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Category: Themeforest | eCommerce
Tags: Themeforest | Site Templates | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Warehouse | Responsive | Prestashop | 1.6 | theme | blog
In archive: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

Themeforest Warehouse - Responsive Prestashop 1.6 Theme + Blog free download

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Warehouse is a clean, powerfull HTML5 responsive prestashop theme.

Warehouse utilizes many advanced modules and modifications like(rollover images, clean cart, sliders, autocomplete, dialogs). Theme is SEO friendly and is Cross Browser compatible, it’s based on prestashop 1.6 default Bootstrap theme

Compatible with Prestashop

  • iqitcontentcreator – Drag and drop homepage creator
  • iqitmegamenu – Most powerfull prestashop megamenu
  • additionalproductstabs – Add html content tab and right block to product page
  • addthisplugin – module, best social shares
  • blockfooterhtml – Put html content in footer
  • blocklayered_mod – Improved prestashop blocklayered module with additional hook above product list and rollover images support
  • blocklink_mod – Blocki with custom links in footer
  • blocksearch_mod – Improved prestashop search module with image and price
  • blocksocial_mod – Put links to your social networks in footer
  • columnadverts – Add image banners in sidebar
  • cookielaw – Show EU cookie notification
  • crossselling_mod – Improved prestshop crosseling module with rollover support
  • customcontactpage – Show html content and google map on contact page
  • facebookslide – Facebook feed with faces which slides from screen
  • footercontent – Adds html content in footer or tracking links
  • headerlinks – Add custom links in header of website
  • homepageadvertise – Homepage advertise module with two hooks option
  • homepageadvertise2 – Additional homepage advertise module with two hooks option
  • iqitcountdown – Show countdown to special price end on product list, slider and product page,
  • iqitparallax – Show html block with parallax background effect
  • iqitpopup – Create own popup window with newsletter subscription
  • lasttweets – Show last tweets from your twitter account
  • manufacturertab – Show manufacuter description in tab on product page
  • manufactuterslider – Show selected manufactuer logos in slider
  • ph_recentposts – Show recent post from blog on homepage
  • ph_relatedposts – Show related blog post in product tab
  • ph_simpleblog – Prestashop blog module
  • pluginadder – Well optimized JS frame for theme
  • productpageadverts – Show simple image slider adverts on product page right block
  • productsmanufacturer – Show products from the same manufacuter slider on product page
  • productsnavpn – Show previuse and next product link on product page
  • ratingsproductlist – Show ratings on product list
  • revsliderprestashop – Advanced slider creator
  • simpleslideshow – Simple image slideshow
  • slidetopcontent – Html content hidden by defaylt with arrow trigger
  • standardtweets – Show twitter feed in look and feel from twitter widget
  • textbanners – Show text banners with fontawesome icons
  • themeeditor – Most advanced themeeditor for prestsahop with almost 280 configuration fields
  • videostab – Show your mp4, youtube or vimeo videos on product page tab
  • Prestashop
  • All major browsers(IE9,IE10,IE11, Firefox 2+, Chrome, Opera, Safari) and mobile devices
  • Easy install by prestashop module(theme importer)
  • Guide in documentation
  • Support
SupportPlease do not ask technical questions by comments on themeforest, it is not easy to handle support this way.Please contact using e-mail: (contact form)Updates
WAREHOUSE 3.7.5 CHANGELOG=========================================- HOT - better product image zoom option(full sceen zoom expand for dekstops and mobiles)- prestashop compability checkWAREHOUSE 3.7.4 CHANGELOG=========================================- reduce amount of ovveride files to two files- improved performance(related to ovverides and improved loading second image on hover)- twitter module fix- popup windows design change and delay option- crosseling missing price- small design improvmants(ex. autofocus on search field)WAREHOUSE 3.7.3 CHANGELOG=========================================FIXES------------------------------------------ small bugfixes needed for new demosWAREHOUSE 3.7.2 CHANGELOG=========================================FIXES------------------------------------------ small bugfixes needed for new demos- retina logo issue on mobile devicesWAREHOUSE 3.7.1 CHANGELOG=========================================NEW FEATURES------------------------------------------ show all manfufacturer option in iqitcontencreatorFIXES------------------------------------------ fix for quickview window size- fix for grid view- fix in buy block design- fix for php notices- fix for safari browser issue in new demo style

28 January 2016

WAREHOUSE 3.7 CHANGELOG===============================================- prestashop support- New page headers on mobile devices, 3 design option to choose from(each in two variations), full color settins, possible to make it sticky- IQITCONTENTCREATOR: possible to set full width rows also for content, possible to align columns vertically in row, other additional small options- COLUMNADVERTS - possible to show images also as slider- new product list table design option- arrows for fast switching images in product page and slick carusel engine for thumbs- vertical product thumbails option- additional desktop header style- possible to change header icons size(cart, user info, search)- one page checkout new design- improved mobile cart page- php7 compability(only with prestshop image sizes select in iqitcontencreator- simpleblog update- possible to select cms categories in menu- revolutionslider update- some other small design improvmants- new better design of iqitcountdown module, possible to set own colors from module configuration- 100% viewport height iqitcontencreator rows optionFIXES------------------------------------------ reported bugfixes from last realase
13 August 15
NEW FEATURES------------------------------------------ theme: prestashop 1.6.1 compability package - all fixes and new featurs included- theme: new carousels engine, more optimized, with better touch support and mouse gestures, autoplay, dots navigation - HOT- theme: open fullpage of product button in quick view- theme: google sitelinks searchbox support. More info: theme: improved product page image zoom, it's support now touch events on mobile devices- theme: fontawesome update to 4.3 version- theme: support for Advanced EU Compliance prestashop module - HOT- new module - iqitcontentcreator - Drag and drop widget homepage creator(backend and frontoffice editor) - HOT!- additionalproductstabs: possible to create global additional tab, one for all products- blocksearch_mod: option to search products only in selected categories- blog: update ph_simpleblog module to latest version- iqitmegamenu: duplicate tab option for easly creating similar tabs- iqitmegamenu: third level of menu in categories tree- iqitmegamenu: possible to link predefineid tabs titles- iqitmegamenu: added hover intent- iqitmegamenu: edit custom links- themeeditor: new headers style options(header as sidebar or menu next to logo) - HOT- themeeditor: new options for products carousels- themeeditor: optional qty field on product list and sliders- themeeditor: new colors options for products box, box shadows option, better design with border around product boxes, possible to show empty stars- themeeditor: lazdy load of product list and carousels images- themeeditor: set subcategories thumbs per row option- themeeditor: retina ready logo upload- themeeditor: possible to move categories description below product lists- themeeditor: added container width option- themeeditor: option to move products accessories to right block instead below product tabs- themeeditor: possible to include custom font-face fonts- themeeditor: additional navtabs style- themeeditor: possible to decide to use tabs or not for description, features etc on product page- iqitsizeguide: possible to switch off "how to measure" tab- iqitsizeguide: added one global sizeguide for all products- blockcart: added scroll for products in cart- revolutionslider: module updated to latest versionFIXES------------------------------------------ theme: blockcart is now show on scroll only on bigger resolutions, to not overlap seaerch or tabs- theme: small issues with rich snippets in some cases- iqitmegamenu: fix for some small problems with absolute images positions on inner tabs- other: few small other issues fixed

13 March 15

WAREHOUSE 3.5.1 CHANGELOG===============================================NEW FEATURES------------------------------------------ Switcher in customcontactpage module to show/not show the map- Revolution slider sample sliders(in "Revolution slider  documentation and samples")FIXES------------------------------------------ iqitmegamenu fix: special characters title issues in php ver lower than 5.4- iqitmegamenu fix: missing cms links in selectbox if they was selected earlier in mobile menu- iqitmegamenu fix: small design fix for disabled arrows in submenu- rtl fixes

28 February 15

WAREHOUSE 3.5 CHANGELOG===============================================NEW FEATURES------------------------------------------ Completly new megamenu module width drag and drop submenu creator. Most advanced prestashop megamenu ever made Prestashop compability package, all fixes from ps included- search now can be sticky with with main menu- possible to put html content in header above search bar- possiblity to show two product per line on portrait mobile- additonal features in themeeditor like border styles- blocksocial - possiblity to hook in displayNav hook- New Revolutionslider version- SimpleBlog updateFIXES------------------------------------------ popup module newsletter subscription confirmation- popup module problem with cookie- bunch of other small fixes

12 January 15

WAREHOUSE 3.4===============================================NEW FEATURES------------------------------------------ Prestashop compability package, all fixes from ps included- Iqit size guide module included - SAVE $17 - HOT- Blog module updateFIXES------------------------------------------ Few small fixes

27 November 14

NEW FEATURES VER 3.3.1------------------------------------------ Popup module with newsletter subscription - HOT- Blog module update - sharing posts, ,FIXES------------------------------------------ Parallax module ipad background size- Count down issue with product without attributes

17 November 14

NEW FEATURES------------------------------------------ Countdown for special price module - HOT!- Paralax banner module - HOT- Additional footer - possible to active/deactive in themeeditor- Translatable html footer content module- Color attribute on product list- Absolute header option (show slider under header, so slider will be as background)- Manufacturer tab module on product page (show description of manufacturer in tab)- New Yotpo (social reviews) module support- Category slider, new products slider, specials sliders module title is linked now- New hooks for some of modules- Blog module updated (added native comment system)- Best sellers tab in homepagetabs module- Choice between use tab or not in product page- Alerts (success, info, warning, danger) colors option in themeeditor- Additional homepageadverts2 module with possibility to hook in footer- Homepageadverts module, possible to hook in full width hookFIXES------------------------------------------ Instant search now hide sliders during search for better visibility on homepage- Cross selling module disappear on checkout during qty. update- RTL support improved- Font awesome update- Few other small bug fixes

24 June 2014 – Warehouse ver 3.2

WAREHOUSE 3.2 CHANGELOG===============================================NEW FEATURES------------------------------------------ Prestashop compability check- Products by the same manufacturer slider on product page - NEW MODULE!- Additional homepage banners moule, with possiblity to show on all pages in footer -  NEW MODULE!- Possible to set logo width- Additional style for text banners, possible to use circle icons, possible to set colors for each banner- Possible to set number of products per line in grid view(separatly for large desktops, small desktops, tablets and phones)- Possible to set color of product box on hover- Possible to set cart box colors(bg and text)- Possible to set functional buttons colors- Revolution slider update- Italics font options for headings and menu- Optional additional line for long product name on grid view- Possible to show product reference(code) on product list- Possible to add border around columns(left/right) blocks- Possible to choose aliign in product grid(left/center)- Selected filters in blocklayered when hooked above productsFIXES------------------------------------------ blocklayered dropdown problem- Header links module, now also url is multilangual- categories description hide problem on some situations- quick view bg color- Google rich snippets ratings fix- js error with fancybox term and conditions and sticky menu- Twitter homepage widget fixed- some other small design improvmants- contact page with enabled ssl map problem

24 May 2014 – Warehouse ver 3.1

WAREHOUSE 3.1 CHANGELOG===============================================NEW FEATURES------------------------------------------------ Product page column width selector- Rollover effect on product images in mega menu- Possible to change price font size- Possible to change labels font size- Possible to center main headings- Possible to border product box instead shadow in optional hover action- Additional cart icon(bag)- Breadcrumb background and color option- Top banner + background color for it in themeeditor- Added option of forcing boxed design- Added option of content shadow when boxed design is force- Background attachment fixed also for patterns- Show/hide product condition on product pageFIXES------------------------------------------------ Unwanted border when only quick view enabled- Unwanted border when custom contact page disabled- Bankwire, pay by check buttons position fixed on mobile devices- Visibility of carousel arrows on iPad/iPhone- loading text twitter translation- Js error on contact page- Menu right column product image problem on firefox- Header links and blocklink problem with multistore- Textbanner module edit action fix- Product page quantity box plus/minus buttons fix- Ajax search js error- Few other small bugfixes

16 May 14 – Warehouse ver 3.0 – ps 1.6 ready

WHAT'S NEW IN WAREHOUSE 3.0 FOR PRESTASHOP 1.6+- Prestashop 1.6+ support, theme rewriten from scratch with Twitter Bootstrap 3 on prestashop 1.6 files- FontAwesome(icon font) support,- Retina Ready(high resolution)- SASS files included for developers- New mobile expierence- W3C compatible- A lot of under the hood improvements- Better scores on gtmetrix/google page speed- Blog integration - SAVE $17- Revolutiopn slider - SAVE $17- Additional hook for layered navigation + possibility of stick(follow on scroll)- Initial RTL support(will be improved after feedback from native users of rtl languages)- Possibility to set columns separatly for each page(1 column, 2 column, 3 column)- Image Rollover also in modules- Better design of modules- Wishlist and compare added to product list, also to top of page- Custom/Advanced Contact form, with own text and map- Additional Tabs module for product- Overall design improvmants- Right column on product page(possibility to hook image slider(new module) and content module)- Additional product carousel style- Better designed category page, two ways to show category description- Show all button on product listings- Optional product shadow on hover- New fancybox style- Menu labels tags- Taget _blank in megamenu- New design options of menu- Next/Previous product links on productpage- New Ajax add cart confirmation with "Customers who bought this product also bought"- Module tabs on homepage also support products carousel now- Products carusel optimization, cariusel init on page ready not on load- Optional page preloader- Possibility to set header size- More fonts and typo options(9 font size selectors, text transform, text bold)- Possiblity to set background and colors separatly to each part of page with container- Center logo option- Custom JS code- Possible to set ratings stars colors- Possible to set all labels(sale, new, etc) background and text colors- Buttons colors are separeted to 4 parts(default, add cart, add cart product page, confirmation)- 40 predefinied background patterns- Possible to set firts column on mobile(main or sidebar)- Possible to hide top pagination- possible t hide functional buttons(quick view, compare, wishlist)- possible to hide add cart button on product list- possible to hide add cart button and ratings on product list and show it on hover- Html footer- Square or circle social icons- Possible to set colors of social icons- possible to set backgroud for blocktitles(difrents for footer and content)- Top nav switch off/on width full/container- File manager in themeeditor for better upload of background- Each part important of site(header wrapper, header, top nav, menu, cart, titles, content warepper, content, footer wrapper, footer) have own colors selector- Import/export tool in themeeditor(I next week i will prepare demos on 1.6 with configuration files to download)- many more small design improvmants- Included few fixes from next upcoming prestsahop realase(planed for 27may)- In summary the most powerfull theme for prestashop becomes even more powerfull. Only in themeeditor from 98 configurable fields in 2.3 version, The currennt version have above 200 fields. + a lot of from other modules- There is a lot of improvments, and I probably missed some in this list :)

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