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Codecanyon NeatCalc free download

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A powerful calculator suite using a math parser for home, school and office use.Includes 7 different modes of operation:Main View: memory, power, square root, logarithmic, factorial and other functions like floor(), ceil() and random(). Includes more than 30 trigonometric functions. Simply type your formula and click ”=” to evaluate it. Touch the “scient” button to perform advanced calculations.Programmer View: make conversions from/to DEC,BIN,HEX,OCT systems and many more masking operations.Statistics View: calculate median, stddev, etc, as well as create random numbers.IP Subnet View: calculate subnets from a giving IP address.Plotter View: type your function and it automatically gets plotted.Converter View: convert values between units, such as length, area, volume, mass, time and many moreMatrix View: Perform matrix calculations such as detA, invA, AxB, etc.

Features and RequirementsMath Parser using DDMathParserGraph plotter using CorePlotSlide-out sidebar menu templateiAd and In-App integrationsRequires XCode5 and iOS7

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