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Themeforest BuildPress - Construction Business WP Theme free download

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BuildPress supports Visual Composer

Link to our new construction theme - StructurePress

We’ve built the best premium WordPress theme for construction businesses. Introducing BuildPress – our most advanced theme to date. BuildPress is super simple to set up and use, and is only available on ThemeForest. The BuildPress theme allows you to create a smart website, easily, so you can focus on what’s most important – your building projects and clients.

BuildPress reasons why it is best selling niche theme

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Construction companies & building renovation business owners ABSOLUTELY LOVE BuildPress. Check out the features and testimonials below to learn why!

Main Features                                                                                                               
Fully Customizable - Powerful Theme Options - BuildPress WordPress Theme                                                                                                               Intuitive Page Builder

BuildPress has an integrated Page Builder which does all the heavy lifting for you. With its intuitive drag & drop interface, building pages becomes a pleasure.

Real-time WP Customizer                   Real-time WP Customizer & Page Layouts

Change the look and feel of BuildPress with the real-time preview WordPress customizer. See how your website looks before you make the changes live. The theme also includes many different page layouts that you can change via the Customizer (eg. front page layout, regular page, shop, blog, and more!).

One-Click Demo Content Installer                   One-Click Demo Installer

Import demonstration content with one click to get your theme up and running. This content will guide you through building your website for stress-free and painless website creation!

Premium Essential Grid Included As Bonus                   Included: Essential Grid Gallery Plugin

Premium WordPress plugin Essential Grid comes free with BuildPress. Showcase your company’s portfolio easily with the various stylish grid formats.

Many Sidebars and Widgets                   Sidebars and widgets

Create your own unique layout with BuildPress’ many custom widgets and sidebars.

WooCommerce Compatible                   WooCommerce compatible

Need an online shop? WooCommerce is fully integrated with the BuildPress theme, so you can quickly build your shop and start selling right away!

Popular WordPress Plugins Supported                   Popular WordPress plugins supported

BuildPress supports most popular WordPress plugins by default. Contact Form 7, Custom Sidebars, Jetpack and FancyBox for WordPress are just a few of these.

Responsive and Retina-Ready                   Responsive & retina-ready

BuildPress looks great on any device, from mobile to desktop and beyond. Our responsive design fits to any screen, and clean code means it loads fast too – especially on mobile!

Developer Friendly Theme                   Solid foundations

Compatibility and code quality are as important as the visual appearance of the theme. Coded by WordPress Standards, BuildPress is developer-friendly and easy to customize or add new functionality.

Build to last                   Built to last

The BuildPress theme lays the groundwork for your unique construction business website. With BuildPress at the heart, we guarantee your site will function well and look great – both today, and in the future.

    Some of our happy customers…

This theme is simply amazing. I can customize EVERYTHING! I have choosing code quality because I can only select one. All themes should be as easy as this one. GLWS!!


By far the is the best theme on Evanto Market. I have tried many of them but this one is easy to use and very flexible. I would highly recommend it to those who are looking for an easy customizable theme. Very nice work done. A+.


Great theme (BuildPress) with very helpful customer support (ProteusThemes) with consistently the shortest response time I have experienced until so far.


We are establishing a new building company and found the Buildpress Theme as the most convenient regarding the design and features it provides. Proteus support is excellent and they answer questions promptly.


This is BY FAR THE EASIEST theme I had to install. The support documentation is 100% accurate. Well done ProteusThemes, I will definitely be using more of your themes in the future. Good Luck on sales.


5 stars – great mix of super design and very helpful support. I will be looking out for what this team creates in the future. They really know what they are doing. Well done.


This is a great theme that can be used for much more than simply builders (I am using it for a financial website). It works great and the support team and amazingly fast responding to issues! Thanks guys.


So far from purchasing the theme to installing it and discussing it with the developer the service has been nothing short of outstanding.


The content import via their server was the best I’ve seen in years. I normally have such a headache with the XML imports, so this is brilliant.


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HTML version of BuildPress


Translated in 8 languages, WPML compatible and RTL supported
  • BuildPress is already translated to English, German, Russian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Turkish and Slovenian.
  • The WordPress multilingual plugin can be configured for BuildPress in minutes. All of our themes are 100% translation-ready.
  • BuildPress also supports right-to-left text direction. It will be activated automatically when BuildPress detects that you installed WordPress in RTL language.
Want to use the images featured in the BuildPress demo content?

The images shown in the demo page are copyrighted and come blurry with the theme in the demo content:

BuildPress passed theme review


BuildPress has excellent mobile user experience


BuildPress is SEO mobile friendly


Proudly created by ProteusThemesVideo tutorialsTimely SupportDownload FREE PSDOnline documentation

ProteusThemes professional customization


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Contact / Support

We’re here to help, whenever you need it! Our first-class support team is ready to answer your questions – so please get in touch with us via ProteusThemes Support if you have any suggestions or need help with any of our themes.

\* Visual Composer plugin is not bundled with the theme. But the theme fully supports it.

v3.3.2 (2016-03-21)@ improved: updated FontAwesome version, to include new icons# fixed: strip away html in excerpt text of the Featured Page widget# fixed: bug in WooCommerce for 768px screens# fixed: custom excerpts in featured page are not shown when just a little longer than 240 chars
v3.3.1 (2016-02-01)# fixed: skype protocol not working in social icons# fixed: typo in customizer# fixed: featured page widget images on mobile (implement srcset+sizes)# fixed: Icon Box primary color for content is now working with customizer@ improved: removed automatic updates and added Envato Market plugin as recommended plugins@ improved: ensured 100% compatibility with WooCommerce 2.5
v3.3.0 (2015-10-28)+ added: Added support for embed responsive videos.+ added: setting in customizer to show/hide ACF# fixed: position of prev/next buttons on the mobile view for projectsFiles:M    inc/acf.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/filters.phpM    single-portfolio.php
v3.2.0 (2015-10-02)+ added: Skype protocol# fixed: Heading tags for WooCommerce product page.Files:M    inc/filters.phpM    part-main-title.php
v3.1.0 (2015-09-10)+ added: Visual Composer support+ added: backwards compatibility for favicon@ improved: Updated Font Awesome to version 4.4@ improved: Updated TGMPA to v2.5.xFiles:A       assets/sass/components/_visual-composer.scssM       assets/sass/components/_woocommerce.scssM       assets/sass/style.scssM       bin/acf.xmlM       bower.jsonM       composer.jsonM       composer.lockM       functions.phpM       inc/acf-field-groups.phpM       inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM       inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-frontend.phpA       inc/theme-vc-shortcodes.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/class-vc-custom-param-types.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/class-vc-helpers.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/class-vc-shortcode.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-banner.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-brochure-box.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-container-google-maps.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-container-testimonials.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-facebook.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-featured-page.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-icon-box.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-location.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-social-icons.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-testimonial.phpA       inc/vc-shortcodes/template-vc-home-page.php
v3.0.4 (2015-08-07)+ added: search result template with excerpts# fixed: Comments title "Write a Comment" still visible after disabling comments# fixed: main navigation dropdown on ipad/android tablet (submenu and dropdown stays open)# fixed: main menu dropdown menu displays under the second row main menu itemFiles:M    assets/js/TouchDropdown.jsM    assets/sass/components/_main-navigation.scssM    assets/sass/components/_wp.scssM    comments.phpM    composer.jsonM    composer.lockD    demo-content/content.xmlD    demo-content/widgets.jsonM    functions.phpM    inc/content-import.phpM    inc/filters.phpA    search.php
v3.0.3 (2015-06-04)@ improved: support for title tags and added the fallback functions@ improved: conditional loading of js/css in wp-admin@ improved: removed default value for the favicon setting in customizer@ improved: wp-post-image is now defined with max-width instead of widthFiles:M    assets/js/admin.jsM    assets/sass/components/_wp.scssM    functions.phpM    header.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/filters.php
v3.0.2 (2015-05-21)# fixed: ACF fields for subtitle.# fixed: project images were not responsive# fixed: shop page can't set title background color or imageFiles:M    assets/sass/components/_projects.scssM    assets/sass/components/_wp-widgets.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    footer.phpM    functions.phpM    header.phpM    inc/acf-field-groups.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    index.phpM    page.phpM    part-main-title.phpM    single.php
v3.0.1 (2015-04-28)@ improved: new version of Essential Grid - 2.0.9 Artemis (28th April 2015)# fixed: TGM (updated to 2.4.2) vulnerabilityFiles:M    assets/sass/style.scssM    bundled-plugins/essential-grid.zipM    composer.jsonM    composer.lockM    languages/buildpress.potM    style.css
v3.0.0 (2015-03-17)+ added: filters for footer left/right text.# fixed: Logo and favicon default paths in customizer.# fixed: Change the text "ProteusThemes" with widget icons in Widgets, Customizer and in Page Builder# fixed: breadcrumbs style, if home trail is removed# fixed: Icon Box widget icon switcher in Customizer -> Widget section# fixed: external image resources# fixed: non-asci characters in some files# fixed: data validation and sanitization in many files# fixed: closed comments didn't show, it is much more complete now# fixed: Banner widget button shortcodes problem for older PHP versions@ improved: translation pot, po and mo files@ improved: the way Google Fonts are added - with hooks to add/remove new fonts@ improved: new hook to opt-out for the CDN IE9 and below shim and respond.js code in the <head>@ improved: WP compatibility issues with the theme activation hook and setting thumbnail sizes@ improved: prefixed all code for better compatibility and stability: functions, hooks, constants, class names, script/style handles, global variables ...Files:M    Gruntfile.jsA    assets/images/pt.svgA    assets/images/title-area-pattern-2x.pngD    assets/images/widget-title-logo.pngM    assets/js/admin.jsM    assets/sass/components/_breadcrumbs.scssM    assets/sass/components/_proteus-widgets.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    bower.jsonM    comments.phpM    footer.phpM    functions.phpM    header.phpM    inc/acf.phpM    inc/automatic-updates.phpM    inc/compat.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-frontend.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-setting-dynamic-css.phpM    inc/documentation-link.phpM    inc/filters.phpM    inc/helpers.phpA    inc/ie-hacks.phpM    inc/shortcodes.phpM    inc/tgm-plugin-activation.phpM    inc/theme-customizer.phpM    inc/theme-sidebars.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-banner.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-brochure-box.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-facebook.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-featured-page.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-google-map.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-icon-box.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-social-icons.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-testimonials.phpM    inc/woocommerce.phpM    index.phpM    languages/ar.moM    languages/ar.poM    languages/buildpress.potM    languages/de_DE.moM    languages/de_DE.poM    languages/es_ES.moM    languages/es_ES.poM    languages/fr_FR.moM    languages/fr_FR.poM    languages/nl_NL.moM    languages/nl_NL.poM    languages/ru_RU.moM    languages/ru_RU.poM    languages/sl_SI.moM    languages/sl_SI.poM    languages/tr_TR.moM    languages/tr_TR.poM    package.jsonM    part-jumbotron.phpM    part-main-title.phpM    single-portfolio.phpM    single.phpM    style.cssM    woocommerce/single-product/rating.php
v2.1.0 (2015-03-17)+ added: better prev/next navigation in projects+ added: Ess. Grid BuildPress skin colors in customizer.@ improved: disabled draggable on mobile devices for google maps widget# fixed: issues when importing demo content# fixed: issue with visual editor toolbar toggle on front page with slider page templateFiles:M    Gruntfile.jsM    MakefileA    assets/js/BrochureAdmin.jsM    assets/js/SimpleMap.jsA    assets/js/TouchDropdown.jsM    assets/js/main.jsM    assets/js/main.min.jsM    assets/js/modernizr.custom.24530.jsM    assets/sass/components/_main-navigation.scssM    assets/sass/components/_woocommerce.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    demo-content/content.xmlM    header.phpM    inc/acf-field-groups.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/helpers.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-brochure-box.phpM    languages/buildpress.potM    package.jsonM    part-breadcrumbs.phpM    single-portfolio.phpM    style.css
v2.0.1 (2015-02-16)# fixed: support for WooCommerce v2.3.0# fixed: related and upsells products on mobile are now displayed correctly# fixed: lightbox in projects gallery# fixed: featured page in featured pageFiles:M    .gitignoreM    MakefileM    assets/js/main.min.jsM    assets/sass/components/_projects.scssM    assets/sass/components/_woocommerce.scssM    assets/sass/rtl.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    bower.jsonM    bundled-plugins/essential-grid.zipM    inc/acf-field-groups.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/tgm-plugin-activation.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-featured-page.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-testimonials.phpM    languages/buildpress.potM    package.jsonM    rtl.cssM    single-portfolio.phpM    style.cssM    woocommerce/global/sidebar.phpM    woocommerce/single-product/rating.phpM    woocommerce/single-product/short-description.php
v2.0.0 (2015-01-22)+ added: translation to German+ added: translation to French+ added: translation to Russian+ added: translation to Spanish+ added: translation to Dutch+ added: Simple Lightbox in recommended plugins@ improved: new version of Ess. Grid# fixed: colors for hover of top/main menu are now changed together with theme colors# fixed: google maps widget warning, if no locations are defined# fixed: typo in the headings of the blog titles# fixed: default main menu hover color in customizerFiles:M    assets/js/admin.jsM    assets/sass/components/_top-navigation.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    bower.jsonM    demo-content/essential-grid-construction.jsonM    functions.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/tgm-plugin-activation.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-google-map.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-testimonials.phpM    index.phpM    languages/buildpress.potA    languages/de_DE.moC073    languages/buildpress.pot    languages/de_DE.poA    languages/es_ES.moC073    languages/buildpress.pot    languages/es_ES.poA    languages/fr_FR.moC073    languages/buildpress.pot    languages/fr_FR.poA    languages/nl_NL.moC073    languages/buildpress.pot    languages/nl_NL.poA    languages/ru_RU.moC072    languages/buildpress.pot    languages/ru_RU.poM    style.css
v1.10.1 (2015-01-09)@ improved: RTL@ improved: optimized images# fixed: duplicated ACF settings after the demo content import# fixed: categories on the single projectFiles:M    assets/images/404.pngM    assets/images/favicon.pngM    assets/images/logo.pngM    [email protected]    assets/images/logo_footer.pngM    assets/images/map_pin.pngM    assets/images/motivational-background.jpgM    assets/images/title-area-pattern.pngM    assets/images/widget-title-logo.pngM    assets/sass/rtl.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    demo-content/content.xmlM    languages/buildpress.potM    rtl.cssM    single-portfolio.phpM    style.css
v1.10.0 (2015-01-08)+ added: color control for the breadcrumbs text+ added: translation to Turkish (by added: translation to Slovenian# fixed: testimonials bug - when more than 10 testimonials added# fixed: maps location bugFiles:M    assets/js/admin.jsM    assets/sass/components/_footer.scssM    assets/sass/components/_main-title.scssM    assets/sass/components/_page-builder.scssM    assets/sass/rtl.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    header.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    languages/buildpress.potA    languages/sl_SI.moC093    languages/buildpress.pot    languages/sl_SI.poA    languages/tr_TR.moC058    languages/buildpress.pot    languages/tr_TR.poM    rtl.cssM    style.css
v1.9.0 (2014-12-17)+ added: main menu hover link color+ added: prebuilt layouts for about us, contact us, home page - shop# fixed: hidden content when using boxed layout with full width page row layout@ improved: new demo content exportFiles:M    assets/sass/style.scssM    demo-content/content.xmlM    demo-content/essential-grid-construction.jsonM    demo-content/widgets.jsonM    inc/compat.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    languages/buildpress.potM    style.css
v1.8.1 (2014-12-15)# fixed: ACF subtitle field@ improved: compatibility with new version of Page Builder@ improved: new demo content exportFiles:M    assets/js/admin.jsM    assets/sass/components/_top-navigation.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    demo-content/content.xmlM    inc/acf-field-groups.phpM    inc/compat.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/tgm-plugin-activation.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-banner.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-brochure-box.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-facebook.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-featured-page.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-google-map.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-icon-box.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-social-icons.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-testimonials.phpM    languages/buildpress.potM    style.css
v1.8.0 (2014-12-12)+ added: option to add title area background per page@ improved: the child theme template in extras folder (add functions.php and change style.css to match the WP code standard)@ improved: changed picturefill to respimage JS lib# fixed: issues on retina FF with logoFiles:M    assets/sass/components/_jumbotron.scssM    assets/sass/components/_woocommerce.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    bower.jsonM    functions.phpM    header.phpM    inc/acf-field-groups.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/helpers.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-featured-page.phpM    languages/buildpress.potM    part-main-title.phpM    style.css
v1.7.1 (2014-12-05)+ added: setting for the submenu link color in customizerFiles:M    assets/sass/style.scssM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    languages/buildpress.potM    style.css
v1.7.0 (2014-12-01)+ added: Pricing Tables+ added: options in customizer for buttons PREV/NEXT PROJECT+ added: option to change the text color of the primary buttons on page+ added: option to turn on/off categories as meta data for each project+ added: link to online documentation@ improved: new version of bundled ACF, fixed issues with Repeater FieldFiles:assets/images/favicon.pngassets/images/motivational-background.jpgassets/sass/components/_top-navigation.scssassets/sass/components/_wp.scssassets/sass/style.scssbower.jsonfunctions.phpinc/acf-field-groups.phpinc/acf.phpinc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpinc/documentation-link.phpinc/shortcodes.phpinc/widgets/widget-featured-page.phplanguages/buildpress.potlanguages/make_translatesingle-portfolio.phpstyle.csswpml-config.xml
v1.6.0 (2014-11-25)+ added: support for RTL+ added: optional custom icon in the individual project details+ added: patterns from the demo page included in the extras/patterns/@ improved: new version of Ess. GridFiles:M    assets/js/StickyNavbar.jsM    assets/js/main.jsM    assets/js/main.min.jsM    assets/sass/_vars.scssM    assets/sass/components/_buttons.scssM    assets/sass/components/_comments.scssM    assets/sass/components/_footer.scssM    assets/sass/components/_jumbotron.scssM    assets/sass/components/_main-navigation.scssM    assets/sass/components/_projects.scssM    assets/sass/components/_proteus-widgets.scssM    assets/sass/components/_wp-widgets.scssM    assets/sass/components/_wp.scssA    assets/sass/rtl.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    bundled-plugins/essential-grid.zipM    comments.phpM    functions.phpM    inc/acf-field-groups.phpM    inc/tgm-plugin-activation.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-testimonials.phpA    languages/ar.moA    languages/ar.poM    languages/buildpress.potA    rtl.cssM    single-portfolio.phpM    style.css
v1.5.0 (2014-11-18)+ added: possible to add multiple testimonials + carousel+ added: option to translate relevant settings from customizer via WPML+ added: possible to change slug of projects in customizer+ added: possible to add custom meta data to projects# fixed: WooCommerce listed as recommended plugin after theme activation@ improved: updated Boostrap to v3.3.1@ improved: new version of Essential GridFiles:M    assets/js/admin.jsM    assets/js/main.min.jsM    assets/sass/style.scssA    assets/stylesheets/admin.cssD    assets/stylesheets/main.cssM    bower.jsonM    bundled-plugins/essential-grid.zipM    functions.phpM    inc/acf-field-groups.phpM    inc/compat.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/tgm-plugin-activation.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-banner.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-brochure-box.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-facebook.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-google-map.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-icon-box.phpM    inc/widgets/widget-testimonials.phpM    languages/buildpress.potM    single-portfolio.phpM    style.cssA    wpml-config.xml
v1.4.0 (2014-11-14)+ added: optional smaller title area+ added: list of Shutterstock images in documentation+ added: optional sticky navbar+ added: alternative title mode on the single project page@ improved: headings for better SEOFiles:A    assets/js/StickyNavbar.jsM    assets/js/main.jsM    assets/js/main.min.jsM    assets/sass/components/_footer-navigation.scssM    assets/sass/components/_main-navigation.scssM    assets/sass/components/_main-title.scssM    assets/sass/components/_top-navigation.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    assets/stylesheets/main.cssM    demo-content/content.xmlM    demo-content/widgets.jsonM    footer.phpM    functions.phpM    header.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/helpers.phpM    index.phpM    languages/buildpress.potM    part-main-title.phpM    single-portfolio.phpM    style.css
v1.3.0 (2014-11-13)+ added: support for WooCommerce+ added: support for LayerSlider+ added: support for Revolution Slider+ added: child theme included+ added: text color picker for header widgets# fixed: slider captions and arrows on boxed version# fixed: click on icons in widgets Icon Box and Brochure BoxFiles:M    assets/js/admin.jsM    assets/sass/components/_contact-form-7.scssM    assets/sass/components/_jumbotron.scssM    assets/sass/components/_main-navigation.scssM    assets/sass/components/_woocommerce.scssM    assets/sass/components/_wp-widgets.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    functions.phpM    inc/acf-field-groups.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/helpers.phpM    inc/woocommerce.phpM    languages/buildpress.potM    part-main-title.phpM    style.cssA    template-front-page-slider-alt.php
v1.2.0 (2014-11-10)+ added: boxed version+ added: background color picker for top bar+ added: text color picker for top bar+ added: background color picker for header+ added: background pattern upload option for header+ added: mobile main navigation link color picker# fixed: white space if there are no captions under slider on mobile@ improved: search form colors are now more consistent with design@ improved: demo content import (front page and blog page set automatically after content is imported)Files:M    assets/sass/components/_header.scssM    assets/sass/components/_jumbotron.scssM    assets/sass/components/_top-navigation.scssM    assets/sass/components/_top.scssM    assets/sass/components/_wp-widgets.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    footer.phpM    header.phpM    inc/content-import.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-setting-dynamic-css.phpM    languages/buildpress.potM    part-jumbotron.phpM    style.css
v1.1.1 (2014-11-08)# fixed: error when saving front page with slider with checkbox for captions unchecked# fixed: Page Builder disappearing after the editing page loads# fixed: errors when importing demo content, new exported XML file# fixed: disabled notices for Essential Grid@ improved: new version of Essential Grid + docsFiles:M    assets/js/admin.jsM    assets/sass/components/_main-navigation.scssM    assets/sass/style.scssM    bundled-plugins/essential-grid.zipM    demo-content/content.xmlM    inc/acf-field-groups.phpM    inc/compat.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/tgm-plugin-activation.phpM    languages/buildpress.potM    style.css
v1.1.0 (2014-11-06)+ added: Brochure Box widget+ added: setting to change the main navigation colors / bg color in customizer# fixed: heading linking disabled on single post/page/project# fixed: text color now applied on selector `body`@ improved: new widgets json export file from demo pageFiles:M    assets/sass/components/_main-navigation.scssM    assets/sass/components/_woocommerce.scssM    assets/sass/components/_wp.scssM    demo-content/widgets.jsonM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-base.phpM    inc/customizer/class-pt-customize-setting-dynamic-css.phpA    languages/buildpress.potD    languages/construction.potM    single-portfolio.phpM    single.phpM    style.css
v1.0.1 (2014-11-05)# fixed: constant BUILDPRESS_DEVELOPMENT in functions.php set to falseFiles:M       assets/sass/style.scssM       functions.phpM       style.css
v1.0.0 (2014-11-04)# first release

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Construction is a business theme designed specifically for construction, building companies and those that offer building services. The theme... Initial releasePLEASE NOTE THAT NONE OF THE IMAGES IN THE DEMO ARE AVAILABLE IN THE THEME PACKAGE.Our Premium WordPress Themes
Free download Themeforest Construction - Construction, Building Business

Free Themeforest Construction - Construction, Building Business theme download

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Max Construction – is a WordPress Construction theme. It is a fully responsive, customizable and professional construction WP theme that...ortfolio pluginCustom Social Media area in the headerWell DocumentedDemo data IncludedWorks with Contact Form 7

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Theme Features04 Available Home Page Layouts04 Available Header Variations02 Blog Layouts03 Project LayoutsSidebar Pos...onents Compatible100% SupportAll files are well commented and organizedI am Happy To give a creditpixabay.comgoogle fonts
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One construction is a modern PSD template designed for construction. It’s easy to customize this template for your purpose. One construction ...alewayLatoIcon:FontawesomeNote:All images are used for demo purposes only, they are not included into the download package.
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Construction – Construction Business, Building Company TemplateMonster is a premium HTML Template with its design particularly regards to ... Gmap3 ( ( May Also Like

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