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Themeforest Mimo - Feature Rich Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme free download

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Mimo theme is the penultimate WordPress multipurpose theme. It is super powerful, very minimalistic, packed with 100+ features, super responsive, easily customizable and powered by the best frameworks on the web. With Mimo you have unlimited options and oppurtunities to design your site the way you want to. Mimo comes with exceptional support, top of the line features, regular updates, continuous development, user favorite features and demos and much much more. Mimo was designed to solve the problems that we, the authors faced when we were buyers of WordPress themes ourselves. So Mimo is built with customers’ needs in mind. We have tried to build a theme that works as the customer wants it to and not the other way around. You can literally use Mimo to build any type of site, be it corporate, business, portfolio, blog, marketing, landing page etc. And not just that, once you become purchase a license, you become an integral part of our customer base. You have exclusive access to the customer area where you have the oppurtunity to ask us questions, provide feedback on Mimo development, participate in polls on Mimo features and updates, tell us what you want to have in the next update and much else. Below, we provide a exhaustive list of every feature of Mimo theme. Well, we suggest you to start reading. It is going to take a while !

  • Clean, minimalistic, multi-purpose design.
  • Completely responsive from small hand held mobile devices to desktop computers and TVs.
  • WordPress Multisite (WPMU) compatible. Mimo demo is on multisite.
  • Built on Underscores, the starter theme framework suggested by the WordPress guys.
  • Designed using Bootstrap, the most popular front-end framework for web design.
  • Box/Wide layouts.
  • SEO optimized
    • Proper HTML markup.
    • W3C markup validated.
    • Google Analytics & tracking code options.
    • Fallback for 3rd party SEO plugins.
    • Proper semantics followed while development.
    • Zero WordPress issues and warnings.
    • Support for allow link follow.
    • Allow indexing option.
    • Custom meta keywords and description.

  • Superb Support
    • Huge online documentation.
    • In-theme documentation.
    • Packaged offline documentation.
    • 2000+ Font icon reference.
    • Ticket Support.
    • Twitter Chat.
    • Facebook Connect.
    • Huge online Knowledge base.
    • FAQs.
    • Envato Comment’s section.
    • Full hd videos to help you get the most out of Mimo.
    • Step by step tutorials.

  • Advanced Theme Options Panel
    • 750+ Theme Options
    • AJAX save. Save options without page reload.
    • Custom designed panel for maximum performance.
    • 650+ Google fonts.
    • User accessible.
    • User friendly.
    • Properly documented and commented.
    • Visual typographic changer.
    • Options import and export.
    • Options snapshot backup.
    • Data save visual indicator.
    • Super fast.
    • Properly organized into separate sections.
    • New updated options are marked with colored tags for easy reference.
    • Default theme options for best designs right out of the box.
    • Automatic theme updates.

  • Huge array of Premium Sliders offered.
    • Slider Revolution – No 1 slider plugin on Codecanyon.
    • Layer Slider – No 2 slider plugin on Codecanyon.
    • Owl Slider – Best and most popular carousel slider on the web.
    • Flex Slider – Very powerful slider from the WooThemes guys.
    • Mimo Slider – Advanced Mimo Custom Slider with custom content and background html or youtube videos support.
    • Mimo Carousel Slider – A visually appealing and complex layout carousel slider with multiple horizontal and vertical sub sliders.
    • Bootstrap Carousel – Default carousel from Twitter Bootstrap with support for excerpt content.

  • Huge Collection Of Demo Content
    • With v1.0 there are more than 18 demos that are available.
    • All the demos can be accessed from the “Demos” section of the Mimo Admin pages.
    • Import any demo with a single click.
    • Multiple demos can be imported.
    • Future update: Selective import where user chooses what features will be imported by the Mimo Importer.
    • Demos range from corporate, personal, social, app, landing, business, blog, photography, journal etc.
    • 18 ready demos
      • Mimo Classic
      • Category
      • Parallax
      • Yoga
      • Wedding
      • Recipe
      • Resume
      • Personal
      • Coming Soon
      • Maintenance
      • Photography
      • Cupcakes
      • Barber
      • Band
      • App
      • Journal
      • Coffee
      • Spa

  • jQuery Category Megamenu
    • Unique, futuristic and oen of it’s kind.
    • Load posts based on categories and subcategories.
    • The menus intelligent functions detect for sub category posts are theer or not and display them accordingly.
    • Super megamenu. Just only one on the marketplace.
    • Completely AJAXified. The posts load automatically with user interaction.
    • Works in conjugation with Mimo megamenu.
    • Supports standard menu items.

  • Simple But Powerful Shortcode Generator
    • Simple Ajaxified.
    • Works on Posts, pages and portfolio editing screens.
    • Generate shortcodes for more than 75 Mimo shortcodes.
    • More than 75 shortcodes to choose from categorized into sections.
    • Opens up in an intuitive popup window.
    • Shortcodes documentation lists all the shortcode options.
    • Proper inline documentation to help with understanding utility of each option.

  • Powerful Widgets
    • Facebook Feed
    • Twitter Tweets
    • Instagram Photos
    • Flickr Feed
    • Popular Posts
    • Posts Ticker
    • Dribbble Shots
    • Login
    • Multiple Ads

  • Advanced Sidebar & Widget Options
    • Custom widget shortcodes.
    • Custom unlimited sidebars.
    • Intuitive display of custom sidebars with tabular layout.
    • Manage custom sidebars from the same widget section screen.
    • Add widgets vvia drag and drop.
    • Color coded custom widget areas.
    • Use in posts and pages.
    • Override default sidebar widget areas in individual posts and pages.
    • Remove sidebars from posts and pages.
    • More widgets added in future updates.

  • WooCommerce
    • Complete integration with WooCommerce.
    • Beautiful styling and layout for WooCommerce pages.
    • Grid and list view toggle for shop pages.
    • Intuitive add to cart button.
    • Ajaxified cart button for showing added cart items in real time with subtotal and empty cart, view cart and checkout links.
    • Shopping cart button support.
    • Product pages have tabbed sections.
    • Visual ‘’ and ’-’ buttons for increading and decreasing product quantities.
    • Custom design for cart, checkout, order and account pages.
    • Custom ordering by popularity, average rating, newness, price: low to high and high to low.
    • Order products by ascending or descending.
    • Custom values for showing number of products per page.
    • Completely responsive.
    • Shop column count option.
    • Shop and product page layout with respect to sidebar position.
    • Custom design for 6 shop shortcodes.
    • Custom shortcode support for WooCommerce shortcodes.
    • Continous updates and features added to WooCommerce modules.

  • Megamenu
    • Most advanced megamenu with tons of options.
    • 100 Options for megamenu and megamenu styling.
    • 3 completely different megamenus.
      • Mimo megamenu
      • jQuery Category megamenu
      • Graphicous Overlay megamenu

    • Tons of customization options.
    • Megamenu settings can be overridden by single posts or pages options.
    • Tons of styling coupled with header options gives you the complete control that you desire.
    • 10 menu skins
      • Border top
      • Border bottom
      • Border top bottom
      • border left
      • bottom trace
      • Border boxed
      • Top bottom boxed border
      • Striped
      • Boxed
      • Rounded boxed

    • 8 dropdown animations
      • Zoom in
      • Zoom out
      • Drop up
      • Drop left
      • Swing
      • Roll in
      • Flip
      • Stretch

    • 2 menu animations – can be combined with any dropdown animation to get different effects.
      • Slide animation
      • Fade animation

    • 2 menu fixing types on scroll.
      • Fixing on top – header gets fixed at the top
      • Fixing at bottom – header gets fixed at the bottom

    • Header above or below slider.
    • 1-6 Columns megamenu. Each item can be separtely set up to have 1-6 columns.
    • Option to set up full width, half width and quarter width of each individual megamenu dropdowns.
    • Complete support for standard dropdown menu items.
    • Choice for megaemnu column span.
    • Custom widgets ready.
    • 4 megamenu dropdown styles.
      • Underlined
      • Columned
      • Celled
      • Gapped underlined

    • Hover Effects
    • Floating header types.
    • Meu alignment left or right
    • Dropdown indicators.
    • Indicator support for top level and second levels.
    • Indicator support for all sublevel items.
    • Default icons for megamenu items.
    • Intelligent screen awareness allows dropdown to show on left rather than right on small screens.
    • Option to hide indicator on desktops.
    • Font styling for megamenus.
    • Font sizes, colors, borders and opacity for top level and dropdown items.
    • Line heights for megamenus in fixed and non fixed positions.
    • Border colors and background colors.
    • Option to override some settings in single posts or pages.
    • Mobile menu styling options.
    • Integrated overlay toggle button for opening the Graphicous Overlay menu.
    • Integrated cart icon for WooCommerce cart.

  • Premium Plugins For Free – Top 4/4 plugins on Codecanyon.
    • Slider Revolution
    • Layer Slider
    • Visual Composer
    • Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer

  • Custom Page Templates – Mimo theme comes with a huge array of powerful page templates. ALl of them can be set up using the WordPress page templates metabox.
    • Full width template.
    • Empty page template.
    • Team page template.
    • Sidenavigation template.
    • Options for each templates are available in the theme options.
    • Global template options can be overridden in the single pages screen.

  • Multilingual – Mimo theme is completely translated in 13+ languages and with community driven translation more and more languages are added every week.
    • Translation ready. Includes the mo, po and pot files.
    • RTL ready.
    • Pretranslated in more than 13 languages.

  • Mimo theme is completely translated into more than 13 most spoken languages in the world.
    • Arabic
    • Czech
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Persian
    • Hindi
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Dutch
    • Portugese
    • Russian
    • Turkish
    • Chinese

  • Search Options.
    • Beautiful designed search field.
    • Consistent design across menus search field, sidebars and search pages.
    • Powerful with custom filters.
    • Filter what will be shown in search results like posts or pages or both.
    • Full design integration with display results in grid, classic or pinterest layouts.
    • Dedicated search results page with shortcode support.
    • Options include metabox, search field, images, excerpts, column count, hover effects etc.

  • 404 Pages – Mimo comes with 4 completely customizable 404 pages.
    • Standard image background centered.
    • Image background left aligned with custom links support.
    • HTML videos background.
    • Youtube video background.
    • Each 404 page has it’s own options.
    • Every single 404 page comes with a search bar
    • You can also set up a heading, sub heading and styling of the same.

  • Coming Soon & Maintenance
    • Coming Soon Page – This page shows a very minimal coming soon page.
    • Maintenance – Shows a more involved and designed maintenance page.
    • Ideal for websites that are not yet live.
    • Any user who happens to visit you page will be shown this page.
    • You can login and do your job as you want.
    • Display a countdown timer to show when the site will launch.
    • Custom styles include colors, backgrounds, counter colors, text colors, headings, subheadings etc.
    • Email newsletter field to grab customer emails even before site is launched.
    • Social Icons to allow users to connect on social media sites.

  • Advanced Page/Post Options
    • Custom post and page options are available for individual posts or pages.
    • Properly categorized under separate sections.
    • Support for icons, colors, opacity, sliders, select and checkbox fields.
    • Sidebar positions as well as full width sections can be built.
    • Mimo Shortcode Generator included.
    • Enable or disable publisher for individual posts.
    • Add slider to the header top.
    • Change team template layouts and styles.
    • prevent side nav page template page from showing in the side nav page list.
    • Control the title bar completely, including enabling or disabling that altogether.
    • Set background colors and images for boxed site.
    • Featured image style for posts.
    • Complete header control with support for megamenu layouts and features along with background colors and border colors.
    • Full control of footer and footer sections.
    • Optionally show footer sections.

  • Mimo Publisher – Mimo theme’s most wanted feature.
    • The most radical theme feature.
    • Mimo theme’s physical publishing house.
    • Write and publish your posts in your WordPress blog, publish them on social media websites.
    • Add support for publishing event.
    • Separate options for each social media accounts.
    • Block publisher for each individual post or page separately.
    • 5 different social media sites supported.
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Delicious
    • Diigo

  • Social Login – Login using Facebook and Google+ accounts.
    • Allow your site users to login using their social media accounts.
    • No need to remember another set of login and password.
    • Your site users can signin using their Facebook and Google+ accounts.
    • 2 social media sites supported.
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • Can register new users to the site.
    • Have a great workflow mechanism to create users and redirect to the homepage.
    • Single Click login for you and others.
    • Intuitive and user friendly.
    • If user exists login and redirect to homepage.
    • If user does not exist and register is enabled, register users to the site.
    • If user does not exist and registration is disabled, do nothing.

  • Powerful Blog Options
    • Enable multiple featured images for posts.
    • Blog layouts including sidebar and content layout, wide layout, content wide layout columns etc.
    • Disable footer from only the blog pages.
    • Enable or disable hover effect.
    • Display post titles on images.
    • Hover effect styles.
    • Choose from 6 different blog layouts.
      • Grid
      • Pinterest
      • Timeline
      • Classic Small
      • Classic Medium
      • Classic Large

    • Excerpt length and excerpt more text.
    • Set up grid and pinterest columns for small, medium and large screens.
    • Set border arounds posts in pinterest, grid and timeline layouts.
    • Set timeline dot positions on top or at the middle.
    • Blog Meta information like author, date, categorys, tags, comments etc.
    • Styling for blog items including font family, colors, weights, line height, letter spacing, word spacing, background colors and images, hover effect colors etc.
    • Full blog shortcode.
    • Infinite loading and loadmore button in blog shortcode.
    • Filter blog posts in shortcode using categories and tags.

  • Powerful Portfolio Settings
    • Enable multiple featured images for portfolio items.
    • Portofolio layouts including sidebar and content layout, wide layout, content wide layout columns etc.
    • Single portfolio next/previous portfolio item link positions as well as portfolio archive page link location.
    • Related portfolio items section in single portfolio pages.
    • Sidebar shown in portfolio pages.
    • Enable or disable hover effect.
    • Image hover buttons animation effects.
    • Portfolio Like Button.
    • Display post titles on images.
    • Hover effect styles.
    • Portfolio filters and 6 filter styles – empty links, border bottom, border top, separate boxed, boxed together, boxed continuous.
    • Choose from 6 different blog layouts.
      • Grid
      • Pinterest
      • Classic
      • Classic Alternate
      • Slider 1 – 4 rows
      • large image slider
      • Infinite scroll

    • Set up grid and pinterest columns for small, medium and large screens.
    • Set padding and border arounds items in pinterest, grid and slider layouts.
    • Setup container height and image heights in slider layout.
    • Infinite scroll and loadmore scroll option available along with standard pagination.
    • Can be used with dedicated portfolio shortcode.

  • Portfolio Slider Layout – Most innovative layout.
    • Most unique layout for portfolio on the planet.
    • Portfolio items are shown as images in a carousel slider.
    • The slider moves when user moves his mouse towards any end of the slider.
    • Fully mobile optimized.
    • Touch behaviour support for touch screens.
    • 1, 2, 3 and 4 rows support for small images along with 1 and 2 rows support for large images.
    • Fully compatible with portfolio filters.
    • Accessible using portfolio shortcode.

  • Email marketing newsletter
    • Accept site visitors’ emails without paying for dedicated newsletter plugin.
    • Newsletter shortcode allows you to put different email newsletter forms across different locations in the site.
    • Newsletter available on coming soon and maintenance pages.
    • Each email newsletter can be launched under separate campaigns.
    • All the collected emails can then be found in the options panel from which they can be imported to your favorite email marketing company.

  • Forums
    • Fully support bbPress forums.
    • Custom design for forum pages and items.
    • Custom styles for single forum page.
    • Custom design for forum category feed page.
    • Styling for forum single topic page.
    • Styled forum frontend user profile fields sections.
    • BuddyPress default template support.

  • Full compatibility for 3rd party comment plugins like – Facebook, Disqus, Jetpack comments etc.
  • Page Transitions
    • Enable page transitions so that your site visitors see the content only after it has loaded completely.
    • Set transition in and out type.
    • Also you can set the transition in and out durations.
    • Transition Loader types
      • Loading Bells
      • Waving Squares
      • Moving Bubbles
      • Spinning Circles

    • Other styling options are overlay background color, opacity and background image.

  • Scroll bar
    • You can enable smooth scrill feature for your site globally.
    • This will modify the scrollbar design. You can set the width, border width, color, background, minimum and maximum opacity etc.
    • Mouse scroll step option allows you to set the scrolling speed with mousewheel.
    • Scroll speed option allows you to set the scroll speed of the page.

  • Infinite Menu Locations
    • Set up custom menu locations.
    • You are not restricted by the number of menu locations that come with the theme.
    • Custom locations can then be assigned a menu and they can be used in single page menu switcher as well.

  • Side Navigation Template
    • A custom page template that allows you to list similar pages together.
    • The side navigation template comes with 3 default styles for the sidenav.
    • Support for parent and child pages.
    • Optionally remove a side nav template enabled page from the list.
    • Fully responsive.

  • Header
    • Completely responsive.
    • Mimo comes with 7 custom header styles.
    • There is further option to fix the header on scroll or float it from the beginning.
    • The header have 3 sections – Topbar, logobar and menubar.
    • The topbar have 2 columns of changeable column widths and can have 3 different content types – text, social icons and menu.
    • There are custom styles for all the three sections.
    • Styling options include font family, font weight, colors, background colors, border colors, height, mobile menu colors etc.
    • You can set up a slider to display on top of header in the homepage or in separate posts and pages.

  • Footer
    • Beautiful, intuitive and powerful with tons of options.
    • Mimo footer has 3 sections – the social section, widgets section and the copyright section.
    • All the sections can be enabled or disabled according to the user.
    • Social section comes with a social shortcode.
    • Widgets section displays widgets. You can display from 1 to 4 separate widgets.
    • Copyright section has copyright and credit columns.
    • Styling options include font family, heading font sizes, text font sizes, padding for each section, widget separator as well as widget column separator colors, link color, link hover color, background colors etc.

  • Content Header Top Section
    • Each page in WordPress has an optional page content bar.
    • This section has two columns. One for the content title and another for the breadcrumb.
    • You can choose to hide the breadcrumb or the title and you can choose the layout or you can completely remove the header bar..
    • Styling options included are background color, image, texture, text color, font size etc.

  • Typography Options
    • Mimo theme comes with very advanced typography settings.
    • You can set the Google font family settings that includes more than 600 Google fonts.
    • You have the option to set font weights, line height, letter spacing, word spacing, text colors, paddings, margins, alignment.
    • Set different styles for menus, h1-h6 heading tags, footers, headers, sidebars etc.
    • Everything setting is available in the theme options panel.

  • Background Options
    • Mimo theme has a box layout option. This allows you to set a fixed width for you website.
    • When using this feature you have the ability to set a proper background image or color or pattern for the site background.
    • There is also an option to add top spacing to the website.
    • All these settings are completely responsive so that at small screens the website expands to full width.

  • Custom Login Screen
    • Mimo theme options have a login screen section where you can provide custom styles to your website login page.
    • Set a beautiful background image or color or html video or youtube video.
    • Set the login form background color and opacity
    • Enable Facebook and Google+ login
    • Choose from other options like disable the shake effects, provide a custom site logo and replace the default WordPress logo etc.
    • Move the form to a different location using margins.
    • Set colors, backgrounds etc.
    • The login screen is also fully responsive.

Note: Live preview images are NOT included in the pack.


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