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Codecanyon Booking System free download

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Convenient classes reservations
Unlimited calendars and events
Hourly bookings
Daily bookings
Export to Google Calendar/iCal/Outlook
Recurring Events
Flexible availability management
Integrated PayPal payments
Offline payments
Manage taxes and currency
Multilingual support
Automatic Booking Reminders
Events color-coding

          printable PDF schedule
Discount Coupons
Customizable mini-calendar widget
to place anywhere on your site
Manual event, hourly or recurring booking
Manage date and time formats
Social share for events
Adjustable booking threshold
Editable e-mail templates
Accept credit card payments
Easy WordPress integration
SMS Reminders
Custom Event Tickets
     - Add-ons required

I installed everything and it all working great. I absolutely love this. Thank you so much. I willdefinitely be buying the extended license in the future.
- ddstudio

I have just purchased a copy of this reservation system and I really like it.

Just to let you know.. I purchased this once and I had never used it until now.. I have to admit that thisis an awesome script!! Works wonders!!!!!
- imediagraphix

Great plugin, Serves me well for bookings in my photo studio.
- huba

... and many more.
DemoLinks Please note that if demo doesn’t work (username/password) – check back in 10 – 15 minutes, demo will refresh itself from any user inputs each 15 minutes. – front part – admin area
username admin
password pass

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ChangelogNew in version 5.5
- added support for BookingWizz Event Tickets addon
- added responsive front-end functionality in all BookingWizz products
- added maximum days for multi-day calendar
- fixed issue with wrong checkout summary numbers display
- fixed cron issue with booking notifications to customers
- fixed duplicate entries bug in schedule and print pdf sections
- fixed manual booking time bug
- fixed default events font color not visible issue
- fixed multi-day calendar “days before booking” defaulting to “1” issue
- fixed language switching
- fixed “from” email issue when customer cancels booking
- adjusted “back to list” admin link throughout the system, now brings to the same service whichwas selected
- fixed timezone issue with saving incorrect dates to database
- fixed google calendar export timezone issue (UTC now)
- fixed issue with multi-day booking form in IE
- fixed issue with reports on dashboard and in reports section
- fixed issues with event sharing on facebook / other social media
- added canonical URL and nofollow attribute for calendar months (next / prev) (seo purposes)
- plugins are now grouped in 1 menu
- fixed issue with availability saving
- fixed issue with non standard bookingwizz folder naming
- fixed issue with non-existent css file reference
- fixed issue with facebook button disappearance after 1 click

New in version 5.4
- new documentation (PDF and in Help section of your bookingWizz)
- added support for new plugin: BookingWizz SMS Reminders
- added option to set auto-confirm setting for multi-day calendars
- added new setting to multi-day calendars: “allow users to cancel confirmed/paid bookings”
- added new setting (per calendar) which allows to hide prices on the calendars (both single-day and multi-day)
- added additional validations for image uploading in administration area
- added setting for multi-day calendars which allows selecting monday/sunday as starting day for the calendar grid
- added language switching on the front end. Now your customers can switch between languages (in bookingwizz standalone only, at this time)
- added comments field to admin/client confirmation email
- added new setting which allows to specify “days before booking” threshold for pre-booking multiday calendars
- added option to set % as deposit for event/multi-day/single-day bookings
- added option to export manual bookings to ICS
- added coupons for multi-day calendars
- added additional validations against spam
- added option to select background color for events on calendar
- added functionality which detects if language file was reset and fixes it
- added option to set any calendar as “default” and automatic detection if it was deleted which fixes the issue
- improved check-in / check-out logic for multi-day calendars (now possible to check-in/out on same day)
- moved booking summary (and many other) text/strings to language files
- payment not required now does not set event to “free”
- removed old reference to “eregi” function throughout the application
- fixed bug which prevented displaying customer phone number in schedule for multi-day bookings
- fixed issue with time in ICS exported file
- fixed issue with December 31
- fixed issue with disabling lightbox popup for small “include” calendar
- fixed events display in schedule
- fixed issue with multi-day calendars which prevented “days before booking” to be saved.
- fixed “string standards” error for admin_header.php file
- fixed facebook button error
- fixed issue with status confirmation emails
- fixed text on checkout page which appeared twice
- fixed issues with custom currency symbol
- fixed multi-day currency issues
- fixed issues with small calendar (paths to css/js/images)
- fixed issue with timezone not saving
- several other bug fixes (minor) & typo fixes

New in version 5.3
- new design, overall layout improvements
- added option to export all bookings to an .ics file, which then can be used for import into Google Calendar, iCal or Microsoft Outlook (or any other software which allows to import .ics files)
- added automatic .ics file attachment to website bookings, which is attached to customers booking confirmation email
- added option to create MULTI-DAY services(calendars) which can now accommodate guest houses, summer houses, bed and breakfast businesses etc.
- added option to export attendees to a printable PDF file (from schedule page)
- added option to auto-confirm free bookings / events on per calendar basis (on/off setting)
- added option to set “from name” and “from email” for notifications sent to customer/admin on per calendar basis
- added option to create discount coupons, with various options
- added option to allow/disallow coupons usage on single day services (per service) and individually per event
- added option to create recurring events
- added option to use HTML in event descriptions
- added support for utf8 customer entries
- added option to turn on/off display of available seats for event
- added new datatable grids for data display (instant search, paging, sorting)
- added timezone selection in admin settings
- added option to define booking threshold (time before booking can be made)
- added location name and map link for events
- added price in emails if offline reservation is the method of payment
- added dropdown with calendars to full event list page
- added incompatibility fixes for jQuery 1.9.1
- fixed issue with username which allowed to use any username with correct admin password
- fixed issue with adjusting count of available slots on calendar, when time passes.
- fixed issue with not showing website bookings for calendars other than default in “bookings” section
- fixed “collect payment” email notice for admin in case of free event booking
- fixed duplicate email issues when confirming appointments / event bookings
- fixed issue with book button not hiding after event is fully booked
- fixed issue with credit card payment plugin seding email after payment made
- fixed issue with not confirmed bookings showing up as confirmed in admin
- fixed issue with incorrect date in customer’s booking management section
- fixed issue with .info emails not passing validation
- fixed issue with call_user_func_array() function error
- fixed issue with payment_x error
- moved system emails to emailTemplates folder for easy management
- fixed schedule links for manual reservations
- fixed ‘MAIN_PATH’ undefined variable error
- fixed issue with displaying (1 space) available next to time slots if multiple spaces are turned off
- fixed issue with offline invoice and auto confirmation of booking combination
- improved fresh install.php process, as well as upgrade.php
- fixed inconsistent colorbox references
- selecting number of tickets in event booking window now adjusts the price for event
- fixed various typos

New in version 5.2.1
1) fixed schedule page – now has selector if day is marked as day off
2) added auto price calculation upon ticket number change for events
3) added payment options in manage reservation email / page, in case somebody forgot to pay at once
4) adjusted upgrade.php file – now will update properly
5) fixed issue with 0 bookings available, yet still had option to book
6) fixed manual bookings conflict with regular customer bookings
7) fixed cancellation link in email issue

New in version 5.2
1) added support for bookingwizz wordpress plugin (Please note, BookingWizz Wordpress requires separate purchase, as stated few times above.)
2) improved admin internal pages design
3) added option to book time slot from schedule view
4) bookings section now displays both bookings: timed and event bookings
5) manual bookings section now displays both manual booking types: timed and event bookings
6) fixed bug for manual bookings addition
7) fixed bug for paypal payments not updating database
8 ) adjusted booking form time slot checkboxes alignment
9) added additional validations for paths during install
10) fixed extra slashes issue in bookingwizz install path
11) adjusted reservation management link in confirmation email

New in version 5.1.2
1) added option to define currency symbol placement (before/after amount)
2) fixed bugs with paths for email templates
3) fixed bugs for different servers and language paths
4) fixed bug with schedule and manual bookings display
5) fixed bug with manual bookings (when trying to add different manual bookings)
6) fixed bug related to paypal error “Error detected, shopping cart empty” when payment is set to not required
7) fixed bug when payment not required and offline payment selected – booking didn’t show
8 ) added lightbox functionality on/off switch for eventList.php
9) added default> 10) fixed issue with default quantity and event booking (payment summary)
11) added password retrieval email template into emailTemplates folder, for easy translation

New in version 5.1
1) languages support (easy translation, through modifying 1 file, plug-n-play for all other languages)
2) plugin system (wordpress like)
3) simple taxation editable through admin
4) added option to enable / disable lightbox for booking form
5) added option to set various time intervals for regular bookings (lets say from 9am to 11am, then you have a break, then you work again from 1pm to 6pm, this will be possible in v5.1)
6) added option to add manual event booking from within event management section
7) added option to add recurring manual booked time periods
8 ) MINI calendar for easy integration into any site section
9) improved backend design
10) added option to set date format from administration
11) added option to set currency symbol from administration
12) added option to easily change outgoing email content (seprate PHP files in emailTemplates folder)
13) installer now has envato license checker, your server must support cURL.
14) various bug fixes brought to our attention by our loyal customers.
15) various small improvements both product on front end and back end.
16) it is now possible to have both events and regular bookings at the same day.
17) events now have separate personal “landing” page.

New in version 5
1) Added option for multiple same interval booking spots ( set available “seats” per each interval from within admin)
2) Added option to show/hide “X spots available” on the calendar from admin.
3) Past time intervals now will not be available for booking (in booking form, for the same day)
4) Added option for user to cancel his bookings
5) Added option to show/hide event titles on the calendar grid
6) Added option to show/hide event image on calendar grid
7) Added option to edit customer event booking information from admin
8 ) User entered booking form data will now be saved in case user enters wrong captcha code
9) Fixed bookings for events via events list page
10) Small fix for clean installs with two Thursday
11) Fixed images display on event list
12) Fixed issue with 0 spot bookings
13) Added date to events list page
+several other minor bugs found and fixed.

New in version 4
1) Option to create multiple calendars (services) added. Each calendar has its own independent set of settings.
2) Added option to easily switch between 24h and 12h format
3) Added option to edit months and days names through settings
4) Added option for offline payments
5) Fixed several bugs
6) Added installation wizard
7) Re-designed booking form.
8 ) Added new page containing only events (event list for current month)
9) Implemented google +1, tweet and facebook like social share buttons for each event.
10) Added option to book multiple seats when event is free (before was 1 seat only)
11) Added forgot password functionality for administrator account
12) Comment field is optional now
13) Event image will now be removed upon event deletion
14) “delete image” next to image preview in event edit mode

New in version 3
1) We finally added intervals. Default intervals are 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 3h, 4h.
2) We have added option to set minimum bookings requirement
3) PayPal is now integrated with regular bookings as well.
4) Added option to set Monday as first day in the calendar through settings in admin.
5) Past calendar dates are now “turned off”
6) Administrator can now reserve unlimited time through manual booking – a week, two, month or more.
7) Both paid and confirmed statuses will now reserve required spot number
8 ) We have added functionality to upload image per each event.
9) Added option to allow multiple ticket purchases for same event per customer.
10) Administrator can now set maximum ticket amount per transaction per customer.
11) Added option to create 00-24 booking spots (before it was 00-23 only).

New since version 1.2: Events functionality (with paypal integration) Administrator can setup as many events as he needs for any day. You can use this functionality for events, meetings, seminars, hotel rooms, etc. When creating event you have option to set spaces for event, cost for entry and required or not required payment. When somebody reserves a spot in event and pays for the entry – admin will receive notice. Paypal currency and paypal email can be changed in settings. If you want to accept credit cards on paypal payment page – you need premium or business account from paypal (free) We have also added captcha’s to all forms (no-js and js). Cancellation email was also added for customers.

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