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In archive: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Videohive Layer Manager 3 free download

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Hey guys!

Currently we are working on the Layer Manager vesion 4! So if you have any ideas how to make it better please send them to me via my profile page.
Also we rebuilding it from scratch so here will be a lot of cool features.

What is the Layer Manager?

Layer Manager 3 is a Professional Script for Adobe After Effects.

It is helps to manage your layers in a timeline and viewport. And it is allow to save a lot of time while you working with layers.

It’s so easy and so handy. Because it don’t require any special knowledge and have user-friendly interface.

So, everything you need is to buy the script and enjoy your new workflow with a powerful tool.

Where you can use it?Huge compositions.

Ideal for manage layers in huge compositions. It can save a lot of your time when you should scroll back and forward to find required layers.

Character rigging.

Also you can use it in Rigging of a character to separate layers by themes.

Features:Any number of layers.

The script works well even with compositions, which have more than 1,000 layers.

Speed of work.

The script calculates the layers in seconds.

Intuitive interface.

You don’t need waste your time to read a hundreds manuals or watch video tutorials.

Stand-alone projects.

The project doesn’t require an availability of Layer Manager for working. Therefore you can transfer projects to third parties or to sell.

Pay only once.

You need to buy the Layer Manager only once. Next updates will be for free.

System Requirements.

Layer Manager is working on any version of After Effects CC and higher. It have not tested on CS6 and lower. But script can work on old versions of the After Effects.

First emotions:«Layer Manager made a positive imression. It’s function is to simplify the work in AE, if the project involves a large number of layers.
Dream of After Effects user is to finally appeared folders based on the model of Photoshop. Unfortunately, it is not clear when we will get this feature from Adobe.

And here is the Layer Manager comes into play. The interface is intuitively understandable. Everything unfolds in a right place. And you can focusing on the animation rather than the constant scrolling to the desired layer.
Thank you for your script, and for time which he can save and will save in the future. I hope it will be even better in future!»

Pasha, Rozhstudio.«The product looks like a native tool from Adobe company. That’s why this script will be your best friend.
A tiny tip in bottom of the script is helping to get started. Next steps is a very intuitive and understandable.

I have opened the Help window only for interest. Script doesn’t require time to addictive. I’ve get started to work very fast.
By itself script looks very quick. In settings you can find a lot of customisable parameters. You can turn off rarely used parameters.
As a result, we get a simple to use, powerful tool to work with arrays of layers.»

Roman Scherbyna, Untime.

«This script should be part of after effects , it’s really useful and makes things much more simple.
I highly recommend this script for all users.

M-basem, Review from Envato.

Let’s start

Take a look closer on functions:1. Remove.

Remove work group. All linked layers will be disconnected.

2. Color label.

Change color label of all connected layers.

3. Select.

Select all connected layers.

4. Solo.

Make all connected layers solo in timeline and viewport.

5. Viewport.

Show group in viewport.

6. Render.

Show group in render.

7. Timeline.

Show group in timeline.

8. Lock.

Lock all connected layers.

9. Effects.

Enable/disable all effects on group.

10. Link.

Link selected layers to this group.

Version 3.60 (23/02/2016):- Fixed fatal error with Undo Groups. Now everything is works fine.- Minor bugs fixedVersion 3.50 (15/02/2015):- Added “Global Mode”- Added “Rainbow labels”- Minor bugs fixedVersion 3.20 (02/12/2015):- Fixed bug with Script UI Image- Minor bugs fixedVersion 3.10 (14/10/2015):- Minor bugs fixed- Now you can select/unselect parented layers with the Select buttonVersion 3.04 (11/10/2015):- Minor bugs fixedVersion 3.03 (10/10/2015):- Fixed bug with enable layers in a Viewport in After Effects cc 2015Version 3.01 (8/10/2015):- Re-designed and re-builded UI- Re-builded source of the script- Added tons of cool featuresVersion 2.03 (10/07/2015):- A couple of bugs was fixedVersion 2.02 (25/06/2015):- Fixed issue with integration with After Effects cs6- Solo button changed on Focus buttonVersion 2.01 (16/06/2015):- Fixed issue with integration with After Effects cc 2014Version 2.0 (29/05/2015):- Added extended UI panel- Fixed some issueVersion 1.0 (22/05/2015):- It was created

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