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In archive: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Themeforest MediCenter - Responsive Medical WordPress Theme free download

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Latest Version: 16.04.2016 – v8.2. Check the changelog

MediCenter – Responsive Medical WordPress Theme is a responsive WordPress Theme best suitable for doctors, health clinics, hospitals and medical organizations. MediCenter – Responsive Medical WordPress Theme is also suitable for any health or beauty related businesses like medical laboratory, veterinary clinic, spa, gym, pharmacy or health care professionals like dentist, surgeon, ophthalmologist, veterinarian, physiotherapist, psychiatrist or psychologist.

The Theme comes with Visual Composer Page Builder and Timetable Responsive Schedule Plugins, Custom Headers, 20+ page templates, 6 home page layouts, wide and boxed layout, ajax contact form and more.

Medicenter Key Features

Medicenter is fully responsive. Each and every page element is 100% responsive and adapts perfectly for any mobile device. Responsive mode can be disabled in Theme Options Panel.

It’s super easy to build any page with included #1 Top Selling Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress with a value of $30. It’s slightly personalized and we keep it up-to-date.

Medicenter comes with a base of 60+ Page Builder components including unique and dedicated Medicenter components such as doctors list, features lists, timetable, etc.

Install The Theme and press Import Dummy Content button in Theme Options Panel to import complete set of demo pages, posts, sliders, widgets with single click. No need to mess around with XML files!

The Theme comes with 6 predefined skins (blue, green, orange, red, turquoise and purple) with ability to modify the color of any page element independently of chosen skin. Each and every photo available in live preview is included in package.

The Theme comes with 4 Custom Headers plus optional top sidebar which gives 8 available header variants to choose from.

Medicenter comes with Build-In Schedule (Timetable) Manager. It’s also available in a form of plugin Timetable Responsive Schedule Plugin with a value of $16. Create your departments and database of doctors (or other professions), select the days of the week, work hours, add your description or additional tooltip and present everything in a form of timetable.

Medicenter comes with #1 Top Selling CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Plugin with a value of $16, which allows to build responsive pricing plans with ease! It’s slightly personalized and we keep it up-to-date.

Customizable Theme Options Panel allows to easily manage the entire Theme.

With Custom Color Schemes you can adjust the color of virtually every website element independently of chosen skin. In addition, each icon is available in 24 color variants so you can adjust the icons to color scheme of your choice.

To use a Right-to-Left language, such as Hebrew or Arabic, just change a text direction in Theme Options Panel.

Choose from an extensive library of over 800 available fonts and their variants.

The Theme comes with 20+ predefined page layouts including different home page layouts, different blog layouts, about page, doctors list page, descriptive medical care page, medical departments page, timetable, different gallery layouts, contact page and more.

The Theme comes with 200+ icons in 24 color versions which is more than 4000 available variants to choose from.

Medicenter is fully compatible with WPML, one of the leading multilingual plugins for WordPress. The Theme contains *.po and *.mo files.

Build your own online shop with WooCommerce integrated with Medicenter.

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Support is conducted through our Support Forum. We’re in GMT +1 and we aim to answer all questions within 24 hours in weekdays. In some cases the waiting time can be extended to 48 hours. Support requests sent during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next business day.

PSD Source Files

PSD source files are offered free of charge to all of our buyers. Please contact us to get the files. You will receive perfectly organized, layered and fully editable .psd files.

Features List of MediCenter – Responsive Medical WordPress Theme
  • Responsive Design
  • One Click Demo Importer
  • jQuery Powered
  • Wide and Boxed Page Layouts
  • Visual Composer Plugin (Value of $33) With 40+ Components Included
  • CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Plugin (Value of $17) Included
  • 6 Predefined Color Skins
  • 20+ Page Layouts
  • 6 Homepage Layouts
  • Sticky Menu
  • Customizable Theme Options Panel
  • Build-In Schedule (Timetable) Manager
  • Departments
  • Blog with Comments
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Different Gallery Layouts
  • Ajax Appointment Form
  • Map of Location
  • 200+ Icons (24 Color Versions = 4000+ Different Variants)
  • Build-In Color Picker to Customize Theme Colors
  • 800+ Fonts Variants to Choose from
  • WPML Compatible. Translation Ready With Mo/Po Files
  • Support for WooCommerce Plugin
  • Fully Customizable
  • Latest Tweets
  • Support for Videos
  • Font Face Fonts
  • Valid HTML5 Code
  • Support for Right-to-Left Languages
  • Crossbrowser Compatible
  • Clean Design
  • Documentation Included
Would You Like To Have Only Theme Plugins?

  • Activate and automatic Dummy-Content Import
  • Activate and manual Dummy-Content Import
  • Build a page with Visual Composer in 5 minutes
  • Build a home page
  • Set The Timetable
  • Set Theme Options and Configure Widgets
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This Product Has Been Featured On CreditsFonts
  • PT Sans By Alexandra Korolkova, Olga Umpeleva and Vladimir Yefimov, SIL Open Font License, 1.1,
  • Volkhov By Ivan Petrov, SIL Open Font License, 1.1,
  • Arial – default system font.
IconsAll icons by QuanticaLabs. Icons are an integral part of this Theme, please do not use it separately for other purposes.ImagesImages that are an integral part of this Theme, please do not use it separately for other purposes:
  • Pretty Young Female With Arms Raised Standing On Beach By Yuri_Arcurs,
  • Pediatrician examine child throat cold prevention By CandyBoxImages,
  • Surgeon By ollyi,
  • Fitness young woman on gym bike spinning By CandyBoxImages,
  • Girl on lavender field By Grekov,
  • Vintage travel By stokkete,
  • Gladness By Pressmaster
Images under creative commons attribution 2.0 generic (CC BY 2.0) for commercial use:
  • Nurse By Walt Stoneburner,
  • SilviaAtWork By Conor Lawless,
  • 111111 By florianplag,
  • The Stethoscope By Alex E. Proimos
Updates16.04.2016 – v8.2
  • Visual Composer update (to version
23.03.2016 – v8.1
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.11.1).
  • CSS3 Pricing Tables update (to version 10.3).
  • New option to set mobile menu child items as collapsible.
  • WooCommerce template files update.
  • Minor code fixes.
contact_form.phpfunctions.phpheader.phpplugins_activator.phppost_type_doctors.phpstyle.csstheme-options.phpadmin/style/style.cssjs/main.jslanguages/default.molanguages/default.polanguages/ru_RU.molanguages/ru_RU.poplugins/css3_web_pricing_tables_grids.zipplugins/js_composer.zipshortcodes/announcement_box.phpshortcodes/slider.phpstyle/responsive.csswoocommerce/myaccount/form-edit-account.phpwoocommerce/order/order-details.php--- new files ---mobile-menu-walker.phpimages/accordion/accordion_minus_menu.png
23.01.2016 – v8.0
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.9.2).
  • WooCommerce template files update.
  • Fix for admin area menu icons.
  • Minor code fixes.
16.12.2015 – v7.9
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.9).
  • Minor code fixes.
contact_form.phpfunctions.phpheader.phpmeta-box.phpplugins_activator.phpstyle.cssadmin/functions.phpadmin/style/style.csslanguages/default.molanguages/default.poplugins/js_composer.zipshortcodes/blog.phpshortcodes/shortcodes.phpshortcodes/timetable.phpvc_templates/vc_row.phpvc_templates/vc_row_inner.phpvc_templates/vc_widget_sidebar.php--- new files ---admin/images/visual_composer/controls.png
29.10.2015 – v7.8
  • Visual Composer update (to version
  • Child theme functionality improvements.
  • Minor code fixes.
05.10.2015 – v7.7
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.7.4).
  • Minor code fixes.
01.10.2015 – v7.6
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.7.3).
  • Minor code fixes.
29.09.2015 – v7.5
  • Fix ‘Doctors list’ and ‘Gallery items list’ components.
  • Minor code fixes.
24.09.2015 – v7.4
  • Fix for menu styles.
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.7.2).
functions.phpheader.phpplugins_activator.phpstyle.cssjs/main.jslanguages/default.polanguages/default.moplugins/js_composer.zipshortcodes.phpstyle/responsive.cssvc_templates/vc_column.php--- new files ---vc_templates/vc_accordion.phpvc_templates/vc_accordion_tab.phpvc_templates/vc_button.phpvc_templates/vc_nested_accordion.phpvc_templates/vc_nested_accordion_tab.phpvc_templates/vc_nested_tab.phpvc_templates/vc_nested_tabs.phpvc_templates/vc_row_inner.phpvc_templates/vc_tab.phpvc_templates/vc_tabs.php
18.09.2015 – v7.3
  • Added support for WooCommerce plugin.
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.7.1).
  • CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids For WordPress plugin update (to version 10.1).
  • New option allows to select subset of Google Font in Theme Options panel.
  • New option ‘FAVICON URL’ in Theme Options panel.
  • Fix for widget notices on WordPress 4.3.
  • Small code improvements.
archive.phpcategory.phpcontact_form.phpcustom_colors.phpfooter.phpfunctions.phpgallery-functions.phpheader.phpplugins_activator.phppost-type-doctors.phppost-type-gallery.phppost-type-weekdays.phprtl.csssidebars.phpstyle.csstheme-options.phpwoocommerce.phpadmin/js/theme_admin.jsadmin/style/style.cssimages/social_body/black/cart.pngimages/social_body/blue/cart.pngimages/social_body/blue_dark/cart.pngimages/social_body/blue_light/cart.pngimages/social_body/gray/cart.pngimages/social_body/gray_dark/cart.pngimages/social_body/gray_light/cart.pngimages/social_body/green/cart.pngimages/social_body/green_dark/cart.pngimages/social_body/green_light/cart.pngimages/social_body/orange/cart.pngimages/social_body/orange_dark/cart.pngimages/social_body/orange_light/cart.pngimages/social_body/red/cart.pngimages/social_body/red_dark/cart.pngimages/social_body/red_light/cart.pngimages/social_body/turquoise/cart.pngimages/social_body/turquoise_dark/cart.pngimages/social_body/turquoise_light/cart.pngimages/social_body/violet/cart.pngimages/social_body/violet_dark/cart.pngimages/social_body/violet_light/cart.pngimages/social_body/white/cart.pngimages/social_body/yellow/cart.pngimages/social_footer/black/cart.pngimages/social_footer/blue/cart.pngimages/social_footer/blue_dark/cart.pngimages/social_footer/blue_light/cart.pngimages/social_footer/gray/cart.pngimages/social_footer/gray_dark/cart.pngimages/social_footer/gray_light/cart.pngimages/social_footer/green/cart.pngimages/social_footer/green_dark/cart.pngimages/social_footer/green_light/cart.pngimages/social_footer/orange/cart.pngimages/social_footer/orange_dark/cart.pngimages/social_footer/orange_light/cart.pngimages/social_footer/red/cart.pngimages/social_footer/red_dark/cart.pngimages/social_footer/red_light/cart.pngimages/social_footer/turquoise/cart.pngimages/social_footer/turquoise_dark/cart.pngimages/social_footer/turquoise_light/cart.pngimages/social_footer/violet/cart.pngimages/social_footer/violet_dark/cart.pngimages/social_footer/violet_light/cart.pngimages/social_footer/white/cart.pngimages/social_footer/yellow/cart.pngjs/main.jslanguages/default.molanguages/default.poplugins/css3_web_pricing_tables_grids.zipplugins/js_composer.zipshortcodes/blog.phpshortcodes/cart_icon.phpshortcodes/icon.phpshortcodes/items_list.phpshortcodes/shortcodes.phpshortcodes/single-post.phpshortcodes/small_slider.phpshortcodes/testimonials.phpstyle/responsive.csswidgets/widget-appointment.phpwidgets/widget-cart-icon.phpwidgets/widget-contact-details.phpwidgets/widget-departments.phpwidgets/widget-footer-box.phpwidgets/widget-home-box.phpwidgets/widget-scrolling-most-commented.phpwidgets/widget-scrolling-most-viewed.phpwidgets/widget-scrolling-recent-posts.phpwidgets/widget-twitter.php--- new folders ---woocommercevc_templates
22.06.2015 – v7.2
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.5.3).
  • Minor code fixes.
03.06.2015 – v7.1
  • Fix for sidebars settings issue.
  • Redesign of the mobile menu.
  • Theme now support sticky menu feature.
  • Minor code fixes.
26.05.2015 – v7.0
  • Minor code fixes.
21.05.2015 – v6.9
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.5.2).
  • Fix for Google Fonts error in Theme Options panel.
  • Fix for department hours MySQL error.
  • Minor code fixes.
29.04.2015 – v6.8
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.5).
  • Fix for XSS Vulnerability
  • Department hours table now supports custom table prefix.
  • New field ‘Google Analytics tracking code’ in Theme options.
  • Minor code fixes.
09.04.2015 – v6.7
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.4.3).
  • Minor code fixes.
06.02.2015 – v6.6
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.4.2).
12.01.2015 – v6.5
  • Small code fixes and enhancements.
  • Google Maps component option allowing to disable scroll wheel feature.
  • Google Maps component now can be placed inside Accordion and Tabs components.
22.12.2014 – v6.4
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.3.5).
10.12.2014 – v6.3
  • Small code improvements.
18.11.2014 – v6.2
  • Fix for slider height setting.
  • Fix for conflict with Timetable plugin.
02.10.2014 – v6.1
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.3.4).
  • Comment email notification added.
24.09.2014 – v6.0
  • Fix for main slider height setting.
  • Small fixes and improvements.
03.09.2014 – v5.9
  • Fix for gallery and doctors details next/prev buttons.
  • Fix for departments class hours, national characters are now supported.
  • Fix for colorpicker in admin area.
22.08.2014 – v5.8
  • Fix for post page columns layout.
21.08.2014 – v5.7
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.3.3).
  • Small fixes.
01.08.2014 – v5.6
  • Fix for slider height bug setting.
28.07.2014 – v5.5
  • Full width layout type added.
  • On/off option added for details hover icons.
  • Link change for doctors and galleries details.
  • Small functionality and code improvements.
10.06.2014 – v5.4
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.2.2).
  • Animations (on/off) option in Theme Options and layout picker added.
28.05.2014 – v5.3
  • Bug fix – missing css, js files on some servers.
27.05.2014 – v5.2
  • Ability to import dummy data without animations.
  • Direction (LTR/RTL) option in layout picker added.
  • Child Themes support improvements.
23.05.2014 – v5.1
  • Child Themes support improvements.
  • Fix for clone option in Visual Composer.
  • Few small code improvements.
16.05.2014 – v5.0
  • Support for RTL mode added.
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.1.3).
  • Ability to set animations on elements added.
  • Few small code improvements.
comments.phpfunctions.phpgallery-functions.phppost-type-doctors.phppost-type-features.phppost-type-gallery.phptheme-options.phpstyle.cssadmin/functions.phpjs/main.jsplugins/js_composer.zipshortcodes/announcement_box.phpshortcodes/blog.phpshortcodes/carousel.phpshortcodes/items_list.phpshortcodes/shortcodes.phpshortcodes/single-post.phpshortcodes/testimonials.phpwidgets/widget-appointment.phpwidgets/widget-contact-details.phpwidgets/widget-departments.phpwidgets/widget-footer-box.phpwidgets/widget-home-box.phpwidgets/widget-scrolling-most-commented.phpwidgets/widget-scrolling-most-viewed.phpwidgets/widget-recent-posts.phpwidgets/widget-twitter.php--- new files ---rtl.cssjs/rtl.jsadmin/style/rtl.cssimages/bg_direction_nav.pngimages/icon_arrow_margin_left_black.pngimages/icon_arrow_margin_left_white.pngimages/icon_arrow_mark_rtl.pngimages/icon_arrow_square_rtl.png
23.04.2014 – v4.2
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.1.2).
22.04.2014 – v4.1
  • Visual Composer update (to version
14.04.2014 – v4.0
  • Visual Composer update (to version 4.0.5).
  • Small code improvements.
04.04.2014 – v3.4
  • Small slider bug fix.
  • Small code improvements.
26.03.2014 – v3.3
  • New header layouts.
  • New carousel plugin version.
  • Newest version of CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids For WordPress plugin.
  • New social icons: Instagram, Pinterest, RSS.
  • Fix for scrolling widgets when many on the same page.
custom_colors.phpheader.phpnav-menu-dropdown-walker.phptheme-options.phpstyle.cssadmin/js/theme_admin.jsadmin/style/style.cssjs/main.jsplugins/css3_web_pricing_tables_grids.zipshortcodes/shortcodes.phpstyle/responsive.css--- new files ---js/jquery.carouFredSel-6.2.1.jsjs/jquery.carouFredSel-6.2.1-min.jsjs/jquery.carouFredSel-6.2.1-packed.jsimages/header_address.pngimages/header_email.pngimages/header_phone.png--- updated files ---whole directory images/social_body/whole directory images/social_footer/--- removed files ---js/jquery.carouFredSel-5.6.4.jsjs/jquery.carouFredSel-5.6.4-min.jsjs/jquery.carouFredSel-5.6.4-packed.js
10.03.2014 – v3.2
  • Small code improvements.
03.03.2014 – v3.1
  • Fix for Visual Composer Button component.
plugins/ (config/map.php file)
03.02.2014 – v3.0
  • Visual Composer update (to version 3.7.4).
  • One click dummy content import in Theme Options added.
functions.phpplugins_activator.phpstyle.csstheme-options.phpadmin/functions.phpadmin/js/theme_admin.jsadmin/style/colorpicker.cssadmin/style/style.cssjs/main.jsplugins/css3_web_pricing_tables_grids.zipshortcodes/carousel.phpshortcodes/photostream.phpshortcodes/small_slider.phpwidgets/widget-departments.php--- new files ---admin/images/visual_composer directoryimporter directoryplugins/ removed files ---wpbakery directory
03.01.2014 – v2.6
  • Fix for tabs component (add/remove/clone tabs functionalities).
23.11.2013 – v2.5
  • Fix for top hint position in responsive mode.
  • Default template for features added.
  • Contact form success message change.
05.11.2013 – v2.4
  • WPML compatibility improvements.
  • Fix for order parameter in doctors list and galleries.
14.08.2013 – v2.3
  • Newest version of CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids For WordPress plugin.
  • Small issues fix.
06.08.2013 – v2.2
  • Accordion spacing bug fix.
02.08.2013 – v2.1
  • WP 3.6 compatibility.
  • Slider settings bug fix.
22.07.2013 – v2.0
  • Integration With CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids For WordPress.
  • New sample pricing plans pages added.
  • New sample gallery and doctors pages added.
  • Small issues fix.
style.csscontact_form.phpfunctions.phppost-type-gallery.phpwidgets/widget-twitter.php--- new files ---class-tgm-plugin-activation.phpplugins_activator.phpTGM-Plugin-Activation-master directoryplugins directory
13.06.2013 – v1.3
  • Twitter widget update (API 1.1 compatibility).
  • Filter display method support for galleries in tabs and accordions.
  • Small timetable fix.
functions.phptimetable.phpjs/main.jswidgets/widget-twitter.php--- new files ---libraries directory added-- removed files ---js/jquery.linkify.js
04.06.2013 – v1.2
  • ‘All’ filter label configuration option added to doctors and gallery.
  • Fix for category parameter in blog.
  • Twitter widget fix.
  • Small issues fix.
17.05.2013 – v1.1
  • Highlight for current category in blog.
  • More color settings in Theme Options.
  • Language files update.

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