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Codecanyon SafeHero free download

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What is this?

Your family, your friends, your wife wants to know if you are alright.
The application will let you send a SMS letting them know that everything is ok.

With SafeHero you will do this really fast.
  • Drag the button down and a simple message will be sent: “The Hero is alright.”

  • Drag the button up and the message will include a Google Maps link with your current location

  • Click the button and send a custom message


    Image that you will have to catch a flight, you are in aeroport with lots of luggage, your hands are full but you mom wants to know if you arrived on time. SafeHero can send her a short message with your location included so she will know that you are fine. In this way you will avoid writing long messages, will save you time and in the same time will make your loved ones happy.

    SafeHero can be used by kids as well.To keep them motivated you can set a “GIFT” and a certain number of points that will need to be reached in order to receive the gift. When a message is sent they will receive 5 points (or 10 if the message include the location).


    Also you if you want to reward them for using/lerning new words you can prepare some “Special Words”: each special word will have a number of points which will be added to user’s total ONLY if the wordwas used in a message.

  • Send your message fast
  • Include location (Google Maps URL) directly in you message
  • Unique User Interface
  • In-app game for keeping your users motivated
  • 3 Themes
  • Tutorial for creating new themes
  • AdMob Integration (banner ads)
How to Resking
  • Import project to Android studio
  • Change package and application name
  • Change icon
  • Change admob id
  • Change theme (optional)

A document with more in-depth details can be found inside project.


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