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Themeforest Blaszok eCommerce Theme free download

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Hello, thanks for taking the time to check out Blaszok (correct pronunciation “Blashock” :)). My name is Kuba and I am a web designer & developer from Poland with a small team of talented web geeks. You may know me from my Flash & jQuery Flip Books which were the best selling items around here (before the WordPress boom), and also from WordPress themes like Agera or Gentle.

Making a truly all-in-one easy to use theme is a goal that has been in my mind for a long time. I have been planning this project for months but the final development took us more then 3 months of work (sometimes more then 12 hours a day). I am really proud of the final result. We were able to make a beautiful, easy to use & fully customizable themeAs you can see by the previews (home design styles & examples) this theme may be used for almost any website. I hope that you will find as much fun using Blaszok as we had making it. We are fully dedicated to this project and we would love to develop it further but for that we need your support.


  • Responsive & Retina Ready – Blaszok is fully responsive. It looks good on any resolutions and across all devices. It’s retina display ready. We manage to give user the same experience everywhere.
  • Woo Commerce – with Blaszok you can start selling today, it fully supports Woo Commerce 2.1+. A part from standard features we have added some more like catalogues and wishlists.
  • Save $74 – when you buy Blaszok you really save $74 because it includes a great value inside like: Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, custom widgets & shortcodes packas.
  • WPML Ready – with Blaszok you can easily use the great multilingual plugin called WPML and trasnalte your site with ease to any language you like.
  • Rapid Install – This theme is very easy to install and setup. We made sure everything is as clear as it can be. This product comes with complete documentation and support system.
  • Easy Customization – We use our own custom admin panel, Visual Composer inlcluded – worth $30, tons shortcodes. The posibilities are limitless!
  • Slider Revolution – Blaszok comes with Slider Revolution one of the most advanced slider on the market – worth $19.
  • Shortcodes/Addons – Visual Composer comes with great deal of awesome shortcodes but we have added more!
  • Free Updates & Support – we are always providing free support & updates for our products.
  • 600+ Google Fonts – you can choose any font family you like from over 600 fonts for any element of the page.
  • Multiple Portfolio – with different portfolio options and portfolio post sized you can create almost limitless versions of portfolio.
  • Made with Love – In MassivePixelCreation we have a passion to make great things. Thats why our products are unique and original in every way. We focus on performance, design and usability.
Theme requirements:
  • Wordpress 3.8+
  • PHP 5.2.3+
  • atleast 64MB of server memory limit
Update Log
----------------------------------------------------14/04/2016 - Version 3.8- IMPROVED: Wordpress 4.5 support- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.5.5 support- IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.11.2 support- IMPROVED: Revolution Slider support- FIXED: Lookbook Badges display- FIXED: Hide Add to Cart issue- FIXED: Image Gallery with External images- FIXED: Issue with WooCommerce Subscriptions address- FIXED: Compability with Contact Form 7 (select)- FIXED: Compability with Variation Swatches and Photos- FIXED: Rev Slider on mobile- FIXED: VC row stretch issue at some cases- FIXED: Sold Out translation- FIXED: Breadcrumbs translations- FIXED: Products Slider CSS issue- FIXED: Missing Newell home page export- FIXED: Other small CSS and JS issues!!! PLEASE NOTICE:- make sure to update all bundled plugins- make sure to update/install Visual Composer from our server (we made additional adjustments for WooCommerce conflict)- make sure to update/install Subscribe2 (we made adjustments for WP 4.5)----------------------------------------------------05/02/2016 - Version 3.7.2- IMPROVED: Wordpress 4.4.2 Support- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.5.2 Support- UPDATED: Language files- FIXED: Wrong Read more link in Blog Template (Masonry layout)- FIXED: MPC Grid layout- FIXED: Variable Product selection- FIXED: VC License activation notice- FIXED: VC Row animations- FIXED: VC Gallery Lightbox- FIXED: Translation of some words----------------------------------------------------19/01/2016 - Version 3.7.1- UPDATED: WooCommerce Quickview plugin----------------------------------------------------19/01/2016 - Version 3.7- IMPROVED: Wordpress 4.4.2- IMPROVED: Visual Compose 4.9.2- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.5- IMPROVED: WooCommerce Quickview 3.2.4- IMPROVED: Revolution Slider: 5.1.6- IMPROVED: Ninja Forms compatibility- IMPROVED: jQuery MegaMenu refactored into MPC - MegaMenu- ADDED: Featured products for Products slider- FIXED: Child theme styles priority- FIXED: Transparent Header with Sticky option at mobile- FIXED: Sold Out badge display- FIXED: Read More button hover color- FIXED: Missing twitter status in post- FIXED: Wishlist for non-logged users- FIXED: Wishlist Mobile display- FIXED: Products slider display glitch- FIXED: Breadcrumbs- FIXED: Missing font family for headers in few shortcodes- FIXED: Small CSS fixesIMPORTANT: Due to the lack of updates for jQuery MegaMenu we refactored it into MPC - MegaMenu for future updates and usage. All menus and MegaMenus created with jQuery MegaMenu will work fine with MPC - Mega Menu plugin.IMPORTANT: Please remember to run database updater for WooCommerce in order to avoid problems with new version----------------------------------------------------10/12/2015 - Version 3.6.5- IMPROVED: Wordpress 4.4 Support- IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.9 Support (VC 4.9 is required)- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.4.11 Support- FIXED: Products Slider glitch- FIXED: Button Rounded shape- FIXED: Single Image- FIXED: Single Post view paddings- FIXED: MailChimp form submissions handlers----------------------------------------------------12/11/2015 - Version 3.6.4- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.4.10 support- IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.8.1 support- IMPROVED: Revolution Slider 5.1- IMPROVED: WooCommerce breadcrumbs in Single Product- IMPROVED: Backward compatibility for content created with VC 4.6 and older- IMPROVED: New server for plugins updates- IMPROVED: Translations- FIXED: Wishlist items remove for guest- FIXED: My Account error in Order details- FIXED: Breadcrumbs for attachment page- FIXED: VC Row Stretch without paddings- FIXED: VC Row Color Overlay issue- FIXED: MPC Importer missing 'uploads/' phrase in logos- FIXED: Maintenance Page top padding- FIXED: Contact Form display in sidebar- FIXED: Cross Sells, Upsells and Related Products display in Dark Skin- FiXED: Gray Skin color issues- FIXED: Menu overlapping in some cases----------------------------------------------------05/10/2015 - Version 3.6.3- IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.7.4- IMPROVED: Security----------------------------------------------------24/09/2015 - Version 3.6.2- IMPROVED: Documentation- IMPROVED: Visual Composer IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.4.7- FIXED: Missing Cross Sells Products in Cart- FIXED: MPC Breadcrumbs for attachments- FIXED: VC Row Stretch- FIXED: Single Portfolio display- FIXED: Duplicate of '/uploads' in image path after import- FIXED: Cart display in Default template- FIXED: Visual Composer FAQ- FIXED: Other small fixes----------------------------------------------------14/09/2015 - Version 3.6.1- FIXED: Parallax issue with VC 4.7, compatibility between old and new parallax in Blaszok- FIXED: Row background- FIXED: Testimonials Slider, Countdown, Icon fields in Visual Composer popup- FIXED: VC Button issue- FIXED: Small CSS issues----------------------------------------------------31/08/2015 - Version 3.6- IMPROVED: Wordpress 4.3- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.4.6- IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.7- IMPROVED: Revolution Slider 5.0- IMPROVED: WooCommerce Quickview 3.2.0- UPDATED: MPC Widgets, jQuery MegaMenu Widget, Brankic Photostream Widget updated for Wordpress 4.3 changes- ADDED: Breadcrumbs on/off switch- FIXED: Hide Title at Maintenance Page- FIXED: Visual Composer issue when Revolution Slider was disabled- FIXED: WooCommerce Product Tabs accordion display- FIXED: MiniCart product remove in WC 2.4.6- FIXED: Visual Composer default settings- FIXED: Other small CSS fixes----------------------------------------------------13/08/2015 - Version 3.5.1- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.4.3 Support- FIXED: Variation issues with WooCommerce 2.4.x----------------------------------------------------03/08/2015 - Version 3.5- IMPROVED: Wordpress 4.2.3 Support- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.4 Support- IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.6.2 Support- ADDED: Breadcrumbs for Post/Page at title section- ADDED: Products selection for Products Slider- ADDED: Columns selection for Products Slider- ADDED: Products styles (Default, Slim, Center) support for WooCommerce Product/Products shortcodes- ADDED: New Menu location in Copyright section- FIXED: Visual Composer update issues- FIXED: Mini Cart - SSL issues in View Cart and item removing- FIXED: VC Frontend editor and ACF options reset issue- FIXED: Font Size issues at Theme Options->Styles->Content for pages- FIXED: Parallax issue with Essential Grid at Chrome- FIXED: Better support for Custom WooCommerce taxonomies- Other small fixes and improvements----------------------------------------------------20/07/2015 - Version 3.4.2- IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.6.1 support- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.4 preliminary support- IMPROVED: Documentation- FIXED: Call to Action css fix- FIXED: Maintenance Mode fullwidth fix- FIXED: Other small CSS fixes----------------------------------------------------06/07/2015 - Version 3.4.1- IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.6- IMPROVED: MPC Importer is available for update from our servers- FIXED: Page/Post Content margins for Wordpress Editor content----------------------------------------------------23/06/2015 - Version 3.4- IMPROVED: Demo Installer is a separate plugin now- ADDED: Automatic Related Products- ADDED: Header Widget Area image background option- ADDED: Background Size option for Header, Footer and Extended Footer sections- FIXED: Wishlist Icon issue- FIXED: Gravity Forms & CustomSelect conflict----------------------------------------------------18/06/2015 - Version 3.3.1- IMPROVED: Security- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.3.11- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.5.3 ( Security update )- UPDATED: WooCommerce Quickview 3.1.0- FIXED: WooCommerce Pagination with SmartSearch filters----------------------------------------------------08/06/2015 - Version 3.3- NEW FEATURE: Yith Zoom Magnificer compability- NEW FEATURE: Yith Product Compare compability- NEW FEATURE: Disable SKU, Categories, Tags and Share buttons from single product view- IMPROVED: Wordpress 4.2.2- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.3.10- IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.5.2- IMPROVED: Revolution Slider 4.6.93- IMPROVED: WPML Support & Translations- IMPROVED: Disable Product Hover now does not load second image- UPDATED: Language files- FIXED: IE9 CSS problems- FIXED: Product Gallery navigation when only a single image- FIXED: Mobile Menu at Maintenance Mode- FIXED: Wrapping of Table headings----------------------------------------------------04/05/2015 - Version 3.2.2- IMPROVED: Wordpress 4.2.1- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.3.8- IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.5- IMPROVED: Essential Grid 2.0.9- IMPROVED: Touch Menu- IMPROVED: Security check & update- IMPROVED: Sliders import files- UPDATED: Language files- FIXED: Portfolio filters when Limited Category is selected- FIXED: Double brackets in Layered Nav widget- FIXED: SmartSearch filters- FIXED: AJAX Add to Cart from Quickview- FIXED: CSS Fixes----------------------------------------------------16/03/2015 - Version 3.2.1- IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.4.3- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.3.6- FIXED: Single Image border issue----------------------------------------------------06/03/2015 - Version 3.2- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.3.5- IMPROVED: YITH Wishlist 2.0.4- NEW FEATURE: New previews - Hyper Cube, Lookbooks- NEW FEATURE: Lookbook Badges Creator- NEW FEATURE: WooCommerce Social Login support- NEW FEATURE: Gallery - Visual Composer Shortcode- NEW FEATURE: Header/Footer/Extended Footer Image Background options- NEW FEATURE: Additional Archive Styles- NEW FEATURE: Mini Cart AJAX items remove- NEW FEATURE: Mini Cart variations display- NEW FEATURE: Disable Quickview for specified products- NEW FEATURE: Global Settings for Author Box display- NEW FEATURE: Disable Excerpt Trim- NEW FEATURE: Fonts subset filter- NEW FEATURE: Dropdown styling for Contact Form- FIXED: Custom Product Tabs for non-latin languages- FIXED: Related Portfolio hyperlink functionality- FIXED: Password protected form styling- FIXED: bbPress styling- FIXED: Shop pagination- FIXED: Single Image display at Firefox & IE- FIXED: Sale Badge display----------------------------------------------------13/02/2015 - Version 3.1.1- NEW FEATURE: Author Box for single post view- IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.4.2- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.3.3 Support- IMPROVED: Yith Wishlist 2.0.0 Support- IMPROVED: WPML Currency Switcher display- IMPROVED: Products Slider - hide Out Of Stock items- FIXED: WooCommerce Quickview issues- FIXED: Missing Font Color for Visual Composer 4.4+----------------------------------------------------26/01/2015 - Version 3.1- NEW FEATURE: New previews Newell and Manufactory- NEW FEATURE: Maintenance Mode- NEW FEATURE: New Blog layout "Full width with Thumbnails alternative"- NEW FEATURE: Categories selection for Blog- NEW FEATURE: 'Use as banner' option for Post type 'Link'- NEW FEATURE: Site layout for individual pages/posts/products and portfolio items- NEW FEATURE: VC shortcode: Countdown- NEW FEATURE: VC shortcode: Newsletter Box- NEW FEATURE: VC shortcode: Link Wrapper- NEW FEATURE: Sticky Header Offset- NEW FEATURE: Support for WooCommerce 2.3- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.4- UPDATED: Essential Grid 2.0.4- FIXED: Theme Options slider indicator- FIXED: Quickview issues- FIXED: Update Cart for items quantity- FIXED: Shipping Dropdown styling- FIXED: Products Hover disable at Products Slider shortcode- FIXED: Add to Wishlist icon duplication with Load More- FIXED: Logo image responsive- FIXED: IE bug for Boxed layout----------------------------------------------------10/12/2014 - Version 3.0- NEW FEATURE: Essential Grid- NEW FEATURE: Full page width row- NEW FEATURE: Header widget area- NEW FEATURE: Grid shortcode options- NEW FEATURE: Image slider shortcode options- NEW FEATURE: Header vertical center- NEW FEATURE: Secondary Header & Copyright padding options- NEW FEATURE: Customizable text for mini cart button ('Subtotal')- NEW FEATURE: Deco Heading alignment- NEW FEATURE: Buttons Border disabler- NEW FEATURE: Headings Underline settings for Content, Footer, Extended Footer and Sidebar Sections- UPDATED: Revolution Slider 4.6.5- UPDATED: One Click Demo installer (Real Preview)- UPDATED: MPC Extensions- UPDATED: MPC Widgets- UPDATED: Translation files- FIXED: Smart search filters- FIXED: Large cart popup- FIXED: Testimonials slider- FIXED: Sticky Header scroll- FIXED: Parallax image- FIXED: Custom header colors- FIXED: Counter shortcode display- FIXED: Icon shortcode display----------------------------------------------------27/10/2014 - Version 2.0.6- NEW FEATURE: Added compatibility with Ajax Layered Navigation plugin- UPDATED: Revolution Slider 4.6.3- UPDATED: LayerSlider 5.3.2- FIXED: Registration in WooCommerce 2.2.7- FIXED: Sidebar display in RTL- FIXED: Portfolio tags archive- FIXED: Single portfolio post display----------------------------------------------------25/09/2014 - Version 2.0.5- FIXED: Posts Grid/Carousel shortcode- FIXED: Transparent header on Shop- FIXED: Shop columns display- FIXED: Small CSS improvements----------------------------------------------------19/09/2014 - Version 2.0.4- NEW FEATURE: Open social links in new tabs- UPDATED: LayerSlider 5.3.0- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.2.4 support- FIXED: Products Slider styles- FIXED: Transparent header- FIXED: Small CSS improvements----------------------------------------------------11/09/2014 - Version 2.0.3- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.3.4- IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.2 support- FIXED: Small CSS improvements----------------------------------------------------04/09/2014 - Version 2.0.2- NEW FEATURE: Option to disable Demo Install page- UPDATED: Revolution Slider 4.6.0- IMPROVED: WordPress 4.0 Compatibility- FIXED: Visual Composer carousel- FIXED: Large cart popup- FIXED: Small CSS improvements----------------------------------------------------22/08/2014 - Version 2.0.1- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.3.3- FIXED: Text Block issue on some pages----------------------------------------------------18/08/2014 - Version 2.0- NEW FEATURE: Grid creator and shortcode- NEW FEATURE: Masonry Blog with Load More- NEW FEATURE: Portfolio Load More- NEW FEATURE: MailChimp support- NEW FEATURE: Shop styles for products slider- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.3.2- UPDATED: LayerSlider 5.2.0- UPDATED: Documentation- UPDATED: Localization files- IMPROVED: Demo Installer content- FIXED: Small CSS improvements- FIXED: Main color issues with skins----------------------------------------------------04/08/2014 - Version 1.8.1- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.3.1- FIXED: Columns display- FIXED: Sidebar display- FIXED: Transparent header colors- FIXED: Some issues with Visual Composer 4.3.1----------------------------------------------------31/07/2014 - Version 1.8.0- NEW FEATURE: RTL Support- NEW FEATURE: Configurable post thumbnail- NEW FEATURE: Brands slider external links- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.3- UPDATED: LayerSlider 5.1.2- UPDATED: MPC plugins- UPDATED: Documentation- UPDATED: Localization files- IMPROVED: Demo Installer content- FIXED: Menu active/hover color- FIXED: Large cart popup----------------------------------------------------22/07/2014 - Version 1.7.0- NEW FEATURE: Demo Installer- UPDATED: Revolution Slider 4.5.9- UPDATED: Documentation- FIXED: Small CSS improvements to the shop----------------------------------------------------03/07/2014 - Version 1.6.1- IMPROVED: Performance- IMPROVED: Mobile experience and display- IMPROVED: Child theme styles- IMPROVED: Compatibility with W3 Total Cache and Better Wordpress Minify- UPDATED: Revolution Slider 4.5.6- UPDATED: WooCommerce Quickview 3.0.6- UPDATED: Documentation (with performance tips - up to 40% improvement)----------------------------------------------------18/06/2014 - Version 1.6.0- NEW FEATURE: ONE PAGE layout- NEW FEATURE: Scroll to #ID- NEW FEATURE: Sliders light arrows- NEW FEATURE: Simple icon columns- NEW FEATURE: Sticky header logo- NEW FEATURE: Separators width and alignment- NEW FEATURE: Icon shortcode- NEW FEATURE: Counter shortcode- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.2.3- UPDATED: Revolution Slider 4.5.4- UPDATED: MPC plugins- UPDATED: Documentation- UPDATED: Localization files- FIXED: Revolution Slider responsiveness- FIXED: Pricing Tables display- FIXED: Flexslider arrows- FIXED: Back to top animation- FIXED: Gravity Forms display- FIXED: bbPress display----------------------------------------------------12/06/2014 - Version 1.5.1- FIXED: Update process of Visual Composer- FIXED: Added plugins files for manual install- FIXED: Some other small issues from 1.5.0 update----------------------------------------------------11/06/2014 - Version 1.5.0- NEW FEATURE: bbPress support- NEW FEATURE: Gravity Forms support- NEW FEATURE: Shop custom columns number 1-6- NEW FEATURE: Products accordion information- NEW FEATURE: Panel settings import/export- IMPROVED: Price filter on mobile- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.2.2- UPDATED: Revolution Slider 4.5.2- FIXED: Revo Slider display issues- FIXED: Sidebar display on mobile- FIXED: Sidebar behavior on mobile- FIXED: Menu active custom color- FIXED: Social links redirect- FIXED: Coupon field display in cart----------------------------------------------------28/05/2014 - Version 1.4.0- NEW FEATURE: Transparent header (with custom colors, opacity and layout)- NEW FEATURE: Separate font sizes for page sections (header, sidebar, etc.)- NEW FEATURE: Advanced color settings (over 30) for page sections (header, sidebar, etc.)- NEW FEATURE: New mobile menu (icon in header with dropdown)- NEW FEATURE: Simple search dropdown- NEW FEATURE: Mobile logo- NEW FEATURE: Custom labels for WooCommerce tabs- NEW FEATURE: Custom font for menu- NEW FEATURE: Mobile sticky header- NEW FEATURE: Hiding footer segment for each page- NEW FEATURE: Hiding copyright segment for each page- NEW FEATURE: Header full width display- NEW FEATURE: Header image grid- IMPROVED: Custom CSS are now saved to separate file- IMPROVED: Bundled plugins update process- IMPROVED: Moved plugins from theme file- IMPROVED: All pages heading changed to H1- IMPROVED: Header buttons display as icons- IMPROVED: New social icons- UPDATED: MPC plugins- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.2- UPDATED: CSS3 Pricing Tables 9.6- UPDATED: WooCommerce Quickview 3.0.5- UPDATED: FontAwesome 4.1- FIXED: Shop category permalinks issue- FIXED: Sliders arrows on mobile----------------------------------------------------14/05/2014 - Version 1.3.1- IMPROVED: Products slider (Sale products slider, sale badge)- IMPROVED: Woocommerce Sold Out Products support- UPDATED: MPC plugins- UPDATED: Documentation- UPDATED: Localization files- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.1.3- FIXED: Quickview icon display- FIXED: Cart/Checkout order display----------------------------------------------------10/05/2014 - Version 1.3.0- NEW FEATURE: Quickview for products- NEW FEATURE: Shop categories/tags custom header image/shortcode- NEW FEATURE: Shop categories/tags custom sidebar settings- NEW FEATURE: Global disable hover effect on products- IMPROVED: Checkout display- IMPROVED: Fancy Product Designer support- IMPROVED: Woocommerce Smart Coupons support- UPDATED: MPC plugins- UPDATED: Woocommerce templates- FIXED: Fullwidth with sidebar template on Shop- FIXED: Products slider on desktop----------------------------------------------------30/04/2014 - Version 1.2.3- IMPROVED: External products display- UPDATED: New versions of MPC plugins with update notifications- UPDATED: Localization files- UPDATED: Slider Revolution 4.3.8- FIXED: Wishlist and checkout alignment in boxed layout- FIXED: Mobile cart duplication- FIXED: Updating cart saves products quantities- FIXED: Child theme translation----------------------------------------------------25/04/2014 - Version 1.2.2- FIXED: Wishlist display- FIXED: Page title duplication- FIXED: Mobile logo display----------------------------------------------------23/04/2014 - Version 1.2.1- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.1.2- FIXED: Cart issues- FIXED: My account issues- FIXED: Google Maps- FIXED: Currency symbol space- FIXED: Sliders touch- FIXED: Mobile logo- FIXED: Sliders mobile display- FIXED: Parallax- FIXED: MPC Shortcodes button- FIXED: Fullwidth with sidebar template- FIXED: Background settings- FIXED: Visual Composer shortcodes----------------------------------------------------18/04/2014 - Version 1.2.0- NEW FEATURE: All sliders are now touch enabled- NEW FEATURE: Testimonials Visual Composer Shortcode- NEW FEATURE: Added two new product looks- NEW FEATURE: Custom Product tabs with WYSIWYG editor & short code support- NEW FEATURE: Size Guides: global or unique for a product- NEW FEATURE: Styled WooCommerce Subcategory Shop View- NEW FEATURE: Disable Responsive- NEW FEATURE: Turn Off Search Checkbox- NEW FEATURE: Secondary Header + Secondary Menu With Drop Down- NEW FEATURE: Turn Off Subscription- NEW FEATURE: Full Width Page + Sidebar- NEW FEATURE: Add text instead of subscription- NEW FEATURE: Pinterest added to share- NEW FEATURE: Back to Top: left, right, center & none settings.- NEW FEATURE: Added option - Don’t change product photo on hover.- IMPROVED: Cart - mobile friendly- IMPROVED: Wishlist, added button + tooltip- IMPROVED: Account View- IMPROVED: Search - Close search when clicked outside- IMPROVED: Icon List Shortcode- IMPROVED: Products number display option- IMPROVED: Documentation - completely new design- UPDATED: WordPress 3.9 Copatbility- UPDATED: Responsiveness- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.1- UPDATED: Slider Revolution 4.3.6- FIXED: VAT Bug- FIXED: Mega Menu Bug- FIXED: FireFox Load More Bug- FIXED: Related Products Bug- FIXED: Currency in Search Field- FIXED: Skin issues----------------------------------------------------08/04/2014 - Version 1.1.1- NEW FEATURE: Compact Archive View (small thumbnails)- ADDED: New Header Layout (Logo above, menu & cart centered)- ADDED: Mobile Footer Check Box- UPDATED: Visual Composer to 4.0.4- UPDATED: Slider Revolution 4.3.4- FIXED: Contact Form Issue- FIXED: Carousel Bug (Not responsive)----------------------------------------------------03/04/2014 - Version 1.1.0- NEW FEATURE: Layer Slider 5 (worth $18)- NEW FEATURE: CSS3 Pricing Tables (worth $17)- NEW FEATURE: Masonry Shop- NEW FEATURE: Load More for masonry shop- ADDED: Home pages source in txt files- UPDATED: Documentation- UPDATED: Menu layouts, new style Menu, Cart, Logo- FIXED: Mobile cart expanding viewport- FIXED: Visual Composer teaser group responsive- FIXED: Carousel Bug (Not responsive)- FIXED: iOS bugs- FIXED: Adroid bugs- FIXED: Minor CSS fixes----------------------------------------------------28/03/2014 - Version 1.0.4- NEW FEATURE: Envato toolkit, Easy update- UPDATED: Documentation- FIXED: Required plugins install error- FIXED: WooCommerce single product image----------------------------------------------------27/03/2014 - Version 1.0.3- NEW FEATURE: Simple Lookbook Price Badges- NEW FEATURE: Row ID for page navigation- FIXED: IE Lookbooks- FIXED: Parallax behavior- FIXED: Portfolio spacing- FIXED: Titles underline- FIXED: Language & Currency drop downs- FIXED: Quote display----------------------------------------------------25/03/2014 - Version 1.0.2- NEW FEATURE: Option to remove Cart- NEW FEATURE: Option to remove Price- NEW FEATURE: Option to remove Add To Basket- NEW FEATURE: Option to choose different menu for mobile divices- NEW FEATURE: Added Child Theme- NEW FEATURE: Custom skin.css- UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.0.3- UPDATED: Documentation- UPDATED: PO File- FIXED: Reviews mobile issue- FIXED: Menu layout when scrolling- FIXED: Lookbook price issue- FIXED: Child theme issues- FIXED: Some minor CSS issues----------------------------------------------------20/03/2014 - Version 1.0.1- FIXED: "Login" redirects to "My Account"- FIXED: Cart mobile display- FIXED: Demo content URLs and Sliders imports- FIXED: WooCommerce shortcodes styles----------------------------------------------------19/03/2014 - Version 1.0- RELEASE
Why buy from us?
  • we update our items on daily bases,
  • we have over 12 000 happy customers,
  • we give as much support as we can,
  • we are available for freelance work.
Main Features:
  • RTL Support,
  • Fully Responsive – tested on real devices,
  • WPML Ready,
  • Retina Ready,
  • Woo Commerce 2.1+ Ready,
  • Visual Composer included (advanced page builder) – worth $30,
  • Slider Revolution – worth $19,
  • Custom Widgets – worth $10,
  • Custom Shortcodes – worth $19,
  • Multiple portfolio versions (1-4 columns),
  • Beautiful Mega Menus with background images,
  • 4 Skins & Unlimited Colors,
  • SEO Optimized – SEO WordPress plugin included to improve your SEO,
  • Advanced Header,
  • 35 Header Styles,
  • Gorgeous Parallax Sections
  • 3 Theme Layouts: Full Width, Boxed & Floating Boxed,
  • Custom Background settings: color, pattern & image,
  • Advanced font settings,
  • 2 Blog types & 9 Post Formats,
  • 40 + Shortcodes,
  • Beautiful Lookbooks/Catalogues to showcase your products,
  • 9 Post Formats supported,
  • Unlimited variations of Shortcodes,
  • Sidebar settings for each page/post (right, left & none),
  • Footer settings for each page/post,
  • Custom sidebars & footers for each page/post,
  • Build In slider: Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Slider Revolution & 2 types of carousels,
  • Sample XML included with preview data
  • Minimalistic, modern & universal design,
  • Image settings top/right,
  • CSS3 transitions,
  • Massive Panel – awesome custom admin panel (easy to rebrand),
  • Unlimited color versions,
  • Multi drop down menu,
  • HTML Extensive Documentation,
  • 370+ Vector Icons,
  • 600+ Google Web Fonts to choose from,
  • PSDs included,
  • option to remove: Cart, Price, Add To Backed – and still use the WooCommerce,
  • option to choose different menu for mobile devices,
  • simple Lookbook Price Badges,
  • row ID for page navigation,
  • envato toolkit, easy update,
  • Layer Slider 5 (worth $18)
  • CSS3 Pricing Tables (worth $17)
  • Masonry Shop
  • Load More for masonry shop
  • 2 Layout Archive
  • Child Theme,
  • custom skin.css,
  • WordPress 3.8+ Ready,
  • 5 Star Support,
  • each of the features can be easily turned off,
  • and much more…
Need Support?

Thank you for purchasing one of our products, We really appreciate it! To get the best support possible please visit our support system. Emails, tweets and comments containing support question may be ignored, please use the support system.

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Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

B&W is eCommerce MagentoTemplate with modern, clean and eye catchy design. It has a unique products preview, so it looks diffe...nstration purposes only and are not a part of the template.Icons: Eurostile CCS
Free download Themeforest Abundance eCommerce Business Theme

Free Themeforest Abundance eCommerce Business Theme theme download

Category: Themeforest | eCommerce
Tags: Themeforest | Blogging | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Abundance | eCommerce | Business | theme
Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

The theme now supports WooCommerce 2.1+ Read more about the Changes at the bottom of the Page. Updating is highly recommended!...sion 1.0.1Small css fixes to style.cssupdate woocommerce config folder2011 11 06 – Version 1.0ReleaseStay up to date:
Free download Themeforest 1992 | Creative eCommerce PSD Theme

Free Themeforest 1992 | Creative eCommerce PSD Theme theme download

Category: Themeforest | PSD Templates
Tags: Graphicriver | Textures | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | 1992 | Creative | eCommerce | PSD | theme
Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

1992 | Creative eCommerce PSD Theme is an Outfit shopping template. It is a user-friendly theme, enable customers to shop easily and only and not included in the PSD files.If you love the theme, please rate it . It really helps me a lot, thank you very much!
Free download Themeforest Bewear - Lookbook Style eCommerce Magento Theme

Free Themeforest Bewear - Lookbook Style eCommerce Magento Theme theme download

Category: Themeforest | eCommerce
Tags: Themeforest | Static Site Generators | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Bewear | LookBook | Style | eCommerce | Magento | theme
Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 27.April 2016

Bewear is uber clean and modern eCommerce Magento Theme with Lookbook / Collection style to inspire your clients with your prod...nethemes\mainmenuapp\design\frontend\bewear\default\template\onethemes\mainmenu*Version 1.0 released May 16, 2015- Initial release

Free download Themeforest  Bella - eCommerce Shop WordPress Theme

Free Themeforest Bella - eCommerce Shop WordPress Theme theme download

Category: Themeforest | eCommerce
Tags: Clothing | eCommerce | Electronics | Fashion | Jewellery | Multipurpose | Retail | shoes store | Shopping | Store | Tools | Toys | watches store | WooCommerce | Themeforest | eCommerce | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Bella | Shop | WordPress | theme
Archives: 2016 | May 2016 | 18.May 2016

What Our Customer says about Our Shop ThemeBella Shop – is a unique, stylish, modern ecommerce wordpress template. It com...ll Organised codeAll pages added(listing, detail,cart etc)NotesPreview images are not included in the files package. Its for demo only
Free download Themeforest Baby & Kids Store eCommerce WordPress Theme

Free Themeforest Baby & Kids Store eCommerce WordPress Theme theme download

Category: Themeforest | eCommerce
Tags: baby store | Buy | Cart | eCommerce | Kids | kids cart | new born | Online | purchasing | Shop | Shopping | Store | toddler | Themeforest | eCommerce | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Baby | Kids | Store | WordPress | theme
Archives: 2016 | May 2016 | 20.May 2016

“Baby & Kids Store” is a sweet and colourful wordpress template suits to baby / child / kids candy, toys, clothing or fashion e-commerce sidebarUpdateVer 1.0.2- One click demo install- documantation update- Video tutorial added- 4 more module shortcode created
Free download Themeforest Akihabara eCommerce HTML Theme

Free Themeforest Akihabara eCommerce HTML Theme theme download

Category: Themeforest | Site Templates
Tags: Clean | eCommerce | HTML | jQuery | Minimal | Modern | Shopping | Sleek | Technology | Themeforest | Site Templates | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Akihabara | eCommerce | HTML | theme
Archives: 2016 | May 2016 | 22.May 2016

Named after the famed electronics shopping district in central Tokyo, Akihabara for Magento (as HTML ) provides a sleek, modern design perfe...Documentation is provided.Release HistoryVersion 1.1 – 2010/09/20 – fixed nav menu flyouts. Version 1.0 – 2010/09/01 – inception!
Free download Codecanyon Basel - Responsive eCommerce Theme

Free Codecanyon Basel - Responsive eCommerce Theme theme download

Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
Tags: Ajax | blog | Filters | Headers | Portfolio | Shop | Themeforest | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Basel | Responsive | eCommerce | theme
Archives: 2016 | May 2016 | 29.May 2016

BASEL is a professional minimalist AJAX responsive theme built to create modern powerful e-commerce web-site. Using popular Drag ...2016 V1.0.0 - Initial ReleaseNOTESAll images from products, banners and sliders are not included in the theme package or demo content
Free download Codecanyon eCommerce - Responsive Ecommerce Business Management System

Free Codecanyon eCommerce - Responsive Ecommerce Business Management System theme download

Category: Codecanyon | PHP Scripts
Tags: Bootstrap eCommerce | bootstrap eshop | Cart | CMS | eCommerce | ecommerce management system | Eshop | minimal ecommerce | online shop | online shopping | php ecommerce system | responsive ecommerce | Shopping | shopping cart | Codecanyon | PHP Scripts | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | eCommerce | Responsive | eCommerce | Business | Management | System
Archives: 2017 | May 2017 | 18.May 2017

“Ecommerce” is a complete solution for Ecommerce Business Management System. This CMS Includes almost everything you need to make a ecommerce...ization, support, query and suggestion. We will respond as soon as possible.Thank you,GeniusOceanEmail: [email protected]

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