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Codecanyon ChimpMate Pro | WordPress MailChimp Assistant free download

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Advanced features of ChimpMate

What makes ChimpMate The Most Powerful Plugin

Increasing the number of mail subscribers is one of important aspect of digital marketing. The ChimpMate is a lead generation newsletter plugin that let you to convert your readers into subscribers. The plugin offers easy installation of lightbox, widget, slider, add-on, topbar and flipbox.

The first quality of this plugin is it doesn’t include any annoying pop ups. MailChimp is a highly customizable plugin. You can decide when to and where to show the pop ups without irritating the users. The depart-intent technology within this plugin let you to show off the subscription form when the user about to leave from your page. The lightbox and widget of MailChimp plugin features stunning design that add beauty to your site and increase subscribers.

The live editing is one of most highlighting feature of ChimpMate. It let you to check the settings you made in real time without having refreshing the page. You can also lock your trending blog posts using ‘subscribe to unlock’ feature within ChimpMate plugin. You can lock the whole content or a specific part of content using this feature. It is highly effective and unbreakable. At same time it help you to get more subscribers and to improve the reputation of your blog.

The MailChimp plugin built with mobile users in mind. It is highly responsive and smooth. The plugin also offers stunning responsive themes. Using device filter feature you can also target visitors who using a specific type of devices.

The ChimpMate plugin also include powerful feature such as hassle free A/B testing and instant analytics. These features help you to perform effective monitoring and to understand where to focus on for further improvement.

Advanced features of ChimpMate plugin
  • Powerful Live Editor
  • The powerful live editor within ChimpMate plugin let you to check your customization without having refreshing the page.
  • Lightning Fast
  • We strongly believe speed is the most important part of user experience. You won’t feel a single bit of lag while using the ChimpMate plugin.
  • Unbreakable Content Lock.
  • he ‘subscribe to unlock’ feature in ChimpMate plugin let you to lock your content to get more subscribers. It is highly effective and unbreakable.
  • Hassle Free A/B Testing.
  • The advanced A/B testing in ChimpMate plugin will provide accurate data on how different factors blog or site performed over a selected period of time. It help you to decide where to focus for further improvement.
  • Instant Analytics
  • The instant analytics tool help you to perform smart monitoring on your website. The tool provides data on user behaviour on your site over a period of time. In that way you will get definite idea about how your service can meet the customer’s expectations.
  • Fully Vector And Responsive
  • The MailChimp plugin provide stunning fully responsive themes. It will work smoothly on web and mobile devices. It scalable and never lose quality on enlargement.
  • Highly Customizable Themes
  • The themes from ChimpMate plugin are highly customizable. You can make sufficient changes within themes for lightbox, widget, slider, add-on, flipbox and topbar.
  • Depart Intent Technology
  • It is an advanced lead generation feature of ChimpMate plugin. Using this feature you can show off the subscription form when the user is about to leave from your page. Unlike other annoying pop-ups this feature will increase the subscription rate.
  • Reappear Delay Customization
  • This feature let you to decide when to make the reappearance of subscription form after closing it by the user. This feature help you to make your pop-ups less annoying.
  • Search Engine Visitors
  • ChimpMate offers different types filtering methods for targeting potential users. The search engine filtering is most important one. This filter system let you to target only the search engine visitors.
  • Social Media Visitors
  • Social media is an important part of internet marketing. This feature help you to target visitors only from top trending social networking sites.
  • Premium Support 24*7
  • We are committed to provide full support for you to fulfill your demand. If you need any clarification or complaint in using the ChimpMate plugin please don’t hesitate to contact us via help forum.
ChangelogChangelog 1.2.1[+] Added openweathermap api integration for material lite theme[*] Reduced Localized content[*] Fixed issue with number of group items------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Changelog 1.2.0------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[*] Fixed Addon issues[*] Minor design errorsChangelog 1.1.9------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[+] Added tweaks for Checkboxes/Radio[+] Added Auto unlock if Subscribed[*] Fixed Design bugsChangelog 1.1.8------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[+] New Topbar Customization options[+] New Flipbox Customization options[+] New Topbar as Shortcode for Horizontal/Single line bar[+] Added hide if Subscribed option[*] Fixed Minor design bugs[*] Fixed PHP backward version compatibility issuesVersion 1.1.7------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[+]New Individual Post/Category Subscription Management[*]Fixed Social button bug[*]Fixed other design bugsVersion 1.1.6------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[*]Improved Rendering Performance[*]Improved Front end content loading[*]Fixed minor design bugsVersion 1.1.5------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[+] New Multiple Form Feature[+] New Multiple List Feature[+] New Custom Field Feature[+] Added Iconset options[+] Supports MailChimp API 3.0[*] Enhanced Backend Performance with Easy Navigation[*] Front End OptimizationVersion 1.1.4------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[+]Added new 3 Premium Themes[+]Added separate Page Filter for Topbar[+]Added separate Page Filter for Flipbox[*]Tweaks in Topbar Dependency options[*]Tweaks in Flipbox Dependency options[*]Tweaks to add Google Pixel[*]Tweaks in TagVersion 1.1.3------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[*]fixed jquery downgradeVersion 1.1.2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[+]Added new Premium Theme[+]Added Open-on-Click trigger methods[*]tweaks in Media query resolutions[*]tweaks in Shortcode Dependency options[*]tweaks in Unlock Dependency options[*]Fixed color change option issue[*]Corrected spelling errors[*]Fixed Trigger hiding issue[*]Removed faulty CSS animationsVersion 1.1.1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[+]Added Open-on-Click feature for lightbox/slider[+]Added Distraction-free mode for slider[+]Added customizable popup animationsVersion 1.1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[+]Added subscribe with Comment/Registration[+]Added Font styling for checkbox[*]Fixed submit with Enter/Go[*]Fixed Compatibility issue with PHP 5.2[*]Fixed HTTPS compatible links[*]Bugs fixed in Error Display UI/Theme AlignmentVersion 1.0.9------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[*]Improved User Experience - Error handling[*]Fixed script loading compatibility with Optimizer plugins[*]Enhanced loading time - Google fonts[*]Fixed bugs - JavaScript function overloading in FirefoxVersion 1.0.8------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[*]Compatibility fixes with cache plugins[*]Changes in JS workflowVersion 1.0.7------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[*]PHP backward compatibility issue fixed & minor bugsVersion 1.0.6------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[*]Minor size and position changes - theme 4[*]Minor size and position changes - theme 7[*]fixed CSS bugs on IE for logged in usersVersion 1.0.5------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[*]Theme compatibility issue fixed - CSS basedVersion 1.0.4------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[*]PHP array issue fixedVersion 1.0.3------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[+]New theme addedVersion 1.0.2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[*]PHP backward compatibility issue[*]Fixed erros in widget theme selection[*]Fixed global variable access issues with widget themeVersion 1.0.1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[*]Added option - welcome message[*]fixed issues with cutom CSS[*]Fixed minor flickering in IEVersion 1.0.0------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[+]Initial release

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