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Codecanyon Graphic2CSS free download

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Graphic2CSS – a light tool for converting images into CSS. Images will be encoded into Base64 code supported by all modern browsers. IE8 limits base64 code size up to 32kb.It helps you to have all small icons and UI control images into one single style sheet andyou can use it for email signatures.


  • Portable – just a two files and doesn’t need to install and neither leaves temporary files or registry entries.
  • Import folders for batch processing.
  • Easily set a background color for transparent PNG images to solve transparency problems for ancient web browsers.
  • Encode/Decode URLs/HEX code/Base64 strings
  • Encode/Decode any file into Base64 code
  • Compress JavaScript/CSS with GZip.
  • Encode HTML5 audio and video to Base64. Generate audio/video tag
  • snippets.
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