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Codecanyon BetaGate free download

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BetaGate is a PHP script that allow you to protect your site for beta-testing purposes without any coding skills required. It is full-featured, batteries included, so you can get up and running in minutes.

You can protect your pages by adding only one line of code (just for including the script to protect your page). The system is working with invitation codes generated by the admin. Example of an invitation code : d4b9b8e3c84ac4461798f0097cbcabef0997b1fa.Features
  • Easy add of the protection to your page with only one line of code
  • Up to 9^9 possible individual keys
  • Unkeygenable system with online generation and activation of the code
  • Editable beta-testing time (in days)
  • Beta page HTML is easily editable in the code
  • No database required, just one file is used to store everything
  • Changelog0.4
    • Rewrote a lot of comments in order for the code to be clearer and less cluttered
    • Improved the hashing algorithm of the password to sha-256
    • Converted line endings of the files from Windows to Unix (CRLF -> LF)
    • Moved the file where codes are stored
    • Updated the style of the code
    • Updated the README file to Markdown (now
    • Added a file
    0.3Huge bugfixes and improvements (total rewriting of the code), thanks to the users for their feedback!0.2Minor modifications of the code, bugfixes.0.1First release of BetaGate!

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