+New: Web Address Field for Agent+New: Custom Field Auto Complete feature.+New: Mobile Add New Listing Button+New: Description Search for Search Fields.+New: Hide/Show for top line.+New: Get Directions for item detail.+New: Empty page template.+New: Show user’s items under Agent page if they linked.+New: Redirection for login attempts.+Fix: Author detail page paging problem.+Fix: Enable/Disable for horizontal search – auto open.+Fix: Stripe payment featured status problem.+Fix: reCaptcha error into the review form.+Fix: Upload page image remove problem.+Included Plugin Updatesv1.5.9.8 - 20.06.2015 - Security Update+Fix: Pretty Photo Security Update+Fix: Reported minor bug fixes.+Update: Included plugin Updates+Update: Child theme files updated.+New: Auto Update functions for plugins.v1.5.9.5 - 27/05/2015+Fixed: Item Detail Page Info Window – Custom window size problem+Fixed: WPML support improved. Please re generate WPML String Translation file.+Fixed: RTL support improved.+Fixed: Info window Korean char. problem.+Updated: Visual Composer, Ultimate Addon and Rev Slider updated to latest version.v1.5.9 - 11/05/2015+Fixed: Hide featured item problem on grid listing+Fixed: Custom field problem - Only show in backend feature.+Fixed: Reported Translation keyword problems.+Fixed: Upload page Image limit Problem.+Fixed: PFcheck_postmeta_exist() function problem.+Fixed: Item Detail Page - Last Tab Repeat Problem+Fixed: Auto Login disabled for register user action.+Fixed: Checkbox & Selectbox field not saving backend.+Fixed: Ajax field auto complete enable/disable problem.+Fixed: Custom Tab hide on empty problem.+Updated: TGM Plugin Class for security reasons.+Updated: Visual Composer / Templatera / Slider Revolution is updated.v1.5.8.5 - 26/04/2015+Fixed: Opening Hours Module problems.+Fixed: Old Image Upload Systemv1.5.8 - 23/04/2015+Added: Auto Theme Update System+Added: Horizontal Map Search+Added: New Quick Install Mode (Multiple Category Directory)+Added: Advanced Listing Type Config+Added: Opening Hours Old Mode / Week Start Day Config+Added: Opening Hours time picker mode.+Added: Item Detail Page No Header option.+Added: Custom Tabs Option for Item Detail Page.+Added: Custom Points for Child Listing Types.+Added: Hide "Featured points" option to the Visual Composer > Static/AJAX Grid Elements+Added: Admin could change the max file size on the upload front end+Added: Button align margin and height controls to PF Settings > Extra Styles+Added: Automatic term(Category) detection for Featured Listings , Recent Listings, Search Widgets.+Added: Free listing renew button.+Added: Google Rich Snippets support for item (Product).+Added: Old Search Enable/Disable button to the Upload Page Setting section.+Added: Frontend Upload Page > Image Upload Area validation Enable/Disable.+Added: Show only available features to Options Panel > Item Page Settings+Fixed: Widget Search result page count, default point and founded word problem.+Fixed: Item Detail Page Standart Header & Item Title problem.+Fixed: If an item is signed for verified, claim listing button will disable.+Fixed: Widget Search result page map style problem.+Fixed: Reported RTL Issues + RTL is now v.Beta2+Fixed: Google Rich Snippets problem fixed on the Reviews.+Fixed: Contact form problem for hidden values.+Fixed: Map result listing isotope problem.+Fixed: All reported bugs...+Updated: Visual Composer updated to v4.4.4 (WP 4.2 Supported)+Updated: Slider Revolution Updated to v4.6.9+Updated: Documentationv1.5 - 30/03/2015+ Added: Custom Fields & Search Field now loads with AJAX.+ Added: Visual Composer Ultimate Addon plugin added.($17 value)+ Added: Multiple image upload with dropzonejs. And cover image change option.+ Added: All image uploads and delete options now using AJAX. And page redirects removed.+ Added: Terms of conditions checkbox added for frontend upload form.+ Fixed: Korean, Greek & German language translation problems solved.+ Fixed: When an item removed from admin the images not removed belongs to this item.+ Added: Full width item details+ Added: Image size configuration. (Now you can set minimum size of images.)+ Added: Text limit number change for address, title etc..+ Added: Verified listing option for claim listing.+ Added: Video Background + Search form element to Visual Composer+ Added: Static Image Background + Search form element to Visual Composer+ Added: Category list with child categories.+ Added: Now you can select features by listing category.+ Fixed: Archive and Category page is using h1 tag and description text.+ Added: Item Carousel item limit added.+ Fixed: My favorites page title problem fixed.+ Fixed: You will no more see features section If features is empty+ Added: Paypal enable / disable feature added.+ Added: Stripe Payment Option Added.+ Fixed: Search results page (widget search) default lat lng.+ Added: Grid title area word limit.+ Added: Image size and word limit configuration panel added.+ Fixed: Opening Hours fixed for start of the week.+ Added: RTL Support (Beta v1. is ready. This is beta release and I will edit this soon.)+ Added: Featured Agents / Selected Agents widget+ Fixed: WPML System changed. Now faster.+ Added: Breadcrumb added for item detail page + Map header.+ Fixed: Frontend Item upload page updated. Now more effective.v1.3 - 13/03/2015+Downgraded: Redux Framework plugin to v3.4.1 - (THIS IS IMPORTANT UPDATE! PLEASE REINSTALL THIS PLUGIN)+Added: Map language change function to the Options Panel > Map Settings - Now you can change it to your language.+Added: Show/Hide function added to frontend upload page. Now you can hide or show child objects. Please see realestate demo submission form.+Fixed: Ajax grid scroll to top problem and masonry grid problem.+Fixed: An error fixed on frontend upload system. (Report: After edit an item it turn back to basic listing.)+Fixed CSS and system files for some small bugs.+Updated: Visual Composer plugin to the latest version.+Added: Custom Selectbox Field now support Item Grid and Info window.+Fixed: Tel and mailto links.+Fixed: Multiple reCaptcha problem.+Documentation Updated: How to update plugins section+Documentation Updated: How to work with Claim Listing System?v1.2.7 - 12/03/2015+Added: Claim Listing feature added.+Added: Item author changer to the item detail.+Fixed CSS and system files for some small bugs.+Updated: Redux Framework plugin to v3.4.4.1 - (THIS IS IMPORTANT UPDATE! PLEASE REINSTALL THIS PLUGIN)+Updated: Visual Composer plugin to the latest version.+Added: Custom Selectbox Field now support Item Grid and Info window.+Fixed: Tel and mailto links.+Fixed: Multiple reCaptcha problem.v1.2.1 - 11/03/2015+Fixed: admin > estatemanagement > includes > ajax > ajax-poidata.php file updated for a line of wrong code.v1.2 - 11/03/2015+Fixed: Expire date problem on the free listing + publish directly mode.+Fixed: Item detail page image slider scaleup problem.+Fixed: Widget search results page default order/sort problem.+Fixed: Frontend upload form locate me button & map connection.+Fixed: Add to favorites ajax problem.+Updated: Redux Framework plugin to v3.4.4Note: All plugins included the theme folder: pointfinder > admin > plugins folder.+Updated: Templatera Plugin updated to latest version.v1.1.5 - 10/03/2015+ Added: AJAX auto complete for text fields for the Search Window+ Added: Show only in widget setting for the Search Window+ Added: Google geolocation field for the Search Window (Locate me button on the directory version.)+ Fixed: Text field search problems.+ Added: "xx item found" text to the search results page.+ Added: "Show on the map" link to the search results page.+ Fixed: An error fixed on the item detail page.(owner contact form)+ Fixed: Custom javascript error.+ Fixed: Item detail page recaptcha problem.+ Fixed: Pending payment problem on direct approvals.+ Fixed: Web link field grid settings.+ Fixed: Submission page tooltip problem.+ Added: An option for groupped dropdown boxes. (Disable select all option)+ Added: An option for Paypal price sign prefix/suffix to the Frontend Upload Settings > Paypal section.+ Added: Frontend upload page > locate me button for the map address field.+ Fixed: iPad landscape map problem.v1.0.1 - 07/03/2015+ A small Installation issue fixed.v1.0 - 07/03/2015+ Released

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NOTE: For the Demo to work, you must remove the Envato iFrame FRAME at the top right bar of your Browser.Reard Point – A Reward and Poin...gestion or recommendation please let us know. So we can make this more better together. Future updates would be completely free for buyers.
Free download Codecanyon WYZI - Social Business Finder WordPress Directory Theme

Free Codecanyon WYZI - Social Business Finder WordPress Directory Theme theme download

Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
Tags: Advertising | Business | Companies | Corporate | Directory | global directory | google map | Google Places | Listing | local directory | Marketplace | Portal | Reviews | social media | Yelp | Themeforest | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | WYZI | Social | Business | Finder | Directory | theme
Archives: 2016 | December 2016 | 26.December 2016

Wyzi Business Finder WordPress Theme is an advanced Social Business Directory Theme , which targets to build a website that overcomes the...bsites Development in NewYork" in map search keywordsVersion 1.0.1 - 16 December 2016- New Feature - Offers Tab in Single Business Pages.
Free download Themeforest Directory - Responsive Ultimate Directory Joomla Template

Free Themeforest Directory - Responsive Ultimate Directory Joomla Template theme download

Category: Themeforest | CMS Themes
Tags: Directory | directory joomla | directory template | Listing | Multipurpose | Responsive Joomla Template | school directory | University | university directory | Themeforest | CMS Themes | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Directory | Responsive | Ultimate | Joomla | Template
Archives: 2017 | February 2017 | 18.February 2017

SJ Directory is one of the best directory Joomla template for school, university listing and directory websites. With SJ K2 Filter module b...umentationDetailed documentation to configure templateCHANGELOGVERSION 1.0.0: Released on 15 Feb, 2017- Initial release
Free download Codecanyon Service Finder - Provider and Business Listing WordPress Theme

Free Codecanyon Service Finder - Provider and Business Listing WordPress Theme theme download

Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
Tags: Advertise | Appointment | Booking | Business | Directory | google map | job listing | job posting | Listing | local directory | Marketplace | Reservation | Reviews | Service | service provider | Themeforest | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Service | Finder | Provider | Business | Listing | theme
Archives: 2017 | June 2017 | 18.June 2017

Service Finder WordPress Theme is an advanced business and service directory theme. Business and Service providers from different categories ... 2016- Demo Content Included- Option to add Google Map API added in theme optionsVersion 1.0.0 13. July 2016- Initial Release

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