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Themeforest Constructo - WP Construction Business Theme free download

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Constructo theme is an wordpress business theme. It is focused on building pages in construction company niches. We included Visual composer, revolution slider, woocommerce support and advanced admin panel so it can be used for any kind of business but that’s not all, with excellent support you just cannot go wrong. Building your perfect wordpress theme will be a a joy, why search further, start building now!

  • Visual Composer
  • Revolution slider
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Unlimited colors
  • RTL support
  • Easy one click update
  • WooCommerce support
  • Advanced admin panel
  • Contact Form 7
  • WPML compatible
  • Codestyle localization compatible
  • Wide and Boxed version
  • 4 predefined color chemese
  • 100% Responsive
  • Font awesome icons integrated
  • Extended documentation
  • 3 blog types
  • And much more!
Changelog:Update: 15.04.2016 – v3.1.8

Changes:- fixed: Javascript issue (caused by the WordPress 4.5 update)- fixed: issue with Visual Composer parallax- updated: FontAwesomeChanged files:404.phpfunctions.phpstyle.cssanps-framework/helpers.phpanps-framework/js/wp_backend.jscss/core.cssjs/functions.js
Update: 29.03.2016 – v3.1.7

- compatibility: for Visual Composer 4.11- updated: Revolution Slider
Update: 18.03.2016 – v3.1.6

Changes:-fixed: boxed version custom background image and color-updated: VC 4.11.1 compatibilityUpdated Files:- style.css- header.php- css/core.css
Update: 20.02.2016 – v3.1.5

Changes:- fixed: portfolio permalink issueFiles:- anps-framework/portfolio.php- style.css
Update: 10.02.2016 – v3.1.4

Changes:- compatibility: WooCommerce 2.5.2- fixed: issue with select2.js- fixed: store heading background issueFiles:- woocommerce/content-product_cat.php- woocommerce/myaccount/form-edit-account.php- anps-framework/helpers.php- anps-framework/js/wp_backend.js- anps-framework/css/wp-backend.css- functions.php- style.css
Update: 22.01.2016 – v3.1.3

Changes:- fixed: WooCommerce category view layout issueFiles:- woocommerce/content-product_cat.php- woocommerce/archive-product.php- style.css - css/core.css
Update: 20.01.2016 – v3.1.2

Changes:- compatibility: theme is now compatible with WooCommerce 2.5Files changes:- woocommerce/cart/cart-shipping.php- woocommerce/content-product.php- functions.php- style.css- css/core.css- woocommerce/cart/mini-cart.php- woocommerce/cart/add-to-cart.php- woocommerce/global/quantity-input.php- woocommerce/myaccount/my-orders.php (removed)- woocommerce/single-product/review.php- woocommerce/content-widget-product.php- woocommerce/checkout/form-billing.php
Update: 18.12.2015 – v3.1.0

Changes:- fixed: comment issue with WordPress 4.4- fixed: issue with Isotope filtering- fixed: portfolio images issuesFiles:- style.css- functions.php- style/functions.js- anps-framework/shortcodes.php
Update: 15.12.2015 – v3.0.9

Changes:- compatibility: with WordPress 4.4- compatibility: with Visual Composer 4.9- fixed: sidebar isssueFiles:- style.css- functions.php- js/functions.js- anps-framework/helpers.php- anps-framework/sidebar_generator.php- anps-framework/shortcodes.php- anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.php
Update: 09.12.2015 – v3.0.8

Changes:- fixed: translation issues- added: fallback for the old social icons (no need to re-save it)Files:- functions.php- js/functions.jsstyle.css content.phpcontent-blog-grid.phpcontent-blog-masonry.phpcontent-columns.phpcontent-signle-blog.phpanps-framework/helpers.phpcomments.phpanps-framework/widgets/AnpsSocial.php
Update: 04.12.2015 – v3.0.7

Changes:- fixed: Revolution Slider spacing issue- fixed: PrettyPhoto lightbox issue- fixed: 404 container issue- fixed: small CSS styling issuesFiles:style.css js/functions.jscss/core.css functions.phpanps-framework/helpers.php404.php
Update: 24.10.2015 – v3.0.6

- fixed: WooCommerce styling issues- fixed: menu color issue- fixed: child theme issues- fixed: Isotope issueFiles:M style.cssM anps-framework/helpers.phpM css/core.cssM js/functions.js
Update: 22.10.2015 – v3.0.5

- fixed: navigation styling issues- fixed: navigation issues on touch devices when in desktop view- fixed: FontAwesome issue- fixed: PrettyPhoto issue- fixed: sidebar sub menu styling issue- fixed: team hover when no description is provided- added: support for Visual Composer 4.8- added: option to disable post metaFiles:M style.cssM content-blog-grid.phpM functions.phpM content.phpM content-single-blog.phpM content-single.phpM comments.phpM css/core.cssM widgets/AnpsImage.phpM anps-framework/helpers.phpM anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM anps-framework/options_page_setup_view.phpM anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.php
Update: 13.10.2015 – v3.0.4

- fixed: Google Maps Javascript issueFiles:M js/functions.jsM functions.phpA js/maps.jsM style.css
Update: 08.10.2015 – v3.0.3

- fixed: Google Maps issue- fixed: small styling issueFiles:M css/core.cssM style.cssM js/functions.js
Update: 22.9.2015 – v3.0.2

- improved: attachment.php styling- fixed: logos/clients element styling issue- fixed: social icons widget issues- fixed: sticky menu mobile issue- fixed: single blog sidebar issue- updated: translation file- added: option to input coordinate instead of address for Google Maps FilesFiles:M js/theme.jsM css/core.cssM style.cssM content-single-blog.phpR languges/embedchess-xx_XX.potR languges/en_US.moR languges/en_US.poM: js/functions.jsM: anps-framework/js/wp_backend.jsM: anps-framework/widgets/AnpsSocial.phpM: anps-framework/widgets/AnpsDownload.phpM: anps-framework/widgets/AnpsText.phpM: anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpM: anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM: anps-framework/helpers.phpM: attachment.php

Update: 16.9.2015 – v3.0.1

- fixed: Google Maps issueFiles:M js/functions.jsM style.css

Update: 14.9.2015 – v3.0

- improved: speed- added: editor to custom CSS- added: Page Sidebars and Post Sidebars options- added: option to change the site-title in child theme- fixed: minor bugs- optimized: changed the custom CSS loadingFiles:M single.phpM functions.phpM templates/template-legacy-page.phpM templates/template-page.phpM anps-framework/helpers.phpM anps-framework/sidebar_generator.phpM anps-framework/options_page_view.phpM anps-framework/custom_css_view.phpA anps-framework/js/mode-css.jsA anps-framework/js/worker-css.jsR inludes/custom-button-styles.phpR includes/custom-styles.php

Update: 5.9.2015 – v2.3.6

- fixed: issues with custom post type- fixed: 404 issues with breadcrumbs- changed: Google Maps elements (added new options, fixed issues, better performance)- fixed: multiple testimonials issue- fixed: footer social links issue- fixed: footer widget spacing issue- fixed: textarea height issue (can now be set using the rows attribute)- fixed: custom CSS issue- fixed: search widget styling issue- fixed: one page scroll issueFiles:M: style.cssM: archive.phpM: index.phpM: 404.phpM single-portfolio.phpM: js/functions.jsM: css/core.cssM: includes/custom-styles.phpM: anps-framework/helpers.phpM: anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM: anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.php

Compatibility update: 31.8.2015 – v2.3.5

- full support for visual composer 4.7 version- youtube and vimeo small https bug fix- woocommerce bugfixFiles:M: functions.phpM: style.cssM: anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM: anps-framework/js/select2.min.jsM: anps-framework/js/wp_backend.jsM: anps-framework/css/wp-backend.cssM: anps-framework/widgets/
Minor update: 20.8.2015 – v2.3.4

- Small wordpress 4.3 compatibility bug fix- improved fontawesome selectFiles:M style.cssM anps-framework/widgets/AnpsRecentProjects.phpM anps-framework/js/wp_backend.js
Minor update: 17.8.2015 – v2.3.3

- improved font awesome widget select- logo upload fixed,- woocommerce update filesFiles:M style.cssM css/core.cssM functions.phpM /anps-framework/widgets/AnpsText.phpM /anps-framework/widgets/AnpsDownload.phpM /anps-framework/widgets/AnpsSocial.phpA /anps-framework/js/select2.min.jsM /anps-framework/js/wp-backend.cssM /anps-framework/js/wp-backend.jsM /includes/custom-styles.phpM /includes/custom-button-styles.phpM /anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpD woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/variable.phpM woocommerce/content-product.php
Minor update: 10.8.2015 – v2.3.2

- Woocommerce tabs improvement.- Logos shortcode fixFiles:M style.cssM core.cssM /includes/custom-styles.phpM /anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpD /woocommerce/single-product/tabs/
Minor update: 20.7.2015 – v2.3.1

- docs update- mobile sticky menu css fixFiles:M: css/core.cssM: includes/custom-styles.phpM: style.css

Update: 09.7.2015 – v2.3.0

Existing customers, please read:This is a major update, upgrading the theme might result in different display of your content. We improved the way the theme displays Visual Composer’s content. So the theme got faster and better. However we couldn’t do this without modifying the way it is rendered. In practice this means, that if you want to get the most out of our theme, you will need to adjust visual composer rows and paddings. For everyone who isn’t willing to go through this, we added the “LEGACY MODE” option at the bottom of “Theme options” -> “Page setup” settings. By check marking it, the old system will be turned on and no row adjustments will be necessary.Before upgrading we suggest creating a backup, just in case.

Change log:Improved theme structureImproved performance and loading speedupdated: bootstrap versionupdated: font-awesome iconsupdated: 100% latest Visual Composer supportadded: new tabs shortcodeadded: new accordion shortcodeadded: gallery shortcodeadded: carousel images shortcodeadded: Google fonts subsets (latin extended, cyrillic,...)Files:M: page.phpM: footer.phpM: functions.phpM: header.phpM: /anps-framework/widgets/AnpsDownload.phpM: /anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM: /anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpM  /anps-framework/option_page_setup_view.phpM: /anps-framework/classes/Options.phpM: /anps-framework/widgets/AnpsText.phpM: /anps-framework/widgets/AnpsSocial.phpM: /anps-framework/classes/Framework.phpM: /anps-framework/style_view.phpM: /anps-framework/classes/adminBar.phpM: /includes/custom-styles.phpA: /anps-framework/classes/gfonts_ajax.phpA: /vc_templates/vc_tta_global.phpA: /templatesM: /css/core.cssM: /css/rtl.cssM: /css/wordpress.cssM: /anps-framework/css/admin-style.cssM: /js/functions.jsA: js/bootstrap/A: js/owl/A: /anps-framework/js/font_subsets.js
Update: 16.6.2015 – v2.2.3

- Updated prettyPhoto to version 3.1.6Modified filesM style.cssM js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js
Update: 11.6.2015 – v2.2.2

- mobile grid margin fix- recent portfolio fix- recent portfolio slider fixfiles:M style.cssM anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpM css/core.css
Update: 9.6.2015 – v2.2.1

- Transparent menu bug fixed- Custom portfolio slug option Filesfiles:M style.cssM anps-framework/helpers.phpM anps-framework/portfolio.phpM anps-framework/options_page_setup_view.phpM anps-framework/classes/Options.php
Update: 8.6.2015 – v2.2

- new vertical menu option- updated woocommerce file- small fix visual composer shortcodes- new demo importfiles:M  style.cssM  functions.phpM  css/core.cssM  js/functions.jsM  anps-framework/helpers.phpM  anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM  anps-framework/options_page_view.phpM  anps-framework/js/theme-options.jsM  anps-framework/css/admin-style.cssA  anps-framework/classes/importer/dummy6.xmlA  anps-framework/classes/importer/,ain-slider-5.zipA  anps-framework/images/deoinstall5.jpgM  anps-framework/classes/Dummy.phpM  anps-framework/classes/Options.phpM  anps-framework/dummy_view.phpM  anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpM  woocommerce/myaccount/my_orders.php
Update: 21.5.2015 – v2.1.1

- improved native wordpress gallery (lightbox)- visual composer update- fixed accordion/toggle VC shortcode- added isotope url hash (can link to filter)files:M style.cssM css/core.cssM js/functions.jsM functions.phpM anps-framework/helpers.phpM anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpM anps-framework/options_page_setup_view.phpM anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM anps-framework/widgets/widgets.phpM anps-framework/classes/Options.php
Update: 14.5.2015 – v2.1.0

1) Improved wordpress native gallery- alt text fixed (better SEO)- additional image size options2. Demo import for woocommerce improved.Modified filesM: style.cssM: /anps-framework/helpers.phpM: /css/core.cssM: /anps-framework/classes/importer/dummy2.xmlM: /anps-framework/classes/Dummy.php
Update: 29.4.2015 – v2.0.9

Fixed: Removed bug that prevents theme installation on some server setups, caused by TGM class.Modified filesM - style.css - /anps-framework/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php
Minor update: 28.4.2015 – v2.0.8

- Bugfix - home page menu color on mobile devices and tabletsModified files:M: /includes/custom-styles.php
Update: 22.4.2015 – v2.0.7

- updated woocommerce files- updated tgm class- esc_url add_query_var and remove_query_var- improved wpml select languange widget styling- improved visual composer functionalityModified filesM style.cssM css/core.cssM functions.phpM anps-framework/helpers.phpM anps-framework/class-tgm-plugin-activation.phpM anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM includes/pagination.phpM woocommerce/cart/cart.php
Update: 14.4.2015 – v2.0.6

- Google maps advanced - new VC shortcode added- Additional settings for page headings- Parallax header- Mobile improvements- Latest FontAwesome icons- Improved contacts widget- Improved WPML style for multilanguage- Improved footer navigation- Woocommerce checkout fix- Custom fonts fix- Recent portfolio category fixFiles:M style.cssM functions.phpM header.phpM sidebar-footer.phpM /js/functions.jsM /css/core.cssM /anps-framework/heading_meta.phpM /anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM /anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpM /anps-framework/helpers.phpM anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpA anps-framework/js/wp_colorpicker.jsM /anps-framework/js/theme-options.jsN /anps-framework/js/wp_backend.jsM /anps-framework/css/wp_backend.cssM woocommerce/checkout/form-checkout.phpM includes/custom-styles.phpM anps-framework/shortcodes.php
Update: 30.3.2015 – v2.0.5

- fixed custom font url- improved blog date- minor css fixesFiles:M style.cssM css/core.cssM includes/custom-styles.phpM content-blog-grid.phpM content.phpM content-blog-masonry.phpM content-single-blog.php
Update: 26.3.2015 – v2.0.4

- Portfolio carousel slider shortcode added- 3 additional installable demos (one click import)- javascript optimization- Improvements for mobile devices- navigation improvementsFiles:M: style.cssM: css/core.cssM: js/functions.jsM: functions.phpM: anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpM: anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM: anps-framework/classes/Dummy.phpM: anps-framework/dummy_view.phpM: anps-framework/widgets/AnpsSocial.phpM: anps-framework/helpers.phpA: anps-framework/classes/importer/dummy3.xmlA: anps-framework/classes/importer/dummy4.xmlA: anps-framework/classes/importer/dummy5.xmlA: anps-framework/classes/importer/main-slider-2.zipA: anps-framework/classes/importer/main-slider-3.zipA: anps-framework/classes/importer/main-slider-4.zipA: anps_framework/images/import-extravagant.jpgA: anps_framework/images/import-fullscreen.jpgA: anps_framework/images/import-limitless.jpg
Update: 19.3.2015 – v2.0.3

Improved visual composer for mobile devices (can hide content on mobile)Fixed portfolio bug (on window resize portfolio disapears)Fixed compatibility issues with Ultimate VC addons pluginImproved overall mobile styleFiles:M: style.cssM: css/core.cssM: includes/custom-styles.phpM: js/functions.jsM: functions.php
Update: 16.3.2015 – v2.0.2

Updated Woocommerce filesAdded option to open all social icons in new windowImproved breadcrumbsMinor visual improvements for Safari browserMinor visual improvements for mobileFiles:M: woocommerce/cart/cart-totals.phpM: anps-framework/widgets/Anpssocial.phpM: anps-framework/helpers.phpM: style.cssM: css/core.cssM: includes/custom-styles.php
Minor update: 12.3.2015 – v2.0.1

Improved navigation on mobile.Files:M: style.cssM: css/core.cssM: js/functions.jsM: /includes/custom-styles.php
Update: 11.3.2015 – v2.0.0

-Shop (Woocommerce) added-RTL support-One click theme upgrade-Lightbox support-Additional one click demo import-Additional portfolio view-Multiple column options on portfolio-Portfolio filter supports subcategories when category is selected-Hide image/video/gallery option on single portfolio item.Files:m: style.cssm: functions.phpm: single-portfolio.phpm: rtl.cssm: /css/core.cssm: /js/functions.jsm: /includes/custom-styles.phpm: /anps-framework/sidebar_generator.phpm: /anps-framework/shortcodes.phpm: /anps-framework/options_page_setup_view.phpm: /anps-framework/install_plugins.phpm: /anps-framework/helpers.phpm: /anps-framework/dummy_view.phpm: /anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpm: /anps-framework/css/admin-style.cssm: /anps-framework/widgets/AnpsSocial.phpm: /anps-framework/classes/Options.phpm: /anps-framework/classes/Dummy.phpm: /anps-framework/admin_view.phpm: /anps-framework/portfolio_meta.phpa: /woocommerce/*a: /anps-framework/woocommerce/*a: /anps-framework/theme_upgrade_view.phpa: /anps-framework/classes/theme-update/*a: /anps-framework/classes/AnpsUpgrade.phpa: /anps-framework/classes/importer/dummy2.xmla: /anps-framework/images/demoimport_screen2.jpg
Update: 27.2.2015 – v1.1.8

New: transparent top bar option on front pageNew: File downloads widgetNew: Next/Previous project navigationNew: Color pickers for submenu colorsNew: Added additional button typeImproved: projects page (portfolio) classic viewFixed: Color overlay on paralaxFixed: Custom Front page header colorpickers now improvedFiles:M:  style.cssM:  functions.phpM:  single-portfolio.phpM:  footer.phpM:  includes/custom-styles.phpM:  includes/custom-button-styles.phpM:  js/functions.jsM:  css/core.cssM   anps-framework/css/admin-style.cssM   anps-framework/classes/Options.phpM   anps-framework/js/colorpicker_custom.jsM:  anps-framework/style_view.phpM:  anps-framework/options_page_setup_view.phpM:  anps-framework/helpers.phpM:  anps-framework/shortcodes.phpA:  anps-framework/widgets/AnpsDownload.php
Update: 16.2.2015 – v1.1.7

improved: improved logo handling,added: design for language selector (multilanguage),fix: Chrome search button javascript bug fixed.Files:N:  /images/arrow.pngM:  /includes/custom-styles.phpM:  /js/functions.jsM:  /anps-framework/classes/Options.phpM:  /anps-framework/options_media_view.phpM:  /anps-framework/helpers.php
Update: 13.2.2015 – v1.1.6

Fix: Portfolio now working on older php version (fixed the pharse error)Files:M:  anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM:  anps_framework/portfolio_meta.php
Update: 12.2.2015 – v1.1.5

Improved: Portfolio type "Default" now displays title and subtitle on projects.Fixed: Adding custom IDs and classes on rows when sidebar is present (VC).Files:M:  functions.phpM:  anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM:  anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpM:  style.cssM:  css/core.css
Update: 9.2.2015 – v1.1.4

Fixed: Boxed version main navigation display bugFixed: drag&drop visual composer shortcodesImproved: type-1 sticky header styleFiles:M:  style.cssM:  anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpM:  includes/custom-styles.phpM:  css/core.css
Update: 4.2.2015 – v1.1.3

Added: show version in theme-optinsimproved: main navigation submenus designimproved: dummy content importAdded: one or two column display option for portfolio on mobile.Added: alternative style for portfolio filterAdded: custom font-size for single blog page heading h1Fixed: limited logo display size on mobileFixed: Top bar on/off option is now workingFiles:M:  content-single-blog.phpM:  style.cssM:  anps-framework/options_page_setup_view.phpM:  anps-framework/options_media_view.phpM:  anps-framework/helpers.phpM:  anps-framework/style_view.phpM:  anps-framework/dummy_view.phpM:  anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpM:  anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM:  anps-framework/custom_css_view.phpM:  anps-framework/admin_view.phpM:  includes/custom-button-styles.phpM:  includes/custom-styles.php
Update: 2.2.2015 – v1.1.2

improved: logo handlingimproved: search buttonadded: options to display/hide search on mobile/desktopadded: custom css input field option in theme optionsadded: option to display portfolio in one or two columns on mobileFiles:M:  sidebar-footer.phpM:  style.cssM:  css/core.cssM:  anps-framework/options_page_view.phpM:  anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpM:  anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM:  includes/custom-styles.phpM:  anps-framework/helpers.phpM:  anps-framework/dummy_view.phpM:  anps-framework/admin_view.phpA: custom_css_view.php
Update: 29.1.2015 – v1.1.1

added: VC 4.4.2 version supportadded: custom options for visual composer columns.added: default font-size values as placeholders in Theme Optionsfix: Minor CSS fixesadded: PSD filesFiles:A     PSD folderM     style.cssM     functions.phpM     footer.phpM     css/core.cssM     js/functions.jsM     /anps-framework/style_view.php
Update: 28.1.2015 – v1.1.0

added: new shortcodes and latest VC version supportadded: different sticky logo transitionsadded: drop-down color and background color picker in theme optionsadded: option to add/remove search icon in navigationadded: team members option for 2 membersimproved: improved dummy content import (Slider now also imports automatically)Files:A   /css/transitions/M   style.cssM   css/core.cssM   /js/functions.jsM   /anps-framework/classes/Options.phpM   /anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM   /anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpM   /anps-framework/options_page_setup_view.phpM   /anps-framework/style_view.phpM   /anps-framework/helpers.phpM   /includes/custom-styles.phpM   /includes/custom-button-styles.php
Update: 22.1.2015 – v1.09

Improved: Display of "Centered logo" in menu options improved on tablets.Fixed: debug code removed (was accidentally left in ver 1.08)Files:M     style.cssM     css/core.cssM     js/functions.js
Update: 21.1.2015 – v1.08

Fixed: Menu centered option fixed.Files:M     style.cssM     css/core.cssM     js/functions.js
Update: 20.1.2015 – v1.0.7

Added: different main menu style optionsAdded: sticky logo option (different logo for sticky menu)Improved: demo content importFiles:M     functions.php anps-framework/helpers.phpM     anps-framework/classes/Dummy.phpM     anps-framework/classes/Options.phpM     anps-framework/css/admin-style.cssM     css/core.cssM     style.css js/functions.jsA      anps-framework/images/demoimport_screen.jpg
Update: 19.1.2015 – v1.0.6

Fixed: sidebar display on tablets and mobile devices.Fixed: initial loading of Google fonts (before configuring style settings in back-end).Updated: Contact form-7 plugin.Files:M     style.cssM     functions.phpM     css/core.css
Update: 16.1.2015 – v1.0.5

- Menu now supports larger logo and navigation aligns automatically- Demo content import now works also with older versions of phpFiles:M     anps-framework/classes/Dummy.phpM     style.cssM     includes/custom-styles.phpM     css/core.css
Update: 14.1.2015 – v1.0.4

- Improved importer for dummy content (imports also widgets)- Added patterns to child theme (for boxed version)Files:M     anps-framework/classes/Dummy.phpM     style.cssM     child theme
Update: 13.1.2015 – v1.0.3

- Improved display on mobile and tablets- Team shortcode now supports 3, 4 or 6 members in one row.Files:M     css/core.cssM     includes/custom-styles.phpM     js/functions.jsM     css/wordpress.cssM     anps-framework/shortcodes.phpM     anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.phpM     style.css
Update: 12.1.2015 – v1.0.2

- Added: Starter Child Theme- improved borders in top menuFiles:M      /constructo/css/core.cssM      /constructo/style.css
Update: 12.1.2015 – v1.0.1

- Fix: minor css fix (dividers in top menu)Files:M      /constructo/css/core.cssM      /constructo/style.css

Initial release - 1.0
Credits:Images used in this template are not included!
  • Depositphotos
  • Photodune
  • jQuery
  • gmap3
  • Isotope
  • Bootstrap
  • Sass
  • jQuery Parallax
  • You can buy images on these links:
    • concrete-windshield
    • workers-pouring-concrete-in-form
    • stairway
    • modern-commercial-building
    • modern-building
    • business-man
    • business-people-and-engineers-on-meeting
    • bay-bridge
    • engineer-at-a-site
    • engineering-objects
    • builder-worker-at-site
    • architect-designing-a-new-building
    • roller-on-the-wall
    • modern-home
    • architect-on-site
    • architect-on-site
    • home-improvement-renovation-handyman-laying-tile
    • project
    • earth-moving-equipments
    • team-on-site
    • worker
    • team-of-architects-on-site
    • modern-house-front
    • handyman-at-home
    • odern-house-front
    • modern-house-livingroom
    • modern-house
    • modern-house
    • different-tools

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    Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

    Construction is a business theme designed specifically for construction, building companies and those that offer building services. The theme... Initial releasePLEASE NOTE THAT NONE OF THE IMAGES IN THE DEMO ARE AVAILABLE IN THE THEME PACKAGE.Our Premium WordPress Themes
    Free download Videohive Construction Bits 14 -- Steel Construction Pack

    Free Videohive Construction Bits 14 -- Steel Construction Pack theme download

    Category: Videohive | Stock Footage
    Tags: Themeforest | Blogging | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Construction | Bits | Steel | Pack
    Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

    Construction Bits vol #14—Steel Construction PackA steel construction workers are working on the modern construction site. There are 3 diffe...ou need? I have a dozen terabytes of clips in my archive, and I will gladly prepare a clip for you. Feel free to ask me via e-mail
    Free download Themeforest Construction - Construction, Building Business

    Free Themeforest Construction - Construction, Building Business theme download

    Category: Themeforest | CMS Themes
    Tags: Codecanyon | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Construction | Construction, | Building | Business
    Archives: 2016 | April 2016 | 20.April 2016

    Construction is a business theme designed specifically for construction, building companies and those that offer building services. The theme...enty of customization options that allows you to change the visual style of any elements without touching to single line of codes.
    Free download Codecanyon Max Construction - Layers Construction Child Theme

    Free Codecanyon Max Construction - Layers Construction Child Theme theme download

    Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
    Tags: Architecture | Building | Business | Clean | Company | Construction | Corporate | Engineering | Industrial | Industry | Portfolio | projecting | Themeforest | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Construction | Layers | Child | theme
    Archives: 2016 | June 2016 | 09.June 2016

    Max Construction – is a WordPress Construction theme. It is a fully responsive, customizable and professional construction WP theme that...ortfolio pluginCustom Social Media area in the headerWell DocumentedDemo data IncludedWorks with Contact Form 7

    Free download Codecanyon Fixit Construction - Construction WordPress Theme

    Free Codecanyon Fixit Construction - Construction WordPress Theme theme download

    Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
    Tags: Architecture | Building | Business | Construction | construction wordpress theme | Corporate | Electrician | Engineering | Industry | Interior | Maintenance | Painting | projecting | Renovation | Repairs | Themeforest | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Fixit | Construction | theme
    Archives: 2016 | September 2016 | 29.September 2016

    Theme Features04 Available Home Page Layouts04 Available Header Variations02 Blog Layouts03 Project LayoutsSidebar Pos...onents Compatible100% SupportAll files are well commented and organizedI am Happy To give a creditpixabay.comgoogle fonts
    Free download Codecanyon Construction  - Construction Business WordPress Theme (Construct Pro)

    Free Codecanyon Construction - Construction Business WordPress Theme (Construct Pro) theme download

    Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
    Tags: Architecture | Builder | Building | cleaning services | Construction | construction business | construction company | Contractor | Electrician | Engineer | Handyman | Painter | Plumber | Renovation | Responsive | Themeforest | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Construction | Business | theme | Construct | Pro
    Archives: 2016 | October 2016 | 22.October 2016

    Construction – is clean construction & business WordPress Theme and retina ready. It is great, professional and easy to use...Compatible. Included demo data files. Included documentation. 24/7 Premium SupportNote: Images are not included in the download file!
    Free download Themeforest ONE Construction _ Construction and Building Business

    Free Themeforest ONE Construction _ Construction and Building Business theme download

    Category: Themeforest | PSD Templates
    Tags: Architecture | Building | Business | Company | Construction | Corporate | Electricy | Engineering | Industry | Interior | isolation | Maintenance | Painting | projecting | Renovation | Themeforest | PSD Templates | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Construction | Building | Business
    Archives: 2016 | December 2016 | 22.December 2016

    One construction is a modern PSD template designed for construction. It’s easy to customize this template for your purpose. One construction ...alewayLatoIcon:FontawesomeNote:All images are used for demo purposes only, they are not included into the download package.
    Free download Themeforest Constructo - Ultimate Construction Template

    Free Themeforest Constructo - Ultimate Construction Template theme download

    Category: Themeforest | Site Templates
    Tags: Architect | building company | Construction | Construction Template | construction theme | Constructor | Contractor | Electrician | Handyman | Industry | Painter | Plumber | Repair | tiler | Worker | Themeforest | Site Templates | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Constructo | Ultimate | Construction | Template
    Archives: 2017 | February 2017 | 02.February 2017

    Constructo: The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Construction HTML5 TemplateConstructo is fully responsive, easy customization, creative, modern and...description, live preview and screenshots twice, to make sure you are purchasing the right template for you. (Please do contact us if needed)
    Free download Codecanyon Construction – Construction And Building Business WordPress Theme

    Free Codecanyon Construction – Construction And Building Business WordPress Theme theme download

    Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
    Tags: Architecture | Building | Business | Carpentry | ceilings | Construction | construction companies | Heating | Painting | Plumbing | refurbishment | Rendering | Renovation | Themeforest | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Construction | Building | Business | theme
    Archives: 2017 | April 2017 | 08.April 2017

    A. IntroductionConstruction is premium made WordPress Theme specifically for construction, building companies, architecture businesses a...onsSimplelineiconsThe images used on the demo site are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the download file.

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