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In archive: 2016 | April 2016 | 21.April 2016

Codecanyon WooCommerce Upload Files free download

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The W.C.U.F. will let your customer to upload files for purchased products directly from Cart, Checkout, Order details, Product pages!

Note: The plugin, as WordPress, requires a minimum 5.5 PHP version.

LIVE DEMOFor security reason, email sending is disabled
user: demo
pass: demo
HOW DOES IT WORK?The customer will be able to upload one or more files from the Product page, Order Detail page and/or during the Checkout process according to the purchased items …all done using visual progress bars!
Shop admin will find these uploads directly on the backend Order detail page or as an optional feature they can be sent to the shop admin email address.
HOW TO CONFIGUREIt’s very simple! To configure a new upload field go to Upload files Configurator menu and add a new Upload field.
Once created, the admin has just to configure in which page the field has to be displayed (Product, Cart, Checkout, Order details) and configure its “visibility” according to the filtering criteria (enabled/disabled for specific products, categories or for every item).
This will create one upload field for every matching product (and optionally also for every single variant according to some restrictions in case of Product page) displayed in the selected pages!
Furthermore, for a more deep customization, is also possible to specify some other options like:
  • Field title
  • HTML/CSS description
  • HTML/CSS text showed after the upload has been completed (it’s also possible to use some special shortcodes to display file list with image preview)
  • max uploadable file size
  • max and min images width and height (works only if uploaded files are jpg/png)
  • allowed file types
  • email notifications
  • enable multiple files upload per single field
  • …and much more!
  • EMAIL NOTIFICATION & ATTACHMENTSAs Shop Admin, do you want to be notified whenever an user uploads a file and you want to receive the download link directly via email? Now you can!
    For each upload field you can now enable an “Email notification” option.
    If you like you can also receive the uploaded files directly in your inbox, thanks to the “Attach uploaded file” option. Furthermore you can also specify multiple recipients email addresses!

    NOTE: Some servers have restrictions preventing wp_email() to send attachments bigger than 5mb. If you are experience this kind of problem, you can simply install any SMTP emailer plugin, like This kind of plugins will let you to use any external email services (like gmail, outlook, any smtp server) to send emails.
    PRODUCT PAGE UPLOADSNEW Optionally, is now possible to upload files also before adding item to the cart! (in this case some features are not avaiable)

    Shop admin can configure the upload fields to be visible directly on the Product page!
    In this way your customers can upload a file (or multiple files according to the “multiple files for single field” option) directly from the product page.

    In case of variable products is optionally possible to enable the upload field for every single Product variation or for one or more specific variations (these features are not avaiable if the “show upload field before adding an item to the cart” option is enabled and it will work only for the created varians. For “Any” variant it will not work).

    Shop admin can also enable the “required” option. In this case on the shop page for all the products matching the upload field the “Add to cart” buttons are disable and replaced by a “View” buttonthat forces Customer to enter in product page. Once enterend and added the item to the cart, the customer will be forced via javascript warning to remain in to page until they haven’t upload the file!

    Furthermore is also possible specify where the uploads fields box have to be displayed (before/after variable options dropdowns, product description, etc.) or using the special [wcuf_product_page_upload_form] you can render the upload form inside any product text area supporting shorcodes!

    NOTE: Make sure the theme used is using all the standards woocommerce product page template hooks.
    If the [wcuf_product_page_upload_form] is used the standard upload field managment for Product pages MUST been disabled (to do that Options -> Forced disabling upload fields standard managment -> Product pages )
    CHECKOUT AND CART UPLOADSEvery upload can be configured to be visible on cart page and during the checkout process too. In this way you customers will be able to upload files directly on the cart and checkout page.
    FIELD POSITIONINGUsing the Options menu you can choose where the upload fields have to be positioned in the Product, Cart and Checkout pages! (This is done using the standard WooCommerce hooks, NO custom positioning)
    MULTIPLE FILES FOR SINGLE UPLOAD FIELDBy default for every field is possible to upload only a single file, but optionally WCUF gives also the possibility to upload multiple files using a single upload field. In this case is also possible to configure the maximum number of uploadable files and file size.

    Once files are uploaded, WCUF will create a .zip file containing all the uploaded files.
    Number of uploadable files for a single upload field can also be “bounded” to product quantity in cart or purchased (Option is not avaiable for Product page if the “show upload field before adding an item to the cart” option is enabled), in this way the customer cannot upload more than X files for a field (Where X is the quantity of the item purchased/in cart).

    NOTE: Multiple files for single field upload feature requires the PHP feature “ZipArchive” commonly available in most web host services. If not active, this feature will be not available.
    CROP IMAGES BEFORE UPLOADINGThe WCUF plugin embeds a crop image editor that allows your customers to crop an image before uploading it.
    To enable the embedded editor, the shop admin has just to enable the option in the Image media file section in theupload field configuration tool and set the Cropped image width and Cropped image height values. These values are the sizes that the image will have after cropping process.EXTRA FEES PER UPLOAD WITH SPECIAL “SECONDS OVERCHARGE” FOR MEDIA FILESWCUF allows to set extra fees for every unploaded file. It works also if the multiple files uploads for single field option has been enabled. The shop admin can choose to overcharge a fixed value or a percentage of the original price (like an additional 20% extra for every uploaded file).
    Furthermore is possible to set also an “Overcharge limit” beyond which the customer will no be overcharged for additional uploads

    For audio/video files (most common extension) is also possible overcharge an extra cost per each second (the media file has to have well encoded ID3 info, otherwise the plugin cannot detect the needed info)!SHORTCODESWould you like to show the upload fields form only on a specific page? or maybe would you like to render the upload form in a custom area or in a text area during the checkout proces? Now you can!
    WCUF plugin exposes the following shorctodes to be used according your needs:
  • [wcuf_upload_form]: It will render an upload form with all the upload fields that match the products currently added to the cart in any area supporting shortcode system. It CANNOT be used in the Products, Cart or Checkout pages.
  • [wcuf_product_page_upload_form]: It will render the Product page upload form in any area supporting shortcode system. It can be uses ONLY in the Product page.
  • [wcuf_cart_page_upload_form]: It will render the Cart page upload form in any custom area supporting shortcode system. It can be uses ONLY in the Cart page.
  • [wcuf_checkout_page_upload_form]: It will render the Checkout page upload form in any custom area supporting shortcode system. It can be uses ONLY in the Checkout page.
  • [wcuf_upload_form_last_order]: It will render an upload form with all the upload fields that match the products bought in the last order for the currently logged user. It CANNOT be used in the Products, Cart or Checkout pages.

  • The special shorctode for Product, Cart and Checkout pages are useful if you want to show the upload fields in custom area like tabs or text field (both of them must support shortcodes system).

    NOTE: In order to use [wcuf_product_page_upload_form], [wcuf_cart_page_upload_form] or [wcuf_checkout_page_upload_form] you must disable the standard upload field managment by going to Options -> Disable upload field standard managment andselect the pages in which you are using the shortcode.

    WooThemes Measurement Price Calculator plugin supportBETA WCUF support the dinamyc product variations created by the Measurement Price Calculator plugin. To enable upploads for this kind of product you have simply to enable the Enable one upload field for every single product variation option (Remember that this option is not avaiable if you choose to enable the upload field visibility in product page BEFORE adding the item to the cart).
    IMAGES PREVIEWWCUF allows also to display an image preview (only for jpg/png files) for the uploaded image files. to do that, you have to use the special shortcode [file_name_with_image_preview] in the “Text showed after the upload is completed” field during the upload field configuration.
    UPLOADS SUMMARY FEATUREFrom the Options menu is possible to allow the display of the uploaded files list in the Cart, Checkout and/or Order details page.

    UPLOADS COUNTERThe plugin adds a new column “Upload counter” to the orders table. This will help you to easily track the number of uploads made by the users for each order.
    CUSTOMER FEEDBACK TEXT AND DISCLAIMEROptionally, the shop admin can enable feedback text to bi visible in product, cart, checkout and order details page upload fields and a “Disclaimer” checkbox with text that the user has to check before uploading.
    UPLOADS PROGRESS BARGive some feedback to your users! During file upload on the order page will be displayed a progress bar.
    BULK UPLOADS DELETEDirectly from Orders list, you can delete all the uploads for the selected orders.
    KEEPS YOUR SERVER CLEANOn order deletion, every upload is deleted too.
    WPML COMPATIBLEThis Plugin is compatible with multi-language sites
    ...would you also like to attach files to orders/products and notify customers?Now you can! With my WooCoommerce Attach Me! pluginYou can attach invoices, images or any files directly to your customers orders and to the notification email! You can also attach files to products that will be available only after purchase! Give a Try!WCUF

    WooCommerce Upload Fields screenshotsCONFIGURATION


    [file_name] and [additional_costs] shortcodes in action on “Already uploaded” textfieldWCUF

    Images preview after uploadWCUF









    = 11.7 - 19.04.16 =* Added embed editor to crop images= 11.6 - 13.04.16 =* Added Dutch (Netherlands) translation file= 11.5 - 11.04.16 =* Added new shortcode: [wcuf_cart_page_upload_form] and [wcuf_checkout_page_upload_form]= 11.4 - 07.04.16 =* Minor bugfix* Added new positioning options for Checkout page= 11.3 - 06.04.16 =* Added new shortcode: [wcuf_product_page_upload_form]= 11.2 - 04.04.16 =* Minor bugfix= 11.1 - 01.04.16 =* Product filtering fature has been refined: is now possible to select single variations.= 11.0 - 30.03.16 =* Minor bugfix= 10.9 - 25.03.16 =* Added option to make upload fields visible on order details page also for order marked as "Completed"* Added option to completely disable standard upload field managment on Product, Cart, Checkout pages. This optionMUST be enable if the shortcode [wcuf_upload_form] is used in one of that pages.= 10.8 - 23.03.16 =* Added option to restrict upload using width and height sizes (only for jpg/png)= 10.7 - 18.03.16 =* Minor bugfix= 10.6 - 17.03.16 =* Fixed an issue that prevents uploads to properly work using guest/non-logged account= 10.5 - 09.03.16 =* Added "Disclaimer" option* Added some new positioning option or product page= 10.4 - 08.03.16 =* Added ajax reloading for the shorcode upload form= 10.3 - 06.03.16 =* Bugfix: image preview in some cases was not correctly displayed= 10.2 - 05.03.16 =* CSS improvements on Upload configurator menu* Added option to remove random number prefix before a file name (only for single file upload fields)= 10.1 - 04.03.16 =* CSS bugfix on product page.= 10.0 - 03.03.16 =* small bugfix= 9.9 - 01.03.16 =* Bug fix:  "You are not authorized" text display= 9.8 - 29.02.16 =* Minor bugfix* Added option to disable "Cost per second" text for media uploads= 9.7 - 29.02.16 =* Added some new shortcodes* Added new minimun uploads number for multiple files uploads field= 9.6 - 26.02.16 =* For admin, is now possible download single files contained in a zip file= 9.5 - 25.02.16 =* cache issue in realoading cart page= 9.4 - 24.02.16 =* Bugfix on order details page* Added new [wcuf_upload_form_last_order] shortcode= 9.3 - 23.02.16 =* Added beta support for Measurement Price Calculator plugin= 9.2 - 20.02.16 =* Improve option menu, style section* Improved "require" field managment= 9.1 - 18.02.16 =* Improved option menu: is now possible style some element directly from option meny* Added "Uploads summary" feature: is possible to show the list of the uploaded files in the cart/checkout/order details pages= 9.0 - 17.02.16 =* Bugfix on Order details page= 8.9 - 17.02.16 =* Minor bugfix on session managment= 8.8 - 14.02.16 =* Minor bugfix= 8.7 - 14.02.16 =* Bug fix on checkout uploads= 8.6 - 13.02.16 =* Bug fix on checkout uploads (a "0" was printed by mistake on the html)= 8.5 - 12.02.16 =* Improved added ajax on checkout upload fields= 8.4 - 11.02.16 =* Added the new [file_name_with_image_preview] shortcode that allows the image preview for uploaded jpg/png files= 8.3 - 09.02.16 =* Fixed and issue for upload fields visible only on checkout and/or order pages= 8.2 - 08.02.16 =* Fixed and issue that prevent plugin to be properly activated= 8.1 - 08.02.16 =* Fixed sortable function on Configurator.= 8.0 - 07.02.16 =* Product page: will no loger reloaded after an upload* Improved [file_name] shortcode: it now displayes file names with relative extra costs (if any)* Improved session managment= 7.9 - 05.02.16 =* Added new feature to show an upload field on Product page before adding an item to cart* Added extra media overcharge per second feature= 7.8 - 03.02.16 =* Added "Extra fee per upload" feature= 7.7 - 03.02.16 =* CSS bugfix= 7.6 - 02.02.16 =* Added optional feedback text on product, cart anche checkout pages* Bugfixes= 7.5 - 02.02.16 =* Bugfix on multiple uploads field= 7.4 - 31.01.16 =* Improved multiple upload for single field UI= 7.3 - 31.01.16 =* Small bug fix on checkout page.= 7.2 - 29.01.16 =* Fixed a bug that prevented file submission during checkout process= 7.1 - 28.01.16 =* Added new positions for checkout cart upload files form positioning= 7.0 - 28.01.16 =* Added new [uploaded_files_num] shortcode for the "Already uploaded" description. Is now possible to display number of uploaded files for single field (useful if the multiple file upload option is enabled)* Added new option for checkout cart upload files form positioning= 6.9 - 21.01.16 =* Added customer personal data on notification email* Added upload fields form shortcode= 6.8 - 18.01.16 =* Added Cart page visibility= 6.7 - 12.01.16 =* Added new option to disable "View" button (on shop page and products widgets) replacing the "Add to cart" button when a product has at least one required upload field.= 6.6 - 12.01.16 =* Bugfix= 6.5 - 12.01.16 =* Bugfix: on Checkout pages didn't appear warning message if a required upload wasn't uploaded.= 6.4 - 12.01.16 =* Added new option: The customer can enter feedback test on Order details page upload fields.= 6.3 - 11.01.16 =* Fixed the warning message related to the 'admin_notices' hook= 6.2 - 08.01.16 =* Fixed a bug that prevented guest users to upload files from product/checkout page= 6.1 - 08.01.16 =* Fixed a bug that deleted all uploads made in the product page during the checkout process (if a upload field was configure to be visible on both product and checkout pages)= 6.0 - 04.01.16 =* Fixed a bug that duplicates the "add to cart" button on related products= 5.9 - 03.01.16 =* Css bugfix= 5.8 - 02.01.16 =* Css bugfix= 5.7 - 30.12.15 =* Css bugfix= 5.6 - 29.12.15 =* Feature added: is now possible sorting the upload fields= 5.5 - 28.12.15 =* Added new option menu by which is possible specify, on product page, where the upload fields box has to be displayed (before/after variable dropdowns, ...), progress bar color, etc.= 5.4 - 19.12.15 =* File input fields are now rendered as <button>. In this way they could be more easily styled and automatically inerith theme style.= 5.3 - 14.12.15 =* bugfix= 5.2 - 11.12.15 =* Is now possible to use the [file_name] shortcode in the "Already uploaded" description field= 5.1 - 10.12.15 =* Bugfix= 5.0 - 10.12.15 =* Css bugfix* Is now possible to bound number of uploadable file to product quantity (only if multiple file upload option has been enable for a upload field)= 4.9 - 08.12.15 =* Feature adde: is now possible to send notifications to multiple recipients= 4.8 - 05.12.15 =* Feature added: multiple file upload per single upload field= 4.7 - 04.12.15 =* Added new feature: In case of 3rd plugin javascript error on Upload Fields configuration page, an allert popup willappear with info on which script is causing configurato not working= 4.6 - 03.12.15 =* Improved Required on product page function= 4.5 - 01.12.15 =* Bugfix on Description HTML text save* Improved frontend file type check= 4.4 - 26.11.15 =* Bugfix= 4.3 - 22.11.15 =* Is now possible upload files directly on Product page= 4.2 - 20.11.15 =* Bugfix= 4.1 - 18.11.15 =* Added button to expand/collapse options boxes on configurator menu= 4.0 - 15.11.15 =* WPML bugfix= 3.9 - 12.11.15 =* htps bugfix= 3.8 - 11.11.15 =* Added "*" on mandatory uploads on checkoutpage= 3.7 - 10.11.15 =* Bugfix* Added new option to disable full product name (only in case of variable products)= 3.6 - 09.11.15 =* Improved Checkout Upload process= 3.5 - 07.11.15 =* Bugfix with multiple upload and allow for all order issue= 3.4 - 31.10.15 =* Bugfix= 3.3 - 29.10.15 =* Bugfix= 3.2 - 26.10.15 =* Fixed a bug that prevented to delete an upload field on admin configuration page* Added "Required" field option for checkout uploads= 3.1 - 22.10.15 =* Bugfix= 3.0 - 22.10.15 =* Added progress bar during file upload= 2.9 - 21.10.15 =* Added possibility to select uploads for single products= 2.8 - 19.10.15 =* Bugfix= 2.7 - 02.10.15 =* Bugfix on checkout page= 2.6 - 30.09.15 =* Bugfix on checkout page= 2.5 - 29.09.15 =* code refactoring* improved compatibility with WPML= 2.4 =* bufgix= 2.3 =* Feature added: is now possible to receive uploaded files directly as attachment of the admin notification email= 2.2 =* Bugfix= 2.1 =* Bugfix= 2.0 =* Message to display for "already uploaded file" configurable via backend= 1.9 =* Uploads per order items= 1.8 =* Added bulk delete* on order deletes, all uploaded files are deleted= 1.7 =* Attachment downloads link are sent directly via email (in notification was enabled)= 1.6 =* Bugfixes= 1.5 =* Bugfixes= 1.4 =* Added new "Upload counter" column to Orders table= 1.3 =* Bug fix* Added email notification option= 1.2 =* Added product category filter= 1.1 =* When an order is marked as complete, is no longer possible to attach files= 1.0 =* Release

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