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In archive: 2016 | April 2016 | 22.April 2016

Themeforest Reach - Business Portfolio WordPress Theme free download

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This theme is no longer supported and will be removed from sale in the near future.

Reach is a business portfolio / showcase WordPress theme that offers clean styling with easy use and flexible layouts though shortcodes and template options.

Getting Support

If you encounter a bug in the theme or have any pre purchase questions you can get support by posting your issue or question on the item’s comments page. When posting responses to your original post please use the “reply” button on your original post so your conversation is threaded. This makes it easier to follow.

  • Responsive layout (Tablet & Smartphone)
  • Dark & Light colour schemes selectable in the theme options
  • Colour picker options for accent colours (links & buttons)
  • Background options
    • Fullscreen image
    • Fullscreen slideshow
    • WordPress custom background
  • Post formats (standard, audio, gallery, link, quote, status, video)(
  • Plenty of shortcodes including video, audio, pricing tables and columns.
  • Unlimited portfolios with jQuery filtering
    • Display image galleries, mp4 videos, youtube video, vimeo videos, dailymotion videos, mp3s or any other embedded media such as a Sound Cloud player.
  • Staff page template
  • Theme options and flexible template options
  • Translation ready
  • Custom Contact Details widgets.
  • Well documented (3,000+ words)
  • Unlimited sliders which can be added to the to of any page
  • WP custom menus
  • Live preview dummy content XML included.
Fullscreen Backgrounds

A unique fullscreen image or slideshow of images can be set as the background for any page or post.

Fullscreen Image Background Demo
Fullscreen Slideshow Demo
WordPress Custom Background Demo


Reach makes using shortcodes to style your content super simple. The theme includes shortcode buttons not only on the visual content editor but also the HTML editor. That means there is now no need to remember all those shortcodes and their options or to look through documentation every time you need to use one. You won’t even need to switch between the two editors to use them.

Shortcodes Demo

Post Formats

Reach includes seven post formats letting you apply specific layouts to your blog posts depending on their content. Post formats include audio, gallery, link, quotes, standard, status and video.


Display your work, photographs or products in an easily manageable and attractive way. The theme includes a portfolio custom post type with the ability to create an unlimited number of portfolios, a portfolio grid page template with pagination and jQuery filters, and a portfolio shortcode that allows you to output your work in a one, two or three column layout.

Portfolio Demo

Staff Pages

The Profiles custom post type can be used to make a staff page. It can easily be adapted for other uses such as a sports team roster, cast list or faculty alumni to name a few.

Staff Page Demo

Theme Options

Configure your website in minutes with the built in, unbranded, theme and template options.

Localization ready

Includes a full .mo and .po file so you can translate the theme to your language.

UpdatesVersion 3.6 – 04 September 2015
  • CSS tweaks
  • Fixed media element player not working in lightbox portfolio item
  • Updated translation .mo/.po files
Version 3.5.9 – 02 September 2015
  • Fixed register_sidebar function notice
  • WP 4.3 compatibility
  • Added WordPress site icon support
Version 3.5.8 – 23 April 2015
  • Improved favicon function
  • Added support for WP 4.1 title tag
  • TGM class update
Version 3.5.7 – 15 July 2014
  • Replaced vt_resize() function with defaul WordPress functions.
Version 3.5.6 – 26 April 2014
  • Updated Funky Shortcodes plugin (version 2.1.2)
  • Funky Shortcodes for Reach plugin WordPress 3.9 compatibility
Version 3.5.5 – 20 December 2013
  • Fixed Link format permalink on traditional blog layout
  • Fixed portfolio category taxonomy titles
  • WordPress 3.8 compatibility
Version 3.5.4 – 28 October 2013
  • Replaced Responsive Video Embeds with FitVids as recommended plugin
  • Added Kebo Twitter feed as recommended plugin
  • Updated custom taxonomy queries
  • Updated dummy content XML
Version 3.5.3 – 22 October 2013
  • Re-added mobile viewpoint meta to header.php
  • Responsive CSS Tweaks
  • Updated TGM script
  • Funky Shortcodes version 2.0.4
Version 3.5.2 – 18 October 2013
  • Fixed path to includes directory.
  • Removed facebook open graph meta (Use a dedicated plugin instead).
  • Removed twitter widget (Use a dedicated plugin instead).
  • Updated isotope version.
  • Portfolio item CSS tweaks.
  • Fixed colorbox window size when opening a portfolio item with a mediaElement player.
Version 3.5.1 – 23 September 2013
  • Edit single.php to allow any format-*.php in child themes.
  • Enable custom fields in portfolio custom post type.
  • Backwards compatibility for old post format custom field options.
  • page-portfolio.php deleted term filter bug fix.
Version 3.5 – 19 September 2013

This is a huge update that includes WordPress 3.6 compatibility. Many theme features have been updated to match functionality of my newer items and to improve portability between themes.

Before updating:

  • Move video and audio URLs from option text input field to the top of the content editor on posts and portfolio items.
After updating to version 3.5 users must:
  • Install the recommended plugins.
  • Update any shortcodes used in the theme. Shortcodes are now namespaced with “funky_”. (e.g. [button] becomes [funky_button], etc)
  • Reconfigure background options on pages and posts.
  • Double check theme options.
  • Give portfolio items a post format (standard, gallery, audio, video)
  • Updated sidebar register function
  • Updated Facebook open graph meta
  • Moved pagination function to functions.php
  • Removed unbranded login
  • Replaced 404 title and message text option with static text strings
  • Fixed all PHP notices and depreciated functions
  • Posts now show existing comments when comments are closed
  • Included Envato update script (untested)
    • Added Envato user name and API key theme options
  • Moved stylesheet enqueue to functions.php
  • Tidied header.php
  • Rewrote dynamic CSS
  • Updated child theme
  • Added post formats to portfolio
  • Updated theme options code
    • Added WP customizer support
    • Removed visited link colour option
    • Added button text colour option
  • Updated template options code
  • Change post format images to font
  • Rewrote background code
  • WP3.6 compatibility
    • Removed mediaElement player
    • Added support for built in audio and video player
  • Created plugin to provide shortcodes missing from Funky Shortcodes plugin
    • Portfolio
    • Pricing table
    • List styles
  • Added TGM plugin activation script
    • Add recommendation for Responsive Video Embeds
    • Add recommendation for ColorBox
    • Add recommendation for Funky Shortcodes Reach
    • Add recommendation for Funky Shortcodes
  • Removed integrate shortcodes
  • Added support for Funky Shortcodes plugin
  • Updated language files
  • CSS tweaks
  • Moved contact form code to top of contact form template
  • Update documentation
Version 3.4 – 05 June 2013
  • Updated video embed codes
  • Password protected portfolio items and posts.
  • Adjusted margins on portfolio category archive title
  • Mobile nav menu now shows hierarchy
  • Responsive layout CSS fixes.
Version 3.3 – 13 December 2012
  • Fixed custom taxonomy terms not saving on page edit screen.
  • CSS tweaks
Version 3.2 – 12 December 2012
  • Update theme options framework.
  • Switch custom meta box framework.
  • Added various Apple bookmark icon size options to theme options
Version 3.1 – 17 October 2012
  • Tweak to [portfolio] shortcode
Version 3.0 – July 30 2012
  • Update language .mo/.po
  • Corrected contact Settings option descriptions in theme options
  • Postlist shortcode bug fix
Version 2.9 – 16 July 2012
  • Small CSS fix for mobile devices.
  • Added “rel=”lightbox” colorbox selector
Version 2.8 – 20 June 2012
  • Fix for WordPress 3.4 template name bug
Version 2.7 – 15 May 2012
  • Removed debug line from pricing table shortcode
  • Added visited link colour option in theme options (this will require you update the css/colors.php file in your child theme)
Version 2.6 – 01 May 2012
  • Fixed single column portfolio and page shortcode feature image width
Version 2.5 -02 April 2012
  • Updated options framework
  • Fixed [Portfolio] shortcode page attribute bug
  • Fixed divider shortcode TinyMCE output typo
Version 2.4 – 22nd March 2012
  • Fixed IE9 video dimensions bug.
Version 2.3 – 19 March 2012
  • Changed contact form required field marker colour
  • Social network links now open in new window
  • Fixed gallery shortcode formatting on smartphones
  • Added background-size vendor prefixes
Version 2.2 – 29 February 2012
  • Fixed pixelated social network icons on retina displays
  • Fixed grid blog images pixelated on smartphone layout
  • Added check for blank post excerpt
  • Fixed gallery shortcode styling
  • Added twitter widget toggle replies option
  • Fixed footer widget holder width on tablet layout
  • Tidied HTML editor quicktags
  • Fixed blog title when blog is home page
Version 2.1 – 10 February 2012
  • Removed search restriction to posts (now searches all content
  • Removed mosaic layout option for search results
  • Updated language .mo/.po files
  • Staff grid now links to staff profile page if profile page has content
  • Added staff profile page template
  • Added single column layout for portfolio items
  • Adjusted functions.php so functions can be overwritten in child themes
  • Fixed pixelated images on mobile devices because of up-scaling (can’t be fixed on grid blog template)
  • Fixed jQuery portfolio filters not working with non-latin characters
  • Changed “Go to..” text in mobile navigation to “Select page” to make function clearer
  • Made “top” link text in divider translatable
Version 2.0 – 06 February 2012
  • Improved responsive layouts
  • CSS Tweaks
  • Fixed format-status.php bug
  • Fixed Portfolio TinyMCE button typo
  • Adjusted video player top margin on portfolio page
Version 1.9 – 03 February 2012
  • Fixed “hide featured image” option on gallery posts.
  • Fixed bug causing parent dynamic css file to be loaded instead of child theme’s.
Version 1.8 – 01 February 2012
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed child theme compatibility
  • Added child theme skeleton theme
  • Corrected an option descriptions
  • Updated language .po/.mo files
  • Corrected missing portfolio taxonomy image resizing update
Version 1.7 – 30 January 2012
  • Removed unwanted “hide_title” check on post
  • Adjusted mobile navigation so “Got To …” text is translatable
  • Adjusted media query dimensions
  • Prevented searches limiting to posts in admin area
  • Added navigation no javascript fallback
  • Added toggle shortcode no javascript fallback
  • Updated header.php
  • Added modernizr for javascript detection
  • Added title attributes to portfolio items in grid for no javascript fallback
  • Updated quicktag.js
  • Merged ie7.css into main stylesheet
  • Fixed portfolio shortcode TinyMCE button
  • Correct portfolio shortcode TinyMCE window title
  • Fixed map shortcode TinyMCE button
  • Fixed pagelist shortcode TinyMCE button
Version 1.6 – 27 January 2012
  • Fixed incorrect anchor tag on traditional blog layout.
  • Fixed image scaling on mosaic blog layout.
Version 1.5 – 25 January 2012
  • Added responsive layout (tablet & smartphone)
  • Fixed mac Safari fullscreen video z-index bug
  • Fixed post tags alignment on gallery posts
  • Disabled grid blog view on small resolutions
  • Added missing translatable text strings
  • Disabled colorbox on small resolutions
Version 1.4 – 17 January 2012
  • Added facebook opengraph meta tags
  • Removed option to have slideshow as default background. Slideshow background is still possible on specific pages
  • Replaced play button on video player
  • Fixed bug where not all staff profiles were being output on page-staff
Version 1.3 – 12 January 2012
  • Centered video player (from shortcode)
  • Enabled commenting on portfolio items.
  • Removed TimThumb.
  • Removed video poster option. Video player on video format posts and portfolio items now use featured image as poster image.
  • Fixed button shortcode TinyMCE button margin attribute error.
  • Cleaned up quicktags output.
Version 1.2 – 10 January 2012
  • Fix for slider captions not displaying.
Version 1.1 – 09 January 2012
  • Convert to new dynamic CSS function.
  • Added traditional blog, archive and search results layout. Each can be selected in the Appearance tab of the theme options.
  • Added embed option for portfolio item so that any media can be added to a portfolio item.
  • Add missing translatable text strings to .po/.mo.
  • [portfolio], [postlist] and [pagelist] shortcodes now output all results by default. Number of results to display can still be set using the “number” shortcode parameter.
Version 1.0 – 04 January 2012
  • Initial release.

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