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Codecanyon ReportIt free download

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ReportIt is the light weight client side app to prepare the Daily Progress Report (DPR) of your work.

It is very common for a office worker to send a DPR ( Daily Progress Report ) to boss(or HR) while leaving for home, well this office routine becomes a headache when you was busy all along the day and forgot the number of tasks and time spent in each. ReportIt, the software solution to this problem, is a light weight app with no server configuration required, Just download it, put it in your localhost directory and it is ready to use. Add the projects you may work on. Enter the task you are doing, ReportIt will track the time of task for you. Wanna pause the current timer in the lunch break(lets say) or mark the task as done? the app has these features for you. When done just export, copy or print the report as simple as that.

Features :
Localstorage Based – This app best utilizes the browser’s localstorage for storing your projects that means no server side configuration is required for this.
Editable Timer – This app features an editable timer for running task. No tension if you forgot to enter or stop task at right time.
Quick export, Copy, Print – This app has some amazing tools on the top right side which helps you to easily export (CSV, Excel, PDF), copy and print the report.

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An easy, straightforward tool for office employee to create Daily Progress Reports, ReportIt even advanced Now !!The legacy continues “No ... copy and print the report.Clean Tasks – Track and Clean your tasks when you are done. Light Weight – Highly light weight single page app.

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