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Category: Codecanyon | PHP Scripts
Tags: Codecanyon | Edge Animate Templates | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Karenderia | Multiple | Restaurant | System
In archive: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Codecanyon Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System free download

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Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System is a restaurant food ordering and restaurant membership system.

GrubHub clone
Eat24 Clone

Looking for Karenderia Mobile app version? click here

New Addon for karenderia
  • Karenderia Order Taking App (Merchant Receiving Orders)
  • Karenderia Mobile App Version
  • Karederia Loyalty Points Program
  • Karenderia Duplicate/Export/Import Merchant Addon

Survey new addon for karenderia Click hereI am doing a survey for all the buyers, what would be the next addon for kmrs.if your have idea for new addon please contact me via profile

Payment Gateway Supported
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Mercapago
  • Sisow
  • PayuMoney
  • Offline Bank Deposit
  • Paysera
  • Pay on Delivery
  • BarclayCard
  • EpayBg
SMS Gateway Supported
  • Twilio
  • Nexmo
  • Clickatell
  • SMSGlobal

Front End

Merchant Login
Login for mcdonalds merchant :
Username : mcdonalds
Password : mcdonalds
Username : kfc
Password : kfc

Administrator Login
Username : admin
Password : admin

Paypal Sample Buyer account
User/Email : [email protected]
Password : Buyertestaccount

    Merchant Administration Features
  • Easy to manage food item
  • Manage addon category
  • Size’s for food item eg. smal or large
  • Has Option for cooking reference eg. Well done, Medium rare etc
  • Manage address , tax , delivery charges , Receipt Message etc.
  • Send email notification to owner once there is new order.
    Payment Gateway
  • Accept payment using paypal. you can set the paypal to sandbox for testing.
  • Accept Payment using offline credit cards
  • Sales report
  • Sales report by item
  • Sales summary report
  • All reports can be exported to excel csv file
  • Sales charts for last 30 days
  • Sales charts by item

Admin Features

    Sponsored Listing
  • You can simply add any merchant to be on top of the search results.
    Membership Packages
  • Add your own membership with expiration date and price.
  • Package discount
    Payment Gateway
  • Collect payment using paypal
  • Collect payment using offline credit cards.
    Social Network
  • facebook login
  • Social network link
    Charts & Reports
  • Merchant membership paymentt reports
  • Merchant Registration report
  • PHP Version 5.3.1 or higher
  • MySQL client version: 5.1.41 or higher
  • PDO Installed
  • CURL Open
  • Session enabled
  • Mail functions enabled
  • Mod_Rewrite Module Enabled
Cron Jobs

Buyers Please run the following cron jobs in your server


= 3.1 (1 april 16) =

new - add options to remove search by address on advance search optionsnew - add language bar on topnew - change the social login layout and positionnew - disabled button once place order to avoid accidental double clicknew - add translation for cuisinenew - customer cannot apply loyalty points and voucher at the same timenew - on menu page make the reviews clickable that will go to reviews tabnew - add maxlength of 5 when adding food item and addon qtynew - add instragram and youtube channel link on connect with us sectionsnew - add distance calculation for straight line, driving and transitnew - add options to switch to new time picker ui this is under tneme settingsnew - added new sms gateway Swift SMS Gatewaynew - added new sms gateway Solutionsinfinifixed app linkfixed search query which is including not active merchantfixed search by restaurant name query which is including not active merchantfixed ratings on home pagefixed ccr to ocrfixed merchant slugfixed review not translatingfixed featured resto lineupfixed mobile logo not saving once you saved twicefixed payment options list for membership merchantfixed facebook loginfixed meta view port for mobile devicefixed auto back when adding a food item in mobile viewfixed fixed theme compression functionsfixed mobile country on checkout not setting the default countryfixed banner small gap on bottom when viewing on chrome browserchange cuisine list change id instead of cuisine name

= 3.0 (19 march 16) =

fixed remove checking of mobile number on guest checkoutfixed search results merchant open if merchant settings close store is set to truefixed change field not showing if only cash on delivery payment options is enabledfixed search query for restaurant slugfixed cannot save merchant if there is special character on restaurant namefixed add SQL_BIG_SELECTS on search areafixed rechecking of adress before placing ordersfixed minimum order currency position on search pagefixed add + on the mobile number if sms gateway is nexmofixed facebook login not saving first name and lastnamefixed credit card offline not showing if the only payment options is offline credit cardfixed offline credit card list showing other credit cardsfixed adding of credit card using guest checkoutfixed delivery fee not on backend receiptfixed createslug functionsfixed donnot combine order if the special instruction is differentfixed addon price not formating correctlyfixed food item wil be separated if has different instructionfixed remove view restaurant by map options on admin settingsfixed receipt email including ingredientsfixed admin voucher can be used if applicable to merchantfixed receipt not including tipsfixed receipt not including loyalty pointsfixed move voucher after customer signin(new) Front end design and layout(new) add html compression(new) using boottrap(new) theme settings(new) cookie law policy(new) website compression(new) custom footer options(new) options to control the top menu(new) mobile app link options(new) options to disable merchant menu tabs(new) customer signup email verification(new) mobile paypal settings on admin & merchant panel(new) add new features for assigning page to two columns

= 2.6 (01 November 15) =

fixed not redirecting after mobile code verification pagefixed Order SMS, {customermobile} display as Merchant Numberfixed sms verification spam protectionfixed view restaurant by mapadd more sms available tagsadd smsGlobal gatewayadd options to search by post code, by area/city and by address

= 2.5 (25 October 15) =

fixed facebook login conflict with google captchafixed ask address google list address behind the formfixed generating merchang slugfixed contact page email validationfixed sms sending of sms to merchant and clientfixed cart not adding correctly if size is differentfixed booking table link showing on search results if admin disabled the booking featuresfixed upload file which generating same idfixed menu if admin disabled ordering the menu is not responsiveadd confirm password on customer and merchant signupadd order status historyadd options to send order sms verification code on place order to avoid fake ordersadd food item gallery

= 2.4 (17 October 15) =

fixed merchang signup type of service not savingfixed custom page slug issuefixed non taxable delivery chargefixed mobile menufixed customer receiving 2 emails when using smtpfixed login/signup popup responsivefixed checking of minimum order if transaction type is pickup during payment optionsfixed menu that shows deleted food itemfixed popup address not translating the required fieldsfixed sms not adding the customer address tagfixed merchant date/time displayed on menu pageRemove the ability for a user to make unlimited review per order. user can do one review per order.fixed add to cart function it will increase the quantity of the item if the item is the samefixed customer reviewfixed popup food item jumping to top of the page (you need to ovewrite the file assets/vendor/fancybox/source/jquery.fancybox.js)move Offline Credit Card Payment settings on payment gatewaymove paypal on/off settings on paypal payment gatewayfixed check if there is any package published before displaying membership signupfixed customer cannot choose delivery/pickup time had already pastreconstruct front end layout template in terms of requiring css and js fileremove all css text transform to capitalize issue with different languagefixed merchant withdrawalsfixed booking table section not responsiveadd update link on admin panel dashboardadd option to set default language on merchant and admin paneladd options to hide the language bar on admin and merchant paneladd price on addon item on merchant backendadd multiple time slotadd option for merchant to select or based the changing of order status on delivery/pickup date or date of orderadd options for the table booking to accept booking on the same dayadd options for the admin to disabled merchant can add their own order statusadd user review per order refference on admin & merchant backendadd options to disabled or hide food item if not availableadd options for the view map to set the default zoom and disabled map on front endadd options to change the default purchase email subjectadd options to disabled table booking by website owneradd options for admin to disabled sending of sms after merchang changing the status of the orderadd options for admin to disabled the popup asking for customer addressadd options for the admin to change the default social shared textadd security google captcha featuresadd options to switch merchant from membership to commissionadd options to send email after merchant change the order statusadd google captcha before placing order to avoid fake orderadd blocking of mobile number and email addressadd admin options to blocked customer email address and mobile number during registration and loginadd send welcome email to first time customer registration

= 2.3 (17 August 15) =

fixed menu responsive layoutadd forgot password during checkoutadd option non taxable for food itemadd option non taxable for delivery chargesadd option to add custom fields on customer registrationadd voucher code to be used only once

= 2.2.1 (31 july 15) =

fixed update controller missing table fieldsfixed admin reviews not workingfixed facebook login using facebook api v2.4fixed error when adding food categoryfixed delivery rates when address has been change during checkoutfixed if only one payment is enabled it will be the default payment no need to tick during checkoutfixed sticky category on chrome and safarifixed google login during checkoutfixed view mapfixed merchant add offersfixed Withdrawal default payout account

= 2.2 (25 july 15) =

fixed pay on deliver not showing on merchantfixed checkout when type of transaction is pickupfixed popup food item to have a default selected pricefixed translation for = Showing 0 to 0 of 0 entriesfixed add type of card on receipt when paying using pay on deliverfixed sponsored merchant not adding when expiration date format is not yyyy-mm-ddadd status field on addon categoryfixed navigation when searching by post codefixed if merchant is expired merchant link is still activefixed if merchant is expired merchant link is still activefixed meta description and keywords to include merchant name tagfixed discount price not showing on menu 1 and 2fixed remove delivery fee if transaction is pickupfixed voucheradd google loginadd receipt logoadd admin permission access controlleradd support currency symbol for indian Rupeeadd review management on admin panelremove spicy dish and replace it with dish management on admin panelremove the header with backround template instead use the standard menu templatemenu - add sticky cart optionsmenu - move the category to the left as stickymenu - add merchant information tabmenu - remove delivery Distance Covered,Delivery Fee if transaction type is pickupadd admin vouchersadd multiple translation for foodadd option for search result by distance not nameadd tab for restaurant informationchange menu layoutremove delivery when transtype if pickupinclude options to include offline payment in admin balanceadd option to add google api keyadd one more delivery address during checkoutadd options to select address from the mapadd address bookadd BHASHSMS SMS Gatewayadd view restaurant by map

= 2.1 (19 June 15) =

merchant - add food item to have two flavor optionsadmin - add option to choose fixed or percentage comissionfixed delivery table on search resultsfixed add to cart pop color if adding to cart is successfulfixed pay on deliver payment not showing if merchant is commission typefixed epaybg when purchasing sms creditsadd options to include any cash payment eg. COD on merchant balancefixed twilio sms error - The message body exceeds the 160 character limitfixed if item have ingredients or cooking reference it will not be auto add cart instead a popup will showfixed mobile number not saving on receiptmake "Apartment suite, unit number, or company name" – requiredadd sending of sms test functions on sms settingsadd option for merchant to disabled orderingadd option to disable review editing from merchantadd option for date format and time formatadd required options for addon itemadd customer registration mobile verificationadd options to disabled popup login & signup and use a normal page insteadadd options to disabled single food item auto add to cartFixed paypal payment if merchant is commission base

= 2.0 ( 31 May 15) =

fixed search result if merchant has no coordinatesfixed if user is on profile page and he logouts and the page stays on profile pagefixed merchant signup if merchant name has special charactersfixed merchant signup if Disabled Verification is on.fixed delivery fee added when paying paypal if transaction is pickupfixed search results if filtered by free delivery (if merchant has delivery fee tables)improve search results speedimprove cart querying of recordsimprove admin merchant list querying of recordsfixed zoom size on map for wide coverage of the mapfixed table reservation if date and time is not on opening hours of the restaurantadd checking of date and time during checkoutadmin - add reviews option only accept reviews for those who had actual purchase on the merchantmerchant - fixed merchant balance to exclude any cash paymentmerchant - fixed merchant sms notification when mobile number is multiple (separated by comma)add cash/card payment type options on merchant statement reportadd cash or card payment options on admin commission reportadd options to send sms when the order status is changeadd options to addd terms and condition during merchant signup and customer sigupfixed merchant notification by email if merchant notification email is multipleadd options for the decimal and comma separationfixed fax text being squeezefixed customer delivery address when purchasing second timemerchant - add packaging options for increasing packaging per itemmerchant user - add permission to published merchantadd option to add food item directly to cart ( if food item is single only without addon and sizes)add card fee on paypal paymentmerchant - add minumum and maximum order for pickup transactionAdd tips during checkout

= 1.0.9 ( 12 May 15) =

Fixed paypal not match total amountFixed merchant commission reportFixed search resultsFixed sending email to customer when customer purchase then logoutFixed Merchant Sales Summary ReportFixed Spicy Dish not translatedFixed guest checkout when choosing pickupFixed merchant slug when adding merchantAdd validation on delivery time and pickup time

= 1.0.8 ( 6 May 15) =

Add CommissionAdd WithdrawalAdd Mandrill API For sending EmailAdd Merchant Commission SignupAdd Sending of emailAdd BarclayCard Payment GatewayAdd EpayBg Payment GatewayAdd Fax ServicesAdd Fax PackagesAdd Fax LogsAdd Fax Payment TransactionAdd Merchant Sales Summary ReportAdd Booking Summary ReportAdd Website SecurityAdd Guest CheckoutAdd Website TimezoneAdd Option to disabled OrderingAdd Option to hide the food item priceMove the Menu layout options from merchant to admin panelFeatured restaurant can activated on merchant informationAdd options number of days that merchan can change the statusAdd options to disabled offline credit card paymentAdd ABN fields on merchant registrationAdd Spicy dish on food itemAdd Spicy dish on food categoryAdd IngredientsAdd Delivery Distance Charges RatesAdd Free delivery above Sub Total OrderAdd Merchant Commission StatementAdd Merchant Commission EarningsAdd Merchant Commission WithdrawalsAdd Merchant Purchase Credit TransactionsAdd Merchant Fax ServicesAdd Merchant Booking Summary ReportFixed SMS purchase when Choosing Bank Deposit PaymentFixed Security issue during loginFixed Mobile number fields by adding mobile country codeFixed Search merchant slow processingFixed Merchant user can have the same usernamer and passwordAdd Language PackAnd Many more .....

= 1.0.7 ( 24 Mar 15) =

Add 2 menu layout options for merchantAdd Unicode options for Clickatell and NexmoAdd Sender fields for clickatellFixed Order not showing if credit card payment method was useFixed merchant offers cannot add more than one offersFixed missing pickup time and pick date if transaction is pickupFixed featured restaurant not showing if some of the image is missingFixed search results hours of operation been cut offFixed mapFixed Merchant name at check out page SEO titlesFixed no access if user created accessing the following, purchase sms credits, table booking and all payment gateway

= 1.0.6 (21 Mar 15) =

Add featured restaurantAdd subscriptionAdd subscription list on admin panelAdd bulk upload merchant as CSVAdd discount on food itemRemove Delivery date and time when transaction is pickupAdd options to add custom link in custom pageAdd pay on deliveryAdd clickatell SMS gatewayAdd SMS Logs on admin panelAdd upload Google map markerAdd Global email sender fieldsAdd Email template sents to customerAdd Email template sents to merchantAdd Email send to merchant to confirm or set the status of the order as receiveAdd Merchant Offers such as discountAdd Speacial email to merchant with a link to confirm order receivedFixed when user ordered in 2 different restaurant at the same timeFixed order was saved in the database before it was paid by the customerFixed if the cuisine has too longFixed overflow cuisine on search resiltsFixed paypal error order does not match with the totalFixed SMS cron jobsFixed when created user purchase sms

= 1.0.5 (04 Mar 15) =

Add advanced search, user can search by restaurant name, streetname, cuisine and by food itemAdd google map address on search resultsAdd food packaging chargeAdd Nexmo SMS gatewayClient list add export functions ready to import in mailchimps mailing listOption to enabled/disabled merchant payment gatewayOption to enabled/disabled SMS on merchantAdd auto login to merchantAdd Restaurant GalleryAdd option to change the position of the currency to left or right positionAdd SMTP functions for sending emailsFixed library when server is using secure website (HTTPS)Fixed insert problem after entering or adding food itemFixed cart when ordering on different merchantAdd option to set the maximum booking tables per dayAdd contact field on customer listAdd option to view orders from admin panelAdd change field when orderingAdd Country restriction or set specific country on merchant signupAdd options to open in a new window in custom pageAdd Full order details in SMSAdd options for SEO titlesAdd option to set restaurant holidays or restaurant dayoffFixed map when viewing on mobileAdd forgot password in admin panelAdd payment gateway PayseraAdd Offline payment when buying SMS creditsAdd Email template for merchant activation and forgot passwordFixed Addon not displaying on front endFixed image not displaying on front endFixed utf8 character encoding when sending emailsFixed Offline payment gateway

= 1.0.4 (27 Dec 14) =

Add Incoming orders from different merchant on admin panelAdd merchant sales report on admin panelAdd Offline bank deposit paymentAdd bank deposit verificationAdd Receive bank deposit list on admin panelAdd table booking notificationAdd table booking email alertAdd table booking email for approved and deniedFixed Receipt when viewing on merchant panelRemove delivery charges when the transaction type is pickupFixed getting google map latitude and longtitude on merchant and adminFixed Merchant name on top when the merchant name is too longAdd upload security for running php scripts on upload folderAdd security that only admin can upload language php fileFixed map on browse restaurantFixed browse restaurant page when viewing on mobileRemove sub header when viewing on mobileFixed amount on order when there is a number on sizesAdd Text editor for email template

= 1.0.3 (09 Dec 14) =

Add Table bookingAdd Business open/close hours checkingAdd Merchant timezone seletionFixed home search to use radius when searching for restaurantAdd Country field for merchant signupAdd Country field on merchant backendAdd Customer list on admin panelAdd functions for adding google analytics codeAdd payment gateway PayUMoneyAdd payment gateway SisowAdd google map dragable markerAdd payment history in merchant backendAdd Kilometers options for merchantAdd pre-order optionsAdd Restaurant Social sharingAdd Maximum order field merchantMerchant Add field for close messageFixed Upload files that overwrite the files if the filename is the sameFixed Translation specially the Date and hours on admin panel and merchant

= 1.0.2 (13 Nov 14) =

Add SMS gateway - twilioAdd SMS Module - merchant will purchase sms credits to site owner.Add SMS Broadcast - merchant can send bulk sms to customer for offers and promoAdd SMS notification to merchant when there is new order.Add SMS Transaction reportAdd limit to sell of merchantAdd Mobile number in registrationAdd field for merchant websiteAdd Mercadopago Payment GatewayAdd Automatic detection of customer location using google apiAdd auto fill address using google apiAdd Direction guide on merchant map using google apiAdd geo decode functions that convert address to latitude and longtitudeAdd Voucher ManagementAdd Voucher Codes that will apply discountAdd Ajax notification when there is new order, a pop up will appear with sounds.Add ACL System. To divide cook from manager from restaurant owner. So each have access to specific areas.Add customer reviews managementAdd Browse restaurantAdd Customer change addressFixed Translation when setting default languageFixed When adding credit card informationFixed Merchant thumbnail image

= 1.0.1 (16 Oct 14) =

Add Translation moduleAdd SEOMerchant can add their own Header/BackgroundAdd Settings for Delivery DistanceAdd Stripe Payment GatewayAdd Email notification when there is new order placedFixed Email receiptFixed Installation issue

= 1.0 (06 Oct 14) =

Initial release version

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