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Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
Tags: Ajax | Animation | Architecture | Art | Bootstrap | Clean | Creative | Engineer | Gallery | Portfolio | Themeforest | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Arctic | Architecture | Creatives | theme
In archive: 2016 | June 2016 | 13.June 2016

Codecanyon Arctic - Architecture & Creatives WordPress Theme free download

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Arctic is a full ajax WordPress theme, with a smooth experience.It has a sharp and clean design with Retina support.It is suitable for Architect and Creatives to show they work.

Arctic 3.0Add images and videos altogether
Control the sidebar state on single portfolio (Open|Closed)
Portrait Images wont get cropped by the menu on bottom
Slider thumbs in Single Portfolio Sidebar
Team Page Members Image Fix
Autoplay Feature on Single Portfolios

8 Page TemplatesChoose between 8 page templates which are : Clients, Contact, Home, Projects Grid, Projects Horizontal, Home Fullscreen video, Services, Team.And make a perfect site which suits to any Creative Agency or Architect.Fullscreen home slider OR fullscreen home videoChoose between 2 full screen multimedia home pages to show your work on its best way.Animated MenuAnimate menu once, or every time user navigates to another page to make a better and smoother experience.Configure each slide on home individually with (Image,Captions and Animation)Configure each slide on home page from the home page, without bothering by creating custom posts, which makes the setup process faster and the theme flexible.Menu on TOP or BottomBreak out the rules, and if you want place the menu at the bottom of your site.Dark and Light skinChoose the nature of your site globally.Unbranded Options PanelThe unbranded option panel to make the feel of it more native to WordPressDynamic Page + Post Meta BoxesEach page has it’s own Custom Meta Boxes which allows you to configure pages on individual basis, and if you want make more than a version of a single page template.ResponsiveResponsive to be viewed on it’s best layout on mobile and tablet devices.HTML5 History Push StateWhile the site is loading only it’s dynamic part, not the all site via AJAX the URL still keeps refreshing, if user want’s to share it with others.
Full Feature List
  • 8 Page Templates
  • Fullscreen home slider OR fullscreen home video
  • Animated Menu
  • Configure each slide on home individually with (Image,Captions and Animation)
  • Menu on TOP or Bottom
  • Dark and Light skin
  • Unbranded Options Panel
  • Dynamic Page + Post Meta Boxes (Control Your Site on page basis)
  • Responsive
  • Written with WP Debug On
  • Threaded Comments Support
  • Drop-down menu support (nested menus)
  • HTML W3C Valid
  • Dummy Content Included
  • Clean Design
  • All Google Fonts Included
  • All famous social networks included
  • PSD’s included
  • Translation Ready (.mo and .po files included)
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Short-code Generator (Build Shortcodes easy using our UI)
  • Unlimited theme updates + lifetime support
  • Google Maps
  • Ajax Contact Form
  • Rich Option Panel
  • Internal Like System
  • Built with Bootstrap
  • Ajax Loading Site (only loads dynamic part’s which makes theme incredibly fast)
  • HTML5 History Push State (even if user is going through site via AJAX browser history keeps working)
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Filter Projects or Redirect to Category page
  • Smooth Scrolling
  • One Click Demo Install
  • Auto update theme option
Some happy clients talking about Arctic
I just wanted to say a few things about this theme and the developer(s) behind it.We buy a lot of themes and tweak/customise them for clients on a day to day basis. Never have I come across a theme that is so easy to use, so well documented and so well built.The retina implementation is great, the optional CSS injection areas, the INCREDIBLY SIMPLE to use theme options and the optimised loading of the site – even over slower connections.Support has been great – with responses within a few minutes.Credit where it’s due, Arctic is a fantastic theme and comes with outstanding support.Well done guys, keep ‘em coming.Dan
For any interested buyers, the theme is great and the author’s support is fantastic. really happy with UmbrellaStudios and the theme.Thx guys, you’ve been fantastic since launch!
3.0Add images and videos altogetherControl the sidebar state on single portfolio (Open|Closed)Portrait Images wont get cropped by the menu on bottomSlider thumbs in Single Portfolio SidebarTeam Page Members Image FixAutoplay Feature on Single PortfoliosFooterassets/css/animate.cssassets/css/font-awesome.cssassets/css/font/FontAwesome.otfassets/css/font/fontawesome-webfont.eotassets/css/font/fontawesome-webfont.svgassets/css/font/fontawesome-webfont.ttfassets/css/font/fontawesome-webfont.woffassets/css/style.cssassets/js/respond.jsassets/js/script.jsassets/mediaelement/mediaelement-and-player.min.jscontent-single-portfolio-fullscreen.phpcontent-single-portfolio-portrait.phpcontent-single-portfolio-video.phpfooter.phpfunctions.phpheader.phpincludes/aq_resizer.phpincludes/custom-fields.phpincludes/google-fonts.phpincludes/woocommerce-twitterbootstrap.phplang/um_lang.molang/um_lang.posingle-portfolio.phpstyle.csstemplate-blog-sidebar.phptemplate-clients.phptemplate-contact.phptemplate-home.phptemplate-projects.php2.9.2Mobile Logo Allways Visible On Homeassets/css/style.csscontent-single-portfolio-portrait.phpheader.php2.9.1WordPress 3.9 Compactiblefunctions.phpincludes/oneclick/parsers.phpincludes/oneclick/wordpress-importer.phpshortcodes/shortcodes.phpshortcodes/tiny_mce_buttons.jsstyle.csstemplate-blog.phptemplate-contact.phptemplate-home.phptemplate-team.php2.9New Option : Force Portrait Mode on Single ProjectsOn home slider if there is a single image wont cause trouble with Swipe and Keyboard navigationassets/css/style.cssassets/css/woocommerce.cssassets/js/imgLiquid-min.jsassets/js/jquery.superslides.jsassets/js/script.jscontent-single-portfolio-portrait.phpcontent-single-portfolio-video.phpfunctions.phpheader.phpincludes/custom-fields.phpsingle-portfolio.phpstyle.csstemplate-contact.phptemplate-home.php2.8.2Fixed Youtube Video Problemcontent-single-portfolio-fullscreen.phpcontent-single-portfolio-portrait.phpcontent-single-portfolio-video.phpstyle.css2.8.1Fixed Scroll Problems on single project pageassets/js/script.jsstyle.css2.8New Feature : Theme Auto UpdatesNew Feature : Insert HTML within portfolio match pointscomments.phpcontent-single-portfolio-fullscreen.phpcontent-single-portfolio-portrait.phpfunctions.phpincludes/custom-fields.phpincludes/ui-drag/js/input.jsstyle.csstemplate-clients.phptemplate-projects-grid.php2.7Fixed FF Autoplay IssueNew Feature: One Click Demo Installcontent-single-portfolio-fullscreen.phpcontent-single-portfolio-video.phpfunctions.phpincludes/oneclick/demo.xmlincludes/oneclick/parsers.phpincludes/oneclick/wordpress-importer.phpstyle.css2.6.1Fixed Portrait Mode Issue on FFcontent-single-portfolio-fullscreen.phpcontent-single-portfolio-portrait.phpcontent-single-portfolio-video.phpincludes/custom-fields.phpstyle.css2.6New Option : Portrait Images On PortfolioMinor Bug FixMobile Menu Location Fixassets/css/style.cssassets/css/superslides.csscontent-single-portfolio-fullscreen.phpcontent-single-portfolio-portrait.phpcontent-single-portfolio-video.phpheader.phpincludes/custom-fields.phpshortcodes/shortcodes.phpsingle-portfolio.phpstyle.css2.5New Option : Blog Page With SidebarNew Option : Single Post Page With SidebarFix to make it work with newest WooCommercefunctions.phpincludes/custom-fields.phpsingle.phpstyle.csstemplate-blog-sidebar.phptemplate-blog.php2.4.1Mobile View Bug FixNew Option : Square Team Member ThumbnailsNew: If there is only one team member the arrows will not show.assets/css/style.csscontent-fancybox.phpincludes/custom-fields.phpstyle.csstemplate-services.phptemplate-team.php2.4Fixed default page with no sidebarFixed swipe direction on touch devices (Made it natural)page.phpsingle-portfolio.phpstyle.csstemplate-home.php2.3.1Minor Bug FixRemoved Project Category from title on Project Category Pageassets/css/superslides.csssingle-portfolio.phpstyle.csstemplate-projects-grid.phptemplate-projects.php2.3Fixed Back Button on single pageassets/css/dynamic.phpassets/css/style.cssassets/js/script.jssingle-portfolio.phpstyle.csstemplate-home.phptemplate-services.phptemplate-team.php2.2Category Filter Removed On Category PageMinor Bug Fixassets/css/style.cssheader.phpincludes/custom-fields.phpsingle-portfolio.phpstyle.csstemplate-contact.phptemplate-home.phptemplate-projects-grid.phptemplate-projects.php2.1Feature : Self Hosted Video URL Custom Fieldss addedFeature : Sidebar on default page templateassets/css/style.cssfunctions.phpincludes/custom-fields.phppage.phpsingle-portfolio.phpstyle.csstemplate-home.php2.0.1Fixed Video poster issue on mobilefunctions.phpincludes/custom-fields.phpsingle-portfolio.phpstyle.csstemplate-home.phptemplate-projects-grid.phptemplate-projects.php1.4Portfolio Category page has only child categories on filterSocial Sharing on Portfolio single pageWooCommerce compatibleShop part is widget ready nowassets/css/dark_skin.css VM145:3assets/css/dynamic.php VM145:3assets/css/style.css VM145:3assets/css/woocommerce.css VM145:3assets/js/script.js VM145:3footer.php VM145:3functions.php VM145:3header.php VM145:3includes/custom-fields.php VM145:3includes/custom_walker.php VM145:3includes/woocommerce-twitterbootstrap.php VM145:3includes/woocommerce-twitterbootstrap/templates/bs-archive-product.php VM145:3includes/woocommerce-twitterbootstrap/templates/bs-content-product.php VM145:3includes/woocommerce-twitterbootstrap/templates/settings.php VM145:3single-portfolio.php VM145:3style.css VM145:3template-projects-grid.php VM145:3template-projects.php1.3New Option : Insert HTML on home slider alsoBrand Color Fixassets/css/dynamic.php VM219:3assets/css/style.css VM219:3assets/css/woocommerce.css VM219:3functions.php VM219:3includes/custom-fields.php VM219:3page.php VM219:3sidebar-shop.php VM219:3template-home.php1.2.2User can change slides by swipe on Mobileassets/css/dynamic.php VM168:3assets/js/jquery.swipe.js VM168:3functions.php VM168:3header.php VM168:3single-portfolio.php VM168:3style.css VM168:3template-home.php1.2.1Added support for Vimeo and Youtubeassets/css/style.css VM213:3assets/css/superslides.css VM213:3functions.php VM213:3includes/custom-fields.php VM213:3single-portfolio.php VM213:3style.css1.2Fixed Ajax Site Bug from OptionsUpdated DocumentationNew Option : Choose the portfolio category layoutNew Option : Video on Portfolioassets/css/dynamic.php VM161:3assets/css/style.css VM161:3assets/js/script.js VM161:3header.php VM161:3includes/custom-fields.php VM161:3single-portfolio.php VM161:3style.css VM161:3taxonomy-portfolio_category.php VM161:3template-blog.php VM161:3template-contact.php VM161:3template-home.php VM161:3template-projects-grid.php VM161:3template-projects.php1.1Minor bug fixesPagination bug fixClose (Back to projects) button addedLogo fixassets/css/style.css VM179:3assets/css/superslides.css VM179:3assets/js/script.js VM179:3header.php VM179:3includes/custom-fields.php VM179:3single-portfolio.php VM179:3style.css VM179:3template-contact.php1.0.1Added transition on client centerEnd Of Lines converted to linux onesHide loader only when all images are loadedMinor Css fixesInitial Release

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